First 2 weeks

The entire time we have been on this journey people have said to me you are sacrificing so much (comforts of a very nice house, friends,  family near by, Josh’s well paying job, air conditioning :), and so many things I have now realized I wouldn’t have missed) but I know that God sacrificed much more by giving his one and only son for us and that was my mind set.  I will admit these 2 weeks especially the first week it hit me that I was not ready fully for what I had to deal with.  The first week was hard VERY hard.  I then decided to read Tortured for Christ to get my perspective right.  It is about a missionary in Communist Romania who literally was tortured for years because he shared his love for Jesus.  Lets just say that put my perspective back in check.

Here are some highlights and lowlights :

-we had a Pack and Play when we got here for Joseph

-we had nothing to cook with since our stuff didn’t get here until Saturday

-grocery shopping is a whole new experience here, especially when you have nothing to cook with or cut with

-no air conditioning and trying to keep the kids and me cool, Josh has no issue with it but Joseph and I had a terrible time.  We are much better now

-watching the kids play with each other and the only toys they had were 4 matchbox cars, 2 small balls, and a few books. Madeline almost exploded when her “new” (as she thought) toys came on Saturday

-kids sleeping in separate rooms which meant we got to sleep through the night for the first time in a month because Joseph didn’t wake up Madeline

-Prayer night with the ladies, they pray every other Thursday for various things, the sick, government, armed forces.  It was an amazing thing to be a part of and made me realize how selfish my prayer life is

-having no control over things like:
~being left with the kids with no phone and no car because Josh had to go into the city to clear up a bunch of stuff like electricity or internet
~learning to work through plumbing issues (having a new house in the States we never dealt with these sorts of things if anything was wrong to begin with someone came and fixed it for free),

-the constant battle with ants, Josh is determined to kill them all but he is fighting a battle he will never fully win

All in all the first 2 weeks have been an adjustment.  Once we got our house setup and internet I have felt like it is more like home.  There is no doubt in mind that God wants us here and this part of our adventure of our life on Earth will be a great one.



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