Last Post Living in the US

Freaking out!  In exactly 135 hours we will be in Belize.  Counting down hours now??  Emotions cannot even be explained into words.  My friend and a spiritual mentor, Jeremy asked “What has God been up to?”

Since well 2007 then 2009 then October of last year and then our first blog post of 2/20 this year, God has been up to the bringing us to the moment when 135 hours from now we will be in Belize….to LIVE.  STILL freaking out!!!!

In the last little bit, God has sold our house.  God has provided for us financially.  God has given us peace.  God has placed an insatiable excitement in everyone in our family to move.  God has literally brought us to the moment where we move.  135 hours.  That’s all that’s left.  Whew…..I honestly don’t even know what to say.

Pray for us this week as we pack our bags.

Pray for us on September 3rd as we move.

Pray that the Hurricane has not derailed our shipment.

Pray that our house is set up with utilities on. 

Pray for our kids, our marriage, our discipline, and our ability to follow God with this step to move and then whatever the next step is.  We have NO IDEA what God has for us once we get down there.

The only thing that provides any comfort is that the God of Wonders, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings is guiding our family’s every step.  Well…let’s see what’s next!


God taught me through music this afternoon

Today after a particular emotional phone call.  I started to weep (sorry to ruin my tough guy image).  I just opened up the computer and started to type out a prayer or more appropriately a cry to God.  The Lord just spoke to me and said” listen to music” so I started to listen to some worship.  These were the lyrics that the Lord brought to me.

  • Water you turned into wine, opened the eyes of the blind.  There’s no one like you.
  • Lord give me faith to trust what you say…I may be weak but your spirit’s strong in me.
  • God of wonders beyond our galaxy, you are holy.  You are holy. Precious Lord reveal your heart to me. Father holy.  Father holy.
  • I stand with arms high and heart abandoned in all of the one who made it all….all I am is yours.

The reality is THE LORD has revealed His heart to our family.  His heart is for Belize to come to know the Lord.  He has a burden for those people and has given us the vision that Belize is the key to Central America.  The reality is this same Lord…the God of Wonders turned water into wine, opened the eyes of the blind and many other miracles.  He has performed miracles and continues to.  His heart is for Belize.  His heart is for our family to be used in Belize.  As I was listening and crying more…it hit me.  BOOM.  All I am is yours Lord. All I have.  My stuff, my talent, my treasure, my marriage, my family….everything, absolutely everything is yours Lord.

And the fact is, He is for us.  God is for us.  As long as we are seeking His will, nothing can or will stop us.  My prayer is that even though I am weak and am freaking out that I still eagerly seek God’s will…I pray that on Monday as we take off that I am standing there in line boarding the plane saying “All I am , all I have is yours God.”

Praise God for music, for encouragement, and for overcoming my weakness.


Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • THE MOVE – Sep 3rd.  Pray for smooth flights, happy travelers – just God’s hand of protection (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • OUR MARRIAGE – Our marriage is great…really more than great.  It is truly the most amazing blessing in my life apart from salvation through grace.  However, I would be silly not to acknowledge that the next little bit will be stressful on us.  Pray that we seek Christ first and rest in His love for us and our love for each other.  Pray that this time strengthens us.
  • HEALTH – Jojo was VERY sick last night.  Pray he gets better and no catches the stomach bug that he had.
  • LOGISTICS – specifically that our house is set up with utilities, that our stuff get to our house Hassel free
  • OPEN HEARTS – That the Lord would prepare the hearts of Belizeans everywhere.  That our example of Christ’s love and the sharing of His Word would fall on fertile soil!

Thank you so much.  Rest assured that if Our God is for us….NO ONE, NOTHING can stand against us.  Our next update may be delayed for a little bit but the next one will be from Belize!  Pray hard with us and for us through this time.


Because they haven’t heard,

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