We Made it! (05-Sep-2012)

Praise God we made it!  We are here in Belize.  Praise be to God!  The kids did AMAZING on the plane.  Many friends greeted us at the airport AND our house was set up with all electricity, water and gas AND drinking water was there when we got there!  Praise God for wonderful Belizean friends.

Amy and I are doing ok.  It’s emotional to say the least being down here and realizing what it means.  It’s almost like I didn’t get a chance to process it all when we were in the States…all my mind was wrapped around was getting everything to the point of being here.  Now that we are here I have spent the last 48 hours a little overwhelmed by it all.

The kids are sleeping well (for those that are interested).  Our neighbors are great and helpful.  And I have made contacts with some of our friends here.  I am going to Bible Study tonight and Amy is going to a Women’s group tomorrow, so things are going pretty good.

OH and our stuff is scheduled to arrive on FRIDAY to OUR HOUSE!!!  Praise God and keep praying.  The last couple of things that we have to do to are get internet (which I am actively working on) and get our stuff out of port authority and to our house (which I am also working on).  Pray for God to open up doors not only for these two logistic items to be worked out but also for opportunities to share the Lord to be apparent to us.


How God is teaching me?

Today during my quiet time I was reading John 6 – 7 and I came across John 6:38 “For I came down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of the one who sent me.”  And I know that I have already written about praying like Jesus and specifically about praying for God’s will to be done.

But this verse struck me between the eyes.  Amy and I had been talking about being here and our questions to each other was “What do you want to do?”  Amy and I of course have answers and of course have ideas and sure some if not all of these ideas are from the Lord or He has laid them on our hearts.  But my prayer is that I do the will of the One who sent us here.  I pray that we can seek God’s will and His righteousness first.  Join us is praying for God’s Will to be revealed to our family for the ministry here in Belize.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • THE MOVE – We made it!  Praise God.  Kids were great on the plane.  House is set-up with utilities.  Pray for the last two logistics to come together (internet and house hold goods delivered by Friday!)
  • OUR MARRIAGE –We have had some really great conversations at night.  Pray that we are able to listen to each other and our emotions as we adjust to being here.  Pray that we seek Christ first and rest in His love for us and our love for each other.  Pray that this time strengthens us.
  • HEALTH – Jojo is better!  Continue to pray that the Lord would protect the kids and Amy from any sickness!
  • Belize
    • Maurice – was our bagger at Save U grocery store.  I was able to talk to him about where he lives and some of his friends were murdered just the other day.  He seems like a great kid and at an age where his friends are doing some bad stuff.  Pray for his safety.  Maurice and I are going to get together one afternoon and he is going to show me around his area.
    • Albert – My friend Albert who I met this summer asked for me to lift up a prayer for him and his family.  I don’t have any specifics but I am passing the prayer onto you all.  Please be lifting up Albert and his family!
    • Open Hearts – Pray for more divine appointments and opportunities to learn about Belize, Belizeans, and the spiritual needs of our new home!

We can’t wait to see your prayers answered.  All of our love and many many thanks and prayers!

Because they haven’t heard,

Josh, Amy, Madeline, Joseph

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