Edmonds Family Update 6-26

Good Tuesday morning to you all!  Amy and I sincerely hope that everyone had a great weekend and honestly a wonderful start to the week.  This past week for us has been challenging.  Both Amy and I are adjusting to me staying at home and being around the kids all the time.  We have different ways of doing things with the children and naturally we both think our ways are best, so that leads to some “discussions.”  We are adjusting quickly though.  Also, we are adjusting to living with my parents.  Making this adjustment to being at home in my own house would be one thing but in my parent’s house is something totally different.  But again adjustment is happening quickly.  Fortunately the kids LOVE being at Grandpa and Pepa’s so that has been really great.  We are so blessed with wonderful children and a great family to care for us during this transition.
To try and serve my parents, we have been outside A LOT.  We cleared my parent’s lake view, planted a garden, cleaned their back patio, and generally updated some landscaping.  This week we start organizing some stuff inside and getting ready for a HUGE yardsale with all my parents’ “stuff they have accumulated through the years” or I would say “junk”.  Busy but very rewarding times.  We are trying just to serve my parents like Christ serves us.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus to them in this ministry location now!
Quick God stories
  • Amy and I needed to find a CPA to help with international tax stuff when we go to Belize.  We had NO idea where to start.  Well come to find out that my mom and dad’s next door neighbor is a CPA and has been helping them with my grandmother’s tax stuff for years!  Praise God!
  • Amy and I were looking for a church family here in Winston.  Amy had followed the “story” of one of her elementary school classmates and she was part of a church in Winston Salem.  We went to that church on Father’s day and were thoroughly excited about the atmosphere, people, kid’s ministry and teaching.  The first person that we met was their mission’s pastor and then I heard that most of the people on their “core team” were from Anderson South Carolina and studied / interned at New Spring Church!  Those who know me very well, know that I have a HUGE man-crush on Pastor Perry Noble and New Spring Church!  In addition, Amy hit it off with a group of women from the church and is attending a women’s small group TONIGHT!  Praise GOD for this church family!
  • Amy and I sold our Acura on Saturday.  While there I was talking with the employee, we started talking about missions and the Old Testament and the merits of the Old Testament.  It was just an incredibly joyous time of encouraging one another in the unlikely place of Car Max.  The individual even asked if he could receive our updates!  Praise God for this divine appointment and it is just another example of how He is moving ahead of us every step of the way!
Praises / Prayer Requests
  • Belize 
    • The summer trip season is in full swing and God is doing some AMAZING things!  Continue to pray for God to use the Praying Pelican Mission teams to radically impact Belize for God’s Kingdom.  Pray specifically for boldness among team members in sharing the Gospel and for 1000 Belizeans to surrender their lives to Christ this summer!
    • I fly out one week from Thursday.  I am exceptionally anxious right now.  Pray specifically for my nerves, as I am anxious right now.
    • Pray for Pastor Ed that we are partnering with my first week.  Pray for 500 kids to attend the vacation bible school and pray for 1000 people to attend a block party at his church.  Pastor Ed is a friend of mine and I am honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to serve his church this week!
  • Financial Support
    • Praise God we are over 100% supported!  Thank you to all of our supporters.
    • We ARE CURRENTLY LIVING OFF SUPPORT so if you haven’t started to give, now is the time to start please!
    • Also, we are fundraising for next year already.  If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!
  • Personal 
    • Praise God for community for Amy.  Pray that the community grows tonight as Amy attends her first women’s life group with Revo Church!
    • Pray for strength in our marriage.  We are getting away, just the two of us, for a night at a B and B in the Mountains.  Pray that it is refreshing and relaxing.
    • Both Joseph and Madeline are sick.  Please pray for immediate healing!
Thank you for all that you do for us.  Your prayers and notes of encouragement are priceless to us!  Please write when you can, your encouragement is nourishment to our souls!
Because they haven’t heard,
Edmonds Family!

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