Prayer Update 7-2-2012

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off on Wednesday and spend time cooking out, with family, shooting fireworks, but BE CAREFUL!  I know I know, it’s the parent in me!  I am sure that our family will take some unnecessary risks for the thrill of the BOOM this week too!
This past week has been GREAT!  Just really getting into the groove and grinding out a schedule of when to work, when to play, when to pray, etc.  I think we are really getting into it though, so that is AWESOME!  Also, Amy and I had a GREAT getaway to the Hemlock Inn in Bryson City this past Friday.  It was quiet, relaxing, beautiful, and we even got to take a NAP!  Praise God for our family for taking care of the kids and for the ability to get away and rest!
We had a family reunion the following day at my great-grandmothers, Mama Rachel’s, homeplace!  A great weekend and week all around.
How God has been teaching us!
Amy is reading through Joshua in her Lifegroup with Revo Church.  So I thought it would be great to read it with her.  As we were reading through the first 8 chapters of Joshua, I noticed all the “normal stuff” The miracles, “be strong and courageous, the walls, Rahab, etc.  But I wanted to share three things that popped out at me for the first time.
  1. I was AMAZED at the number of times the following exchange happened.  “The Lord said to Joshua” and then….Joshua either said or did.  Joshua listened carefully to the word of God and then without questioning just acted on it!  This whole process of moving to Belize has been EXACTLY like that.  For the first time in our lives, I we don’t have our own plans, notions or ideas; just like Joshua, we are listening carefully to the word of God and acting.  On this adventure, we don’t know of anything else to do, and honestly, it’s the most at peace we have ever been!
  2. Joshua took every leadership assignment seriously!  No matter the task and whether or not he thought it was “important”, Joshua took God’s words seriously and completed each task, whether leading the people across the Jordan, leading a battle like Jericho or Ai or what he did in Joshua 4 (check it out…EEEK!).  My prayer is that I don’t put my own “importance” on my “tasks” from God but that I approach and complete them with the zeal and obedience of Joshua.
  3. Joshua arose early in the morning.  Not sure what this means but if that Joshua could wake up early to prepare for battle, I should be able to wake up early to prepare myself for the day.  Pray that I am able to drag my butt out of bed before the kids get up at 6AM!
Quick God story
  • At the Hemlock Inn, they serve breakfast at large round tables with all the food on lazy Susans and you sit with the other guests of the Inn, total strangers.  So Amy and I were eating some breakfast and just sharing where we were from and what we are going to be doing in Belize. Two women were very interested in our story got our contact information, wanted to be added to our prayer updates, and even provided some financial support!  Amy and I left breakfast that morning just blown away how God has His hands on us every where and will provide in the most unlikely places!  Praise God!
Praises / Prayer Requests
  • Belize 
    • Great reports are coming in from a VERY BUSY last week in Belize for Praying Pelican Missions.  Continue to pray for God to use the Praying Pelican Mission teams to radically impact Belize for God’s Kingdom.  Pray specifically for boldness among team members in sharing the Gospel and for 1000 Belizeans to surrender their lives to Christ this summer!
    • I fly out on Thursday for Belize.  Pray for me and that I would be in step with the Holy Spirit, moving when He moves and staying when He stays.
    • Pray for Pastor Ed that we are partnering with next week.  Pray for 500 kids to attend the vacation bible school and pray for 1000 people to attend a block party at his church.  Pastor Ed is a friend of mine and I am honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to serve his church this week!
  • Financial Support
    • Praise God we are over 100% supported!  Thank you to all of our supporters.
    • We ARE CURRENTLY LIVING OFF SUPPORT so if you haven’t started to give, now is the time to start please!
    • Also, we are fundraising for next year already. If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!  
  • Personal 
    • Praise God – Amy loved her lifegroup on Tuesday.  She was able to really enjoy the community, had a lot in common with the women and enjoyed drinking from God’s word with these women!  Pray that as I am in Belize, this group is a source of encouragement and community for Amy.
    • Praise God – our getaway was FANTASTIC.  We had a great time of rest and relaxation before I head off to Belize!  Thank you for the prayers!
    • Madeline was very sick Friday and Saturday.  Pray that this was a passing virus.  Continue to pray for immediate healing for our little girl.  Update JoJo seems to be doing fine!
    • Pray for Amy, Madeline and Joseph as I am gone in Belize.  Pray for Amy to pace herself and get some rest when the kids rest and for the kids to adjust easily to me being in Belize!
Thank you for all that you do for us.  Your prayers and notes of encouragement are priceless to us!  Please write when you can, your encouragement is nourishment to our souls!
Because they haven’t heard,
Edmonds Family!

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