Adventure Update 8-20-2012

20-Aug-2012   We have officially entered the “OH NO,  We are going to Belize in 2 weeks!!!!” portion of this adventure.  As I am sitting in Panera writing this update, it is 2:32PM Eastern Time (12:32PM Belize Time). In two weeks, we will be going through Customs with everything in tow and getting ready to head to our HOUSE!!

Rustling up a mental picture…I am thinking of the Home Alone kid splashing aftershave on his face and then screaming AHHHHH.  Seems like the 2 weeks left realization has gotten my attention and the other night Amy and I looked at each other and said AHHHH.  Well God, here goes nothing.

We just got through a great week of hanging out together and spending time with quality friends and family.

Last week… Was busy with Amy’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, a trip to the zoo, speaking to the women’s group for my grandma, and a trip to Raleigh!  It was a great great great week!  Thank you so much for praying us through last week!

This week… Is filled with visits to Burlington (3 times), visits with family (2), dinner with friends, OH and packing for Minnesota travels next week.  That’s what’s going on with our family this week.  Well that and packing to move to Belize!  Continue to pray us through this INSANELY BUSY season!

On the home front… (Individual updates this week)

  • Madeline …enjoyed a great trip to zoo (see pictures).  She loved some of the animals (mainly seals, elephants, and giraffes).  More than that she LOVED the statues of the animals!  Also, we talk about Belize A LOT.  Madeline asks every day, multiple times a day, “Daddy are we going to Belize today?” Or “Daddy you come to Belize with me?”  That little girl is excited to tell other people about Jesus in Belize.
  • Jojo – is walking while being held, crawling, and talking a TON. He loves most table food and especially black beans (see pics)
  • Amy – Turned 29…she says she is old!  She had a great birthday in Raleigh this past weekend (thank you everyone).

How God has been teaching me this week!

  • Pray Like Jesus – Just this past Sunday I  heard message in a series at Starting Point Church.  The message was on praying like Jesus, specifically the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.  And the prayer was “Not my will but YOUR’S be done.”  As we have stepped out into this adventure, we are truly relying on God’s will to be done in our lives for the first time.  We are trusting in the loving providence of our Father that His will is perfect for our lives.  I am praying constantly that my ideas, our family’s ideas, our will does not get in the way of relying on God’s Will for the country of Belize.  I desire God’s will for Madeline and Jojo (even when it doesn’t line up with mine).  Pray for our family discipline that we don’t cloud God’s Will with our own thoughts, ideas and plans!

Praises and Prayer Requests: Belize

  • Pray for the meetings that I will begin to have in two weeks with pastors as we get to know their needs.
  • Pray for Amy and the meetings that she will begin to have with the women of Belize.
  • Pray for our children that they begin to befriend Belizean children quickly.
  • Pray that Belizeans’ hearts are open to hearing of Jesus through our family’s outpouring of His love to Belize.


  • Busyness – We are busy this week before I head to MN for a staff meeting.  Pray that we get everything done that we want / need to.  More than that pray for our discipline to make the Lord our priority and not a task!  Continue to pray!!!
  • Moving Anxiety – We move September 3rd.  Continue lifting up that day, the plane ride, getting through customs, and getting to our house.  Pray that our house is set up with water, electricity, internet, and that our goods get to our house QUICK!  We will probably be about a week without ANYTHING, beds too! PRAY HARD THAT OUR STUFF GETS THERE HASSEL FREE!


  • We are already fundraising for next year (we are at 10% funded for next year already).  Fundraising for next year has slowed.  Pray that I am able to carve out a couple of hours for it this week.  Pray for at least one new financial partner this week. Please pray for this effort that we are at 40% by the end of the calendar year.    If you haven’t financially supported us yet and would like to, it is never too late. Message me for details!  

Thank you.  You all are more than “supporters”; you all are partners with us in ministry.  We can’t wait to get to Belize on the ground and start sharing with you the miracles made possible through your support!   Because they haven’t heard, Edmonds Family 

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