Update 4-25

Good afternoon, morning, evening, or whenever you are reading this!  I want to let you all know that seriously I praise and thank God every time that I think of you because of the partnership we share in the Gospel (I know this is borrowed from Paul but it is applicable).   Seriously, our family is so thankful for each and every one of you!

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and she mentioned that Amy and I hadn’t really said what we are going to be doing in Belize!  (oops!).  So I will send out in each of the next (3) updates an aspect of our “job function” while in Belize.

What does Praying Pelican Missions do?

I don’t know who said it first but I use it often

The local church is the hope of the world.”

I truly believe that and it is a true blessing to be able to work for an organization that believes that as well.  Praying Pelican Missions exists to encourage and serve the local pastors and churches in the countries where we operate.  The primary means of this encouragement is creating partnerships via short-term mission trips between churches in the US and elsewhere with a local church in Belize (and other countries where Praying Pelican Missions serves).  Through this partnership, we submit to the authority and vision of the local church and pastor.  By respecting and honoring their leadership, we ensure that our mission teams are ministering within the spiritual vision for the country, as determined by those local pastors who know it best (www.prayingpelicanmissions.org).

What we will do?

  • Local pastor encouragement/follow-up: As full-time missionaries, Amy and I will work to encourage, help, and support the local churches and pastors. I will meet with partnering local pastors to follow-up on ministries started by teams, to indentify new areas of ministry and in general to offer support, encouragement and love in whatever capacity I can.
  • Potential new ministry partners: I will work to not only indentify new local pastors to potentially partner with but also to identify new ministry opportunities in local villages.  We strive to partner our mission teams skills and desires with the exact needs God can use their skills to meet in the local village.  For example if a local pastor identifies a strong need for a dental clinic in his area, we will work to get a team full of dentists, dental hygienists, etc. down to meet that need.
  • Short-term mission trip leading: I will also be responsible for serving as Praying Pelican Missions staff on several of the Belize mission trips throughout our time in Belize.  Just this summer we have over 1700 missionaries traveling to Belize on short-term mission trips to help encourage and support the local church!  Praise God!
  • Mission Trip Logistics: Along with all the teams we have throughout the year, there are several logistical pieces that must come together.  I will be working ahead of and behind teams to ensure all logistics are in place for a successful trip!

Amy and I hope this gives you a better picture of at least some of what we will be doing.  I can’t wait to share with you next week another area where the Lord will use our family in Belize.

Prayer Requests

  • Belize: Recently (just over the last weekend and into this week), there has been heightened violence in Belize City.  This is most likely (according to news sources) associated with rival gang factions.  Please pray for the safety of Belizeans in and around this area.  Pray for the police to quell this violence and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
  • Financial support raising: We are currently at 26% of our $2500/month goal!  Praise God.  However, new pledges, commitments have slowed over this past week.  If you are considering partnering with us financially, please contact me (joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com) or 919.306.7667.  Amy or I would love to share with you how you can partner with us in ministry.  We are targeting being fully-funded by June 15th.
  • Josh Travel: I am traveling to Minnesota for a staff meeting.  Pray that it will be a great time of fellowship and encouragement for the entire Praying Pelican team.
  • Amy Medical: Amy is getting a wisdom tooth removed next Friday.  She plans to do this without anesthesia. BEAST!!!  Pray for her please!

Seriously, we love you all very much and look forward to where God is leading us.  We know that without your prayers, encouragement, and support our family’s path would not be possible! Praise God for each of you!

Since it decided to be cold again Joseph was able to wear his basketball outfit  (size 18 months and he is 5.5 months old).  So I had to take a picture with his NC State basketball.

Madeline enjoying her burrito.  She LOVES mexican food which is good since we will be eating it a lot when we move.


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