update 3-30

Happenings – Belize:

It’s about 4:30PM Friday afternoon in Belize and I am just about to wrap up my first Trip Leading experience with Praying Pelican.  It has been a true blessing this week working with such an open, honest, and caring group.  God truly set up divine appoints this week.  For example the group I was leading was from Sychar Luthern Church.  They chose that name from John 4 and the woman at the well because they wanted to be a church of Living water for their community.  When we got to church on Sunday, we noticed an embroidered verse on the pulpit.  After a translation from one of the sisters in the church from Spanish to English, we found out the name of the partner Belizean church was Living Water Baptist Church!  Praise God for His hand in having these two congregations meet.  Throughout the whole week, I had the privilege of watching people healed emotionally, encouraged, and loved.  I am so humbled and blessed to be part of God’s plan here in Belize.  For more information on what we did, visit  http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/journals.cfm?tripid=1115
Happenings – Stateside
– Madeline is potty training!
– Madeline’s birthday is the 6th!
– Joseph is sitting up
Praises / Prayer Requests:
– We are at 17% funded.  Praise God.  If you are interested in partnering with us financially, please write us at joshua.m.edmonds and we can work with you to get the information you need.
– Continued potty training success.
– For Amy and the kids while I am away from home.
– I begin to lead a second trip on Sunday.  Pray that we respond to God’s presence.  Pray that like the Israelites, we respond to God’s presence.  Pray that we move when God moves and we stay when we He stays.  Pray we don’t let our agenda get in the way of God’s movement this week!

Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.


God Showing Himself through Madeline

For the past 2 days Madeline has not taken a nap which makes for a cranky child and a mom that has little to no patience. I had to run errands for Josh to buy things for his trip.  Madeline had started whining and I had asked for multiple times to stop and was about to leave and she asks me to pray.  How often do we get to the end of our rope and forget to do what we should stop and do, PRAY.  So in the middle of Target we prayed.  We prayed for patience and a happy heart.  “Magically” I had patience and she was not as cranky and whiny.

I am a bit of a Martha and sometimes forget that I should stop and come to him.  Madeline’s asking for praying yesterday reminded me that even though there is a lot to get done before we move to Belize that I need to stop and spend time with God because that is the most important thing.

Other happenings in the Edmonds’ house was going to the NC Museum of Science this past Saturday for our family day.  Madeline is a little obsessed with bugs so she had a blast seeing all the bugs.



That is one BIG bug

pretty butterfly

Update 3-23

It’s 4:30AM on Friday morning and I am writing this update.  I am getting ready to travel to Belize today to work with Praying Pelican Missions as an assistant trip leader.  It seems like Amy and I have been planning this trip for months, anticipating it.  Now that it is here, we are beginning to feel “reality” set in that Belize is where we are going to live!  And I can honestly say, we are so stinkin excited!  We eagerly anticipate following the Lord in Belize.  We anticipate the movement of His Holy Spirit and for our discipline in following it!
God’s Teaching:
This past Sunday I was praying with the Starting Point Church staff before the start of our services and one of the pastors prayed for us to respond to God’s presence.  When Moses led his people out of Egypt, they knew when to move when the Spirit of the Lord moved. Literally when the cloud moved, they moved.  When the cloud stopped, they stopped.  That hit me between the eyes.  And I was burdened to pray for this trip, that although we have an agenda that we as a mission team and me as a child of God would respond to the Holy Spirit.  I pray that these next two weeks in Belize that we respond to the movement of God and anticipate big things!  I pray that you all respond the same way to God’s movement!
Prayer Requests / Praises:
– We are currently ~15% financially funded.  God has been blowing us away with people’s generosity and putting people in our life to provide!  Praise God!
– Amy and kids – Pray for them while I am away.  Pray that Amy has the strength to get through each day and that the kids listen and obey RIGHT AWAY!
– House – we had our home inspection this past week.  Pray the report is favorable and Amy doesn’t have to deal with much from that!
– Belize – pray for the Belizeans to respond to God’s Presence this week.  Pray that we would follow God first, love BIG, and serve hard.  Pray every day that I die to myself and live to honor Christ!
Friends, seriously thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement.  They are such a blessing for our family.  Amy and I talk about how we are ridiculously blessed with people that love us deeply.  We love you all thank God when we think of you!  I look forward to sharing how God moves in Belize these two weeks!

Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.

