Happy Birthday Madeline!

Today Madeline Grace Edmonds turned 2.  She has been such a blessing in our lives from the beginning.  She has taught me even more patience (I thought I had a lot after teaching 7th graders for 5 years), love, kindness, and strength that I can do anything.  For those of you who don’t know the story of Madeline see below.  Both of children have been gifts from God but Madeline was especially special because of the circumstances.

Story of Madeline:

Josh and I tried to get pregnant as soon as we got back from Belize in 2007.  May of 2008 we found we were pregnant and our first ultrasound found out we had a miscarriage.  This allowed me to go back to Belize and there we both decided that we should look into adoption.  We tried to adopt from Belize but they don’t let non-Belizans adopt their children.  So we went through the adoption process here in the United States.  All the while continuing to try to get pregnant.  First week of July 2009 we met a birth mother who wanted us to have her little boy.  We were sooooo excited to finally have a child of our own and start our family.  We found out he was born on a Monday and that they were going to the hospital to get the paperwork filled out.  I told my principal that I would go on maternity leave the next week and not be returning (this was the first week of school mind you).  Tuesday night while our life group was at our house the adoption agency called and said the birth mother had receded her consent.  Obviously we were very upset that it fell through.  Wednesday morning I asked for my job back.  Friday morning I found out I was pregnant with Madeline.  This is one of millions of ways God has shown us how his plans are perfect  even if we don’t understand them.

Madeline not even 1 month old

Madeline reading to her babies about worms

Madeline’s Current Favorite Things:

-saying hi to everyone she meets, she is the most friendly kid I know (God has big plans for that part of her personality)

-bugs, she loves to look at and talk about bugs and spiders

-reading, loves to have books read to her and asks for her Bible to be read every night

-baby dolls, she loves swaddling them and shush patting them (something we did with Joseph to calm him down when he was little)

-cooking, as soon as she sees me starting to make anything she wants to push a chair up and help make it.  She also loves to pretend to make soup and eggs in her play kitchen.

-playing outside, she would stay outside all day if I let her

-dress up, she loves to wear heels and put all kinds of jewelry on

-Little Mermaid, we would watch it everyday if I let her.  She loves daddy’s rendition of Look at This Stuff (not sure if that is the name of the song but that is what she calls it)



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