Update 17-Jun-2012 “Come Back with a Story”

First and foremost, Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s, grandpa’s, and great-grandpa’s out there!  Today was a great day in our house as Amy and I went to a new church here in Winston-Salem, hung out with my dad, and then got to go and see Mama Teetle and Papa Jay (my grandma and grandpa!).  I am so blessed to have been raised and influenced by the mighty men of God my dad and grandpa are!  I pray I can be that influence to Madeline and Joseph.
So I titled this email “Come Back with a story.:”  When I was in college, my roommate, Andy, and I would tell each other before some turning point or life-changing decision “Come back with a story”  The phrase was used when Andy left to go abroad the summer after our sophomore year, after we each broke up with long-time girlfriends, when Andy went to business school and even worked its way in to each of our Best Man speeches. It’s a phrase of expectation…saying go out and expect something great and by all means come back and share the story.  After this past weekend of packing our household goods to be shipped to Belize, leaving Holly Springs, stopping work, and moving in with my mom and dad, I can think of no better phrase.  The Edmonds Family continues to step forward on this journey and we most certainly will “Come back with a story”.
Israel Houghton says “the atmosphere of expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.” When we expect and pray for God to show up, He delivers and miracles happen.
I was just reading Moses and the burning bush and thought about expectation being the breeding ground of miracles.  God tells Moses to lead His people away from Egypt and Moses has every excuse in the book.  He is afraid of Pharaoh, he stutters, people are mad at him, etc.  God tells Him in no uncertain terms “I will lead my people out of Egypt, expect big things from me and celebrate the miracles”  I pray that as Amy and I move more forward in our journey to Belize that we do not dwell on our excuses but instead in prayer eagerly, earnestly, expectantly beg God to show up and show off in Belize!
My deepest prayer is the story we come back with and continue to share is the story of God’s miracles we get to witness in Belize!

Quick Logistics Update:
  • Last Thursday – All household goods were packed to be shipped to Belize.  Next time we see those will be in Belize in September
  • Last Friday – Josh’s last day of work at Merck.  It was bittersweet and honestly emotionally overwhelming.  I am overwhelmed that I am pursuing EXACTLY the thing that God has designed and called me to do.  It is surreal!
  • Yesterday – We moved in with my mom and dad in Winston Salem for the summer!
  • WHEW….busy busy times!
Praises / Prayer Requests
  • Belize 
    • The summer trip season has begun.  Pray for God to use the Praying Pelican Mission teams to radically impact Belize for God’s Kingdom.  Pray specifically for boldness among team members in sharing the Gospel and for 1000 Belizeans to surrender their lives to Christ this summer!
    • Begin to pray for me as I will be leaving July 5th to lead two mission teams in Belize.  Pray specifically for my nerves, as I am anxious right now.
  • Financial Support
    • Praise God we are over 100% supported!  Thank you to all of our supporters.  We will begin to live off of support very soon so if you haven’t started to give, now is the time to start.  Also, we are fundraising for next year already.  If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!
  • Personal 
    • Pray for instant community in Winston Salem for Amy.  We moved away from all of her closest friends in the Triangle.  Pray this new church provides a lifegroup / community group to where Amy and I can get plugged in immediately!
    • Pray for patience for our family and my mom and dad.  It’s not easy transitioning to more people in your house or living in someone else’s house.  Pray for a smooth transition and for this to be a great time of fellowship and shared excitement / joy!
Thank you for all that you do for us.  Your prayers and notes of encouragement are priceless to us!  Please write when you can, your encouragement is nourishment to our souls!  We can’t wait to share with you what our future holds.  Honestly, we can’t wait to share with you God’s story we are a part of in Belize!
Because they haven’t heard,
Edmonds Family!

One thought on “Update 17-Jun-2012 “Come Back with a Story”

  1. May God bless you tenfold in this journey in your life! I’m excited for you…and so amazed by your courage and obedience. ~ Anne

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