Edmonds Update 5-21

Friends / Family / Well-wishers / Prayer Partners.

It was a big week on our journey to Belize.  This past Thursday our house was officially closed on!  Praise God!  Also, we had some really great conversations with Praying Pelican about hard and fast plans for the summer.  It’s almost like this is starting to feel “real” for us!  We will be living in Belize in the very near future!  WOW!

Today I was in church and we were singing the lyrics “We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  Everyone overcome!”  And I just lost it.  Tears were streaming down my face as I was reminded of where I have come from by His Blood and His redeeming grace!  Then I realized that I haven’t shared with you my full testimony (Alas this is an update for another email!) Stay Tuned.

For today I wanted to share with you the 3rd installment of what we will be doing in Belize!

What will we be doing in Belize!?! – Part 3 of 3 (well until I learn of more stuff)

As a review in Belize we will be….

1.        Serving / Encouraging / Meeting / partnering with Local pastors and churches

2.        Preparing for, leading, and following up with short-term Praying Pelican mission teams

3.        Being ourselves. Christian marriage, Christian family, etc ingrained in the culture as much as possible.

Now onto to the “last piece.”  I say last because well it is all that we have come up with thus far.  Praying Pelican Missions is so gracious and concerned about anointing and giftedness and its fit into where they as an organization feel God calling them that we will be doing things we feel a particular passion / giftedness for.  How awesome is that?!?!  I get to do ministry in Belize in a area I feel particularly called and gifted?  Seriously!?

For those that know us, both Amy and I are HUGELY passionate about kids and youth.  In fact, I just stepped down as the Children’s Pastor at Starting Point Church in March / April and Amy was a middle school teacher before having Madeline and JoJo.  I have a desire to partner with Belizean pastors to reach the next generation of Belizeans.  I desire to see God proclaimed BOLDLY on the lips of 5 year olds, 10 year olds, 18 years olds because they grew up being taught JESUS on THEIR LEVEL in a way THEY CAN UNDERSTAND.

I truly believe that children and youth know more people that 2 or 3 adults put together.  I believe that if we can reach children with Jesus we can reach their family.  If we reach their family we reach their street, their community, their school, and their city.  When we reach a city, we can reach a district, and when we reach a district we can reach the country.  The country the world.  It all can start with reaching kids.

There are some AMAZING pastors radically impacted kids and youth for Jesus in Belize.  I can’t wait to come alongside of them and partner in any way that God allows!

Praises & Prayer Requests

  • Belize: Summer trips are about 2 weeks away for Praying Pelican in Belize!  Pray for Divine appointments and honestly pray for a modern day Pentacost this summer.  Pray for thousands of Belizeans and missionaries come to know Jesus this summer!
  • Financial support raising:  PRAISE GOD!  We are at 81% funded for $2500/month goal!  God has literally blown us away.  He has exceeded all expectations and prayers.  Praise God for providing for us!  We are praying earnestly that we can be at 100% funded by June 15th!  We know we have just a little bit to go and we are confident the Lord WILL provide!

If you are considering partnering with us financially, please contact me (Joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com) or 919.306.7667.  Amy or I would love to share with you how you can partner with us in ministry.

  • YARD SALE: The Yard sale was a HUGE success thanks to Amy.  There was no rain and after all is said and done God met our prayer goal of $1000.
  • Spiritual Warfare: Madeline continues to wake up screaming from night terrors during her nap and at night.  Please continue to pray for her to rest in Christ’s peace and pray for Christ to protect her from any attacks from the Enemy!
  • Tomorrow at 2PM – Tomorrow at 2PM I will be talking with my employer.  Just pray for God’s hand to be all over that conversation.

The Bible says in Romans “How can they believe if they haven’t heard?” That is probably the best reason that I can think of for going to Belize.  They haven’t heard and I am praying that through our partnership with the local pastors and churches that they will hear and believe!

Because they haven’t heard,

Edmonds Family!


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