God Showing Himself through Madeline

For the past 2 days Madeline has not taken a nap which makes for a cranky child and a mom that has little to no patience. I had to run errands for Josh to buy things for his trip.  Madeline had started whining and I had asked for multiple times to stop and was about to leave and she asks me to pray.  How often do we get to the end of our rope and forget to do what we should stop and do, PRAY.  So in the middle of Target we prayed.  We prayed for patience and a happy heart.  “Magically” I had patience and she was not as cranky and whiny.

I am a bit of a Martha and sometimes forget that I should stop and come to him.  Madeline’s asking for praying yesterday reminded me that even though there is a lot to get done before we move to Belize that I need to stop and spend time with God because that is the most important thing.

Other happenings in the Edmonds’ house was going to the NC Museum of Science this past Saturday for our family day.  Madeline is a little obsessed with bugs so she had a blast seeing all the bugs.



That is one BIG bug

pretty butterfly


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