Family Update 8 – 13 – 2012

Back from vacation.  Amy and I were so blessed to be able to take a vacation to Holden Beach this past week with my parents, Mama Teetle and Papa Jay (my grandparents) and Christian (my nephew).  Before that we even got to go to Bennett’s (another nephew) Pirate Birthday party.   Here are the highlights!

At the birthday party…

Madeline rode rides for the first time and LOVED it.  She has not stopped talking about the carousel, boats, or cars!  When she was picking out what car to ride in , she immediately ran over to the big green John Deer truck.  Who knew this city boy would be raising a good country girl!

At the beach….

Well at the beach we played in the sand some and in the water A LOT!  Madeline has NO FEAR of the water so needless to say that she kept us on our toes!  We jumped waves, played in the surf and looked for many animals and seashells!  JoJo ate a lot of sand and was in general in sensory overload!  Amy and I enjoyed spending time with the parents, watching the Olympics, and playing games with the family (my dad won too many of them so I am sure that he was cheating!)


We are back at mom and dad’s house trying to squeeze in everything we want / need to do before we fly out on September 3rd!  AHHHH so close!  SO we are balancing our time with some work for me, fun stuff for the family (e.g. zoo tomorrow), and things we need to do like pack and go to the doctor!  Busy times for our little family!

How God has been teaching me this week!

  • Through the teaching of others! We had a great message yesterday at Revo Church on Matthew 7.  (quick side note: if you are in the Winston / Clemmons area and don’t have a church seriously consider Revo Church…relevant teaching, great kid’s ministry and wonderful people).  Anyway, the message was about being judgemental and hypocritical.  You all know the story….plank in your own eye when trying to pick out the splinter in someone else’s eye!  Well Pastor said that our judging usually is born out of our own unaddressed sin.  He said that if we spent the day addressing our planks and working on becoming more like Jesus, we wouldn’t have any time to judge others!  This week my prayer is to be made more aware of the sin in my own life and for the Lord to give me the discipline and discernment to address it!  Will you join with me in praying for this?
  • Personal study – On the recommendation of a couple of spiritual mentors of mine (although they probably don’t realize it), I am reading two books right now Surprised by Hope and King Jesus Gospel.  It’s too early to tell how these books will teach me and shape me.  But I do feel the Lord speaking to me through these two books….more to come I am sure!

Praises and Prayer Requests:


  • Summer Trips are over for Belize – Thank you for praying!  We had a great last week in Belize with the team from Hope Community Church rocking it out in Sandhill village.  I know lives were touched and changed in large part due to your prayers!  Thank you!
  • Local church sustainability – As our teams exit Belize for the summer, pray for the local churches and local pastors.  Pray that they would continue to be encouraged and would be able to sustain the ministry and Be strong and courageous as teams leave their villages.


  • Praise – The beach vacation was great!  Thank you for the prayers!
  • Busyness – This week is full.  We are speaking to a women’s group for my grandmother today.  We are going to zoo tomorrow, doctor Wednesday, Amy’s birthday is Thursday, Raleigh this weekend. Pray that we get everything done that we want / need to.  More than that pray for our discipline to make the Lord our priority and not a task!
  • Moving Anxiety – We move September 3rd.  Begin lifting up that day, the plane ride, getting through customs, and getting to our house.  Pray that our house is set up with water, electricity, internet, and that our goods get to our house QUICK!  We will probably be about a week without ANYTHING, beds too!


  • Amy and I are currently living off of support.  We are still waiting on 3-4 one time gifts to come in.  We really need those one-time gifts to come in before we can move to Belize.  So please go ahead and log on to the PPM website or send one of us a note and we will help you get set-up give your one – time gift.  Also, if you are supporting us monthly be sure to check that your support is coming in each month as you have designated it.
  • We are already fundraising for next year (we are at 10% funded for next year already). Please pray for this effort that we are at 40% by the end of the calendar year.    If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!  

Thank you for your continued prayers and notes of encouragement.  Write when you can.  We cherish each note of encouragement that we receive!

Because they haven’t heard,


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