Update 8-1-2012

So who has been watching the Olympics??  I was so excited when I was in Belize and realized that I would be back at my parent’s house for the ENTIRE Olympics.  Let’s just say that my parents are a little tired of cycling, badmitton, and rowing!  We (me and Amy) have watched A LOT of Olympics. In fact, this update was supposed to go out last night but I got sucked into the US Women’s Gymnastic Team Finals!  Oh and the last Olympic story is that Madeline LOVES tennis.  Not even sure why but whenever we turn on the Olympics she asked to “watch tennis please” and then oohhs and ahhhs at every shot!  The next Serena Williams?  We shall see!


How God has been teaching me this week!

So I have been reading through the Gospels since the beginning of July. Currently I have read Mark and am almost done with Luke.  While there are  A LOT of things I would love to share about how God is teaching me through the Gosepls (humanity of Jesus, authority of Christ, humility of Christ, etc.), I do have two quick things I want to share and challenge you all with this week.

  1. Lost People Matter to God.  Literally, I mean that people who don’t know God matter to God.  God desires more than anything for those people who don’t have a relationship with Him to have a relationship with Him.  Seriously, take some time today to read Luke 15 (specifically verses 7, 10, 20).  Those verses say that there is literally celebration IN THE PRESENCE OF ANGELS.  Who is in the presence of angels? Answer – GOD!  God literally is joyed when 1 person moves into a relationship with Him.  
    • Why should this matter?  A church I listen to always says Found People Find People.  IF we are truly following the Lord, then we are sharing our faith, we are seeking people far from God and sharing our story with the goal to bring them into a relationship with God.  Lost people are at God’s heartbeat, they matter to God; therefore, they matter to His people.
    • What Should I do?  Get specific.  Praying for “Lost people” is easy.  They can be in Papua New Guinea or Belize or any where.  But I would say there are people that you see, talk to every day, that don’t have a relationship with the Lord.  Write (1) person’s name down and start praying for that person by name each daythat he/she would surrender themselves and enter into a relationship with the one and only worthy Lord!
  2. Purpose Driven Life – Cliche I know and probably about 10 years old….BUT the point is a good one.  I was reading Luke 17 and read the following: 

And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. (Luke 17:1-2 ESV)

  • My previous purpose (just wanted to use alliteration) My purpose, my drive in college was to fulfill the verses in Luke 17:1,2.  My goal for ALL of college was to “corrupt” or “cause the people in my sphere of influence” to sin.  I provided alcohol and party environments and encouraged people to sin until their hearts content to NOT deny themselves anything.  WOW!  The Lord says it was better for me to be dead than to be in the life that I was living in college.
  • But wait there’s more….GOD REDEEMED ME from that life!  God picked me up out of the mire clay and set my feet upon on the rock. And now our family is going into the mission field to proclaim Christ boldly in Belize.  Nothing but the blood and power of Jesus can do that?
  • SO WHAT? Answer the question for your life…what is your drive?  What is your purpose?  Now I know everyone is not called into missions or ministry full time BUT some MAY be.  Also, answer the question are you being driven by God or by man?  Take heart because if God could use me, the chiefest of sinners, to proclaim Him, he can and wants to REDEEM you to a full life in Him.

On the home front:

  •  Madeline is yelling “NO” A LOT.  Please pray for this to stop immediately and for us to have patience with her as we work through this.
  • Madeline LOVES Fancy Nancy books and the Dora the Explorer book in Spanish.  She loves building trains and watching TENNIS!
  • Jojo is crawling / scooting everywhere, including upstairs!
  • Amy and I are doing well and ready for our vacation with the WHOLE family to the beach this coming week!
Praises and Prayer Requests:
  • Summer Trips are coming to a close.  Pray for our teams that are serving this week in Belize and for the Praying Pelican Missions Staff serving with these teams for the next two weeks.  Pray specifically for the team from Hope Community Church serving in Sandhill village.  Pray for their leader Mr. Jeff and for the team to Boldly proclaim Jesus.  Pray for 10 people in Sandhill / Rootsville to surrender their lives to Jesus and 15 to be obedient in Baptism.
  • Returning staff – We have a LOT of staff returning to the States from time in various countries (including Belize).  Pray for these staff as they get adjusted to being back at home.  Pray most of all for protection from Satan and his attacks.  Spiritual warfare is real and really scary.  Pray for protection on these men and women of God!
  • Local church sustainability – As our teams exit Belize for the summer, pray for the local churches and local pastors.  Pray that they would  continue to be encouraged and would be able to sustain the ministry and Be strong and courageous as teams leave their villages.

  • Shipment of Goods – Still some mild anxiety in our house about the shipment of our goods.  Pray that this goes smoothly and we get our goods quickly in Belize!
  • Parenting – see above.  Parenting is challenging right now especially with Madeline. I believe that her attitude shift is partly being two and a half and part spiritual warfare. Pray for patience and perseverance.
  • BEACH – we are going to the beach on Saturday for ONE WEEK!  Pray for rest, relaxation, and a great time with my whole family (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa,  and Christian – nephew)
  • Be in Raleigh – Amy and I are going to be in Raleigh the weekend of either August 18th or 25th.  Let me know if you all would like to meet up!
  • Amy and I are currently living off of support.  We are still waiting on 3-4 one time gifts to come in.  We really need those one-time gifts to come in before we can move to Belize.  So please go ahead and log on to the PPM website or see the attachment to give your one – time gift.  Also, if you are supporting us monthly be sure to check that your support is coming in each month as you have designated it.
  • Also, we are already fundraising for next year (we are at 10% funded for next year already). Please pray for this effort that we are at 40% by the end of the calendar year.    If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!  
Thank you for your continued prayers and notes of encouragement.  Write when you can.  We cherish each note of encouragement that we receive!

Because they haven’t heard,


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