Craft Time

I love doing crafts and I was successful at doing my first one with Madeline this week.  I created colorful pasta an idea I found on pintrest. I took the different colors and we created a necklace. She loved threading the pasta onto the string and wearing the necklace.

this takes a lot of concentration

Madeline very proud of herself

Since it was nice again this week we had lots of time outside.  We took the jumperoo outside so Joseph could play outside too.

Madeline loves to play dressup, notice the clothes below.

Just a cute picture of Joseph.


Update 3-15

Last week our quote was “we are feeling discouraged.”  You all responded with encouraging Scripture, words, and prayers.  We thank you sincerely for that support.

So what happened this week?  Nothing much except that we signed a contract on our house!!  Praise God!  We will be closing on 01-May AND they are allowing us to rent back until 15-Jun!  Talk about PERFECT timing.  We will then move to my mom and dad’s (thought I would NEVER do that), and I would travel to Belize and work over the summer (month of July) and set up house stuff. THEN potentially move everyone during the first / second week of August!! AHHHHH!

God is good all the time we know!  We are moving from feeling discouraged to overwhelmed but we know that “nothing is impossible with God!”

God’s Teaching:

This week God spoke to us through a movie.  We watched End of the Spear (highly recommend it) about missionaries who were killed when they witnessed to an indigineous people group in the Amazon.  The wives of the missionaries who were killed literally moved in with the same people group with their children and shared Jesus with them.  That doesn’t make any sense, the women, the widows sought their husbands’ killers to share Jesus with them.  We were sitting there on the couch thinking that our house would never sell, God how are you directing us, our life is so hard.  By the end of the movie we developed an appropriate perspective.  God put perspective in our face!  Praise God for correction!

Prayer Requests:

  • House – everything to go smoothly with the contract, closure of the house
  • Josh’s upcoming trip to Belize (March 23rd– April 7th) – Pray for the pastors (Pastor Transito Mai and his wonderful wife Carmita and Pastor Reyes).  Also, pray for the communities Orangewalk and Succotz.  Pray that the teams would be in tune with the Holy Spirit and reliant upon Him solely for their direction.
  • Transitions – As we work to transition into and out of many things, pray for wisdom, clarity, guidance, sanity, and perspective.
  • Opportunities – pray for opportunities for us to share what God is doing in our lives.  Pray that those conversations lead to someone meeting Christ.

Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.

Update 3-9

It’s been a little bit longer since the last prayer update than we would have liked.  And the reason you ask?  In all honesty, we didn’t know what to write.  We have felt discouraged this week and are dealing with some (ok a lot of anxiety).  Showings on the house have slowed to a crawl and the unknown has led to anxiety for both Amy and myself.  But God is able and as I sought Him this week, he revealed more of himself to me.
Am I Jonah or Am I Mary?
Two characters in the Bible, well-known, definitely famous.  Two very different responses to God’s call on their lives.
  • Jonah 1:1-3 “The word of the Lord came to Jonah…’Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it because it’s wickedness has come before me.’  But Jonah ran away from the Lord.”
  • Luke 1:28-38 “Greetings, you who are highly favored…You will be with child and give birth to a son…’How will this be?’ Mary asked. The Holy Spirit will come upon you…For nothing is impossible with God…I am the Lord’s servant Mary answered.
Jonah ran, Mary submitted.  Even Mary asked questions.  Questions like How? What? When?  Not too different than the questions Amy and I have right now.  But in light of her questions, in light of the unknown, in light of anxiety, Mary rested in the promise of God (nothing is impossible with God) and stepped out on faith.  As Amy and I sit in this period of unknown, we stand and say “we are the Lord’s servants.”
Prayer Requests:
  • House to sell
  • Josh’s trip to Belize (March 23rd – April 7th).  Pray for God to be glorified through the mission teams traveling and for the local Belizean pastors to be encouraged.  Pray for Josh to learn as he leads these trips.
  • For both of us, for God to build our faith and reveal more of Himself to us daily through our searching.
 Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.

Life in the Edmonds house

Joseph turned 4 months and started eating food this week. Since he is an Edmonds the only appropriate food to start with was sweet potatoes.  If you don’t know this, Josh and Madeline would eat homemade sweet potato fries everyday if allowed.

yummy sweet potatoes

yummy sweet potatoes

Love to see them “play” together.  It always makes my heart happy.

As soon as it is nice outside we love to play outside.  Here are some pictures of our fun in our yard yesterday.