Adventure Update 10-16-2012

Note: Today was eye-opening / hard / moving / convicting.  The update this week will be about today and that.  Quick update on things at home

  • We are still looking, searching for solid community for Amy – continue to lift that up.  We have some ideas and a solid plan.  Pray that God brings people in our life for that!
  • Madeline LOVES books, puddles, running in that order.  She is so fun right now.
  • Joseph  LOVES Madeline, pasta, and trying to walk in that order.  Starting to get very expressive and even say “words” (which are really the same sounds to mean the same things).

How is God Teaching Me?

I have found that typing is a great way for me to stay focused (most of you all know that I communicate the best through written word anyway.  Here is part of my prayer this morning…

“Nothing is impossible for you…nothing is impossible.  Nothing is impossible for you.  You hold my world in your hands”  Lord you do hold my world.  Daddy, I want to worship you more. Give me a heart for what breaks yours.”

So today as Burton (co-worker) and I were riding around together, he had to drop some keys at this woman’s house in the city so her neice could pick them up and go clean a house for work.  So Burt and I are driving and we head off the main boulevard and get into an area and my jaw drops.  I can’t describe the scene but it was scrap houses basically built with whatever was lying around (some metal, some cardboard, some rotten plywood, some paintings, some sheets.  I know that I have seen stuff like this in Belize before in areas like Rootsville.  I have seen poverty.  It wasn’t really the poverty that struck me it was the people.

  • Miss Dawn Well, we got to this woman’s “house” which was literally leaning more than about 23-degrees to one side.  We walked across stones that were “anchored” in the mud.  We see Miss Dawn and interrupt her laundry time as she hanging her laundry on the extension cord that brought current into her house.  She was modest and humble and respectful.  And for a few seconds she didn’t know why we were there.  She got this big smile on her face when we first pulled up.  After talking with her for a minute, she said she thought she had won a new house and her heart was racing.  It was a crushing blow when I watched her face as Burton told her that she had not in fact won a house.  We left her the keys and drove away as she got back to laundry, getting ready to head into her “home.”

I drove because well I always drive (mainly to learn my way around) and as we left Burton and I both look around at the area and say “these can’t be houses.”  Houses much too small, much too poorly constructed, much too dangerous to live in…but they were.  I still couldn’t get past that one moment of hope Miss Dawn had in her eye and then the defeat she had when she learned today wasn’t “her day of rescue”

  • Blood: After a bit of a drive around the city, I literally parked the car and said take me to the worst places you can think of in the Belize City. My statement was “I want / need to see the least of these and go into places where you (Burton) feel uncomfortable.”  SO we drive and as we are driving through the first area I notice everyone and I mean everyone is wearing RED.  Hmmm….I think.  Burt leans over “this is a blood territory” Bloods…they need Jesus. Are we reaching them?  Belize has topped 100 murders this year in September.  It ranks 5th in the world in most murders per capita.  These bloods that I saw today were kids without hope.  They literally are looking into the barrel of gun or a machete chop in 5 years that will kill them.  Instead of taking blood from each other…they need blood…Christ’s blood.  What can wash away their sins?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  These kids need to feel love.  Are we reaching them?

We drove to the Port area all the while Burt is showing me areas that are just like Miss Dawns.  I am thinking to myself, how can we get these people some hope…reduce their fear.  In one neighborhood, all the glass was stolen out of the police building.  Desperation is what you could see all around.

  • Child – So we leave Port Loyola and drive across the Blvd again and enter Jane Usher area.  As we are driving through, I see a girl no older than Madeline come out of her “house”.  She stepped right off her front step, pulled down her underwear and used the bathroom no more than 18 inches from her house.  My first thought wasn’t that’s gross….it was and is…how do we do something. I mean no latrine, no nothing…a little girl….Madeline.  Hope is what people need.

I don’t know why it hit me today.  Like I said I have seen this before some places in Belize.  But then I was a visitor, a mission trip participant.  Now these are my people, my countrymen and countrywomen.  These are people God holds dear.  I don’t know. Maybe God did give me eyes for what breaks his heart today.

I won’t rest easy.  I don’t know what I can do.  I can find out more and start praying for wisdom in how to bring hope.  Join me in this prayer.  Pray for Miss Dawn, pray for the bloods, pray for the child.  Pray for the areas of Belize City (Rootsville, Belama Phase IV, Port Loyola, Jane Usher).  Pray for Hope. Pray that Praying Pelican Missions along with a local pastor can begin to restore hope to all of these areas.  Pray for me as I wrestle through this.  I am hurt right now.

Note: A more comprehensive update than this on what we are doing update may follow later this week…but for now wanted to share how God is moving.  And sorry no pictures of these areas.  I didn’t feel like I could share the “need” without being insulting and leering to the people who are already beaten down enough.

Thank you Jesus for breaking my heart for what breaks yours.  I know you hold these areas this country these people in your hand. I know you are in control.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Eustace –Continue to be lifting up his job situation and he and his wife.  This situation is causing stress to their marriage
  • Pastor Ed – Praise: there were 46 churches and over 100 teachers at his training.  It was so incredible!
  • Pastor Pop – Update – some have decided to donate from the states to help Pastor get his eye surgery.  In conjunction with a local church in Belize, we should be able to meet this need by the end of this month.
  • Women’s Conference – The conference was good but did not lead to the breakthrough in friendships that Amy and I were hoping for.  Continue to pray us through finding community, especially for Amy.
  • Testimony/Ministry – Amy and I were talking about her potentially sharing her testimony at church in the next couple of weeks.  We feel it would be an encouragement to the women to share what they are struggling with.  Pray for Amy’s courage and for her sharing to open up opportunities for conversation.

Thank you for your continued notes of encouragement and love.  I want to encourage you to seek the Lord and ask boldly for Him to break your heart for what breaks yours.  And then be ready because your heart may just be broken.


Because They Haven’t Heard,

Amy, Madeline, Joseph, and Josh


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