Update 11/27/2012

Greetings to you all and a Belated Happy Thanksgiving.  We had a great week last week, busy but great.  Amy was at home for most of the week by herself with the kids, and I was out with a mission team from Conover North Carolina.  The HUGE blessing last week was that we were serving our church, Hattieville Baptist Church.  SO…Amy and the kids were able to be with me for some meals and the church services.  It was so fun to be able to share my family with the team!  Amy even made pumpkin bars and apple crisp the Friday after Thanksgiving for the team to enjoy!

How God is teaching me?

I immensely enjoy meeting new people but more than that I really enjoying people serve our Lord in the area that He has gifted them in.  One of the greatest priviledges of this job is to provide opportunities for people to serve, encourage them to step up and serve and then sit back and watch them blossom.  This week a member of the team really encouraged me to step and serve when the opportunities arise.  This particular team member was a single amputee right above one of his knees.  One day at the Youth Cadet the kids started asking him about it and he took the time and his training as a teacher to teach the kids about how the leg works.  The kids were AMAZED.  You need to understand, Belizean kids have NEVER seen, held, learned about something like that before.  He passed around his leg to them to hold, touch, feel, bend, etc.  After it all, he talked to the kids about how they needed to study math and science so maybe they could work and make legs like his one day.  After the Cadet, he did the same thing at each of the schools we served.  It was a treat to watch him grow more confident and comfortable and watch the kids’ eyes light up as they were told maybe one day they could make a prosthetic leg!  It seems small but what this team member did was use his story and giftedness to provide these kids hope and direction.

The Lord was showing me that there are many times I don’t use how he has gifted me to the best of my ability  This trip opened my eyes to always be prepared to share of my talents, skills, and story, especially in spontaneous situations because we never know how the Lord will use those situations to encourage or change the lives of those I am ministering to!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Belize
    • Team –The team had a great week.  Pray for our ministry locations where we served specifically that the ministry would continue while the team is away.  We hear some horrific stories at the YouthHostel as well.  Pray for physical protection over the girls at that place as well! Lift up the team as they assimilate back into “normal life” after a week in Belize!
    • Christian Men – Please continue to pray for a revival among men in the church.  Pray that men are rescued from their sin and redeemed.  Pray that churches are willing to work together to get men in the church.
    • Details – We are now getting ready to work through the details of the Jan – May 2013 trips.  Pray for wisdom as we place teams into communities.  Pray for all the details to come together smoothly!
    • Personal
      • Amy – Feels kind of sick, so please be praying for her this week to feel better!
      • Protection – Most of you may already know but our car was broken into about a week and a half ago.  I heard the dogs barking next door and went out to see and I saw the guy on our veranda.  He didn’t get anything but it was a little unnerving.  Continue to lift up our protection physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
      • Travel – We are getting ready to travel to the States over Christmas.  Pray for us as we start to pack and lift up our trip that it will be fun, relaxing, and that we are able to see everyone we want to see.
      • Support Raising–We are back at it now.  Support raising downshifts and goes into high gear starting in January.  So start praying through what you can do for the next year.  Also, all financial support to us through Praying Pelican Missions is a tax deductible donation; therefore, be sure to get in your donations before the end of the year for your 2012 taxes!

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Please write when you can.  We love hearing from each and every one of you all!


Because They Haven’t Heard,

Amy, Madeline, Joseph, and Josh

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