Update 2-29

Whew…We feel like we can really take a small breath now.  This past week for the Edmonds’ family was quite busy.  We had an offer on our house on Friday negotiated through Saturday, saw our nephew as an Oompa-Loompa in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and launched Starting Point Church– Apex.  Highs and Lows from the past week!

High / Low: Someone wanted to buy our house.  Our offer fell through, but we are trusting that God has the right buyer out there for us.

High: 445 people were at the launch of our church.  There were 750 people at both of our campuses, 110 kids, and Amy shared her testimony!  Praise God for his faithfulness. Almost 800 people heard Jesus proclaimed boldly on Sunday!  We are anticipating great life-change as people come face to face with our Savior at church!  Stayed Tuned!

God’s Teaching:

As Amy and I prepare for Belize, we are trying to be in tune with God’s voice.  How is God talking to us? Why is he talking to us?  What is he saying?  In my quiet time this week, I read about Elijah and the presence of God.  God appeared to Elijah as he was actively seeking Him.  God didn’t show up in a powerful wind, an earthquake, or a fire.  God showed Himself to Elijah in a gentle whisper.  As I was reading this week, I begged and am begging God for discipline for our family to be still and know that God is God (Psalm 46:10).  Through stillness and obedience, we are waiting to hear the power of God’s whisper.

Prayer Requests:

–          Josh is 23 days away from his 2-week trip toBelize.  Pray for pastors Pastor Transito Mai, his wife Carmit, and Pastor Reyes.  Pray for the mission teams to be transformed by their experiences and to allow God to transform the Belizeans through them as well.

–          Pray for wisdom for Josh as he prepares to help lead these trips for his heart and eyes to be open to God’s guidance while in country.

–          House is on the market.  We have had several showings and an offer.  Pray for an offer this week that is signed, sealed, and delivered!

Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.


Madeline loves Bible time with Daddy

First Service At Starting Point Church - Apex


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