Edmonds Update

What’s Happening?

Greetings from back in the USA! 15 days in Belize has come and gone and while I missed my family, I am ready to return.  The last night in country, I was talking with some members of the mission team asking them how to answer “How was your trip?”  Many of you may want to or have asked me the same question.  Too many experiences to summarize into an all encompassing statement.  Just know that it was so encouraging to work with an organization supporting local pastors in Belize revolutionize the country.  I am so humbled that God introduced me to and has allowed me to develop friendships with local pastors like:

Pastor Ed – who is literally changing the way the children are ministered to in Belize through his church!  The activites, teaching, games, and dramas are of superior quality compared to similar things in the US, and children’s lives are being transformed through the proclamation of the Gospel.  Pastor Ed is actively seeking ways for God to use him to expand His Kingdom in Belize

Pastor Transito – A church planter who has planted 4 churches in villages north of Orangewalk Town.  Pastor Transito wakes up at 1AM to go cut sugarcane until about 10AM to provide for his family.  Once home, he showers, eats, and rests for about an hour, and then heads out to do ministry.  He told me specifically to pray for a pastor for his fourth church because the Lord has laid it on his heart to plant another in a neighboring village.  He really does believe the local church is the hope of the world.


There are so many more stories, faces, images, experiences.  These past two trips were definitely life-changing.  How was my trip?  My only response to you has to be come on a trip and experience it for yourself.

What’s God Teaching?

Prayer.  God is teaching me Prayer!!.  I am reading a book Fresh Wind Fresh Fire based on a recommendation from a good friend and the Lord has since opened my eyes to the necessity of prayer.  I am currently praying without ceasing, thanking God every time I think of you, and responding not with fixing things but lifting them up in prayer instead.  Like David running to the giant I am literally running toward the Lord in prayer!  “Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

Praises/Prayer Requests:


-Lives were changed while in Belize.  Many individuals surrendered their lives to Christ!


-For continued encouragement for the local Belizean’s pastors we just left.  Pastor Ed for an explosion in his church’s children ministry.  Pastor Transito for a pastor for the Buena Vista church and clarity on God’s plan for the next church plant.  Pastor Russell and his continued bold vision and relentless pursuit of reaching unchurched in Guinea Grass

-For boldness in our families prayer life and discipline in our prayers

Interested in Partnering with us?

–          If you are interested in learning the different ways to partner with the Edmonds family (through prayer, financial support, or mission trip participation) please email us at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.

Josh playing with the kids

Pastor Ed’s Church


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