Edmonds Update 6-3

Hola!  Como Estan?  I have been practicing my Spanish because although English is the official language of Belize, they also teach Spanish in schools.  I desire for our whole family to be fluent in Spanish very soon after we move.  Amy has taken on to teaching Madeline and Jojo Spanish which means they are watching a lot of Dora the Explorer!


Anyway, we do have several new people added to the prayer update list over the last few weeks so I wanted to take a moment to orient everyone.  I try and start these update by being witty (usually in vain) or a quick observation.  This is followed by what’s been going on in our lives with the move to Belize, followed by how the Lord has been teaching me and finally praises and prayer requests.  For the history of our updates and cure pictures of our kids check out Amy’s blog at https://edmondsadventures.wordpress.com/


Moving Logistics Update:

We are currently in the process of getting quotes both on international freight shippers and movers.  I thought we would pack and move ourselves but with two small children and not a lot of time…that’s just not going to happen.  Pray we find the right movers and freight company and that the quotes are reasonable!  Pray for wisdom and discernment!


On a lighter note, our social calendar has been filling up.  Our small group from Hope Community Church threw us a surprise birthday / going away party last Wednesday.  It was awesome to see that group of people one more time before we left.  We also have been eating dinner with people almost every night before we move to Winston.  We want to see as many people as possible, so if you need to get on our schedule in the next two weeks, email Amy ASAP!


How God has been teaching me:

I wanted to read through the Bible start to finish before we left to Belize, so I found a Bible in 90 days reading plan from You Version (as an asideYou Version is AWESOME because we don’t have smart phones, I was stuck in the 1990s for a long time.  If someone would have told me about You Version I would have purchased a smart phone a LONG TIME ago).


Anyway, I was reading today about Noah.   Genesis 6 says that “The Lord saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil. And the Lord regretted that he made man…it grieved him to his heart. … But Noah.”


I read this and it hit me.  God saved all the Earth because of the righteousness of one man.  God brought salvation through the righteousness of Noah.  Noah’s walk with the Lord saved the Earth.  People look at Central America and see the drugs, crime, orphans, and poverty and it may grieve them.  Some may even think that Central America is useless and should be wiped out.  Start all over.


But Belize


Think for a minute.  What if Belize was the key to Central America?  What if the way that Belizeans walk with the Lord transforms their communities, their cities, their nation, and their part of the world just like Noah?  What if through Belize, God is able to bring salvation to all of Central America? I am begging God for this radical of a transformation in Belize!  Beg Him with me.


Praises & Prayer Requests

  • Belize: Summer trips started on Saturday.  Pray for God to bring his redemptive grace to Belizeans every where this summer.  Pray for 1000 people to come to know the Lord this summer.
  • Financial support raising:  PRAISE GOD!  We are at 101% funded for $2500/month goal!  This is money either given or pledged.  God has literally blown us away.  He has exceeded all expectations and prayers.  We are still fundraising to build our account for the next year and to cover people who may not be able to fulfill their pledge.  If you are new to this update, it is not too late to contribute to our mission in Belize financially.
  • If you are considering partnering with us financially, please contact me.  Amy or I would love to share with you how you can partner with us in ministry.
    • Spiritual Warfare: Madeline is still having trouble sleeping.  Not sure what is going on but continue to pray for God to ease her nerves / anxiety.
    • Transition Logistics – We are moving on June 16th to my parent’s house.  There the kids will sleep in the same room.  Pray they transition well, and pray that Amy and I transition well to living at my parents for the summer.  Pray for our marriage. Pray that we are able to use this time at my parents to build up a bank of quality relationship time before we move.


Thank you everyone so much for those of you who read this and have committed to supporting us through your prayers.  We are so thankful and encouraged by your uplifting words, notes, emails, tweets.  Please keep them coming!  We love you all!


Because they haven’t heard,


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