Adventure Update 9-12-2012

I am currently writing this update from the Belize Praying Pelican Office Headquarters, also known as my desk in our bedroom here in Belize.  I am writing in the hope that our internet is set up tomorrow and then I can upload. For pictures please check our Facebook .

Since last Tuesday a lot has happened.  Highlights are as follows…

–          Adjustment to the heat of Belize.  Basically we sweat all the time which is fine!

–          Finding a church home at Hattieville Baptist Church and attending Wednesday night Bible Study, Thursday night womens’ group and Sunday services.

–          Receipt of our container of goods and the set-up of our home (thanks to Amy decorating).

–          Putting the kids in two separate rooms and having them sleep much better, hate to admit that my mom was right.  UGH!

–          Going around and visiting our Belizean friends and letting them know we are here.

–          The price of fruits: 7 bananas or 6 oranges for 50 cents US, avocados the size of softballs for 50 cents, whole pineapples for 1.50 US. Needless to say we are eating A LOT of those things.

–          The park – Madeline loves the basketball court and soccer field in Hattieville (the park). We run up and down the bleachers, do sprints on the bball court and pick A LOT of flowers.  Jojo pretty much just crawls around but it is a big family outing.

Challenges….we have our share of learning experiences like….

–          Our hot water smells, like sulfur, or rotten eggs. We don’t know what it is. We have tried to drain the Hot water heater, running the water for 20 or so minutes, nothing works. It may get slightly better and then if you turn it on again the smell returns. Good thing is the cold smells fine so everyone takes cold showers and baths.

–          Everything seems to be plumbed to one central line. So when we wash clothes, the drained water from the washing machine backs up into all of the drains in the house.  But it means we clean the tubs more frequently.

–          We didn’t know what to do with the trash until yesterday.  We had all this trash from cooking in the back of my truck but I found a dump yesterday and took it there! YAY!

–          Sandfleas – they bite around our ankles and it itches!!

All in all things here in Belize are good.  It is definitely emotional and different than I thought it would be but not in a things are terrible way just in a things are different.  But we are called to be here and are excited to see what the Lord has in store!

How God is teaching us?

I am continually learning about the power of prayer and how important praying in faith is.

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of need”

The key phrase is with confidence.  We must pray fervently with confidence and faith that the Lord will answer.

Here is another verse this time from James 5:

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.  Elijah was a man with nature like ours and he prayed fervently that it may not rain and for three years it did not rain on the earth.  Then he prayed again and heaven gave rain and the earth bore it’s fruit.

The fact is that I used to not believe that. I thought that my prayers were too silly, not important enough to God.  I was devaluing my prayers before I even approached throne of grace.  This experience is growing me.

In the past week or so….here are some of my prayers and how God responded.

  1. Customs accepting a credit card – We got the notice from customs that our duties for our container would wipe out our entire cash supply here.  And since bank accounts take 2  – 3  weeks to set up and we didn’t have any way to get money wired here.  I just started to pray, Lord please allow customs to accept this payment with a credit card.  I knew that the Lord would NOT have put us here with the burden of no money for food, gas, etc.  SO I prayed.  I prayed when I called the credit card company to ask them.  I prayed when I handed my card to the customs cashier and I praised God when the transaction went through!  The power of prayer!  Pray with faith that the Lord will answer.
  2. On the dock – So at the port they had to open our container and a customs officer has the opportunity to go through all of our belongings and grill us.  I was praying as the container was being opened and we waited for the customs officer to come up, Lord give me peace, show me you are here.  I look over at some guys who are unloading another container and this Belizean turns around and is wearing an NC State hat!  Our college from our hometown!  The peace of God just flooded over me, as if he was saying, Josh I got this.  The inspector looked at one box, said welcome to Belize and left!  Praise God!
  3. Monday Night Stomach Distress – Now those who know me know that my stomach is the strongest stomach that one could have.  Monday night I went to play ball and my stomach was killing me. I thought it was nerves (I still get nervous going to play ball) and it went away when playing (I played well by the way and didn’t open my mouth once!).  Anyway I get home and stomach distress hits me in the face.  I run to the bathroom and think that I am going to be sick.  I get Amy to get some plastic bags and some medicine ready and I wait.  I don’t get sick then.  I crawl into bed and I PRAY.  I prayed for Him to remove this stomach issue all together I even prayed if it is not your will for this to be taken away.  I just pray I don’t throw up because well that is gross.  The Lord gave me a peace and I went to sleep that night woke up the next morning and the stomach distress was totally gone!

There are a few other examples to go through but if I wrote of all the ways I have seen the Lord deliver here this update would be too long it already is….  Just know that I know I know I know that the Lord desires that we approach His throne of grace and mercy with confidence and we pray with FAITH.  The Lord will answer.  I don’t pretend to think that the answer is always Yes.  But I do know that I am going to ask God in faith!  Praise be to God for the power of prayer!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Our stuff made it!  Praise God.  Our house is set up and nothing was damaged or lost!
  • Joseph’s cold is gone!  He was battling through it last week but it is gone now!
  • Update on Maurice and Albert – I haven’t seen Maurice again but Albert came over one night last week and it was good just to hang out with him as a friend!
  • Belize – Continue to pray for Albert and his family situation (still don’t know details). Pray for my friend Eustace, a mighty man of God.  He needs employment.  I was talking to him today and he told me that he didn’t need employment that he was living like Elijah by the brook with the ravens feeding him.  But I know that he would prefer this burden be lifted from him.  Pray for my pastor, Pastor Mark – he had a serious family situation last night (I will spare the details) but he needs some prayers for wisdom and for the family situation to be taken care of.
  • Personal – For Amy to continue to adjust to the heat.  She is having the hardest time with it.  For continued protection physically, emotionally, spiritually.  For continued developing a sense of community.

I apologize for the length…too much really to put into words.  I want you all to be encouraged to pray in faith for us and for yourselves. If you need anything specific lifted up, please let me know and I will petition the Lord with you!  I look forward to your notes of encouragement.  Amy and I read every one.  Thanks for sticking with this update.  It was a doozy!
Because They Haven’t Heard,

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One thought on “Adventure Update 9-12-2012

  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful update. We already miss you guys like everything~ Especially Madeline~~ Give hugs around for us and remember that we are praying for you.

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