Lost People Matter to God

12-6-2012 – Edmonds’ Update

It’s Christmas time in the City…..ring a ling….hear them ring….soon it will be Christmas day.  I love Christmas time.  Amy loves Christmas time and now Madeline has started to really love Christmas time.  Each day we take piece of paper from our Advent Santa and we either sing a song together, do an activity, or read a book / bible study.  Every day we are doing something of a family to get into the season.  Here in Belize Christmas is in full swing.  Downtown Atlantic Bank (one of the largest buildings in the city is all lit up) and the Christmas tree is up on Albert Street.  Many houses also have lights and Christmas trees up too!

Our family loves Christmas and we are just excited to be able to enjoy Christmas in Belize too!  The weather may be warmer but the same Christmas cheer is just about everywhere.

Update on the kids…

  • Madeline: …is a nut!  She loves, loves, loves flowers.  Anything about flowers.  She picks flowers all the time.  Amy is trying to learn about the flowers and teach Madeline what flowers names are.  Just today Madeline and I were at a fruit stand and she said “look daddy biscuit flowers”.  I am assuming that she meant Hibiscus but I am not 100% sure.  Madeline also is learning a lot!  She can recognize all letters and uses new words (probably is her favorite saying things like “I will probably climb on the top bunk later to read.”  I guess Super Why is good for something!
  • Joseph – Is so easy going and relaxed it’s hilarious.  He eats a lot and drinks a lot and is FINALLY taking steps!  Although we have had 2 instances of a busted lip, he is getting the hang of walking!

How is God Teaching me?

A true story that I didn’t see Jesus in until I read an identical story one a pastor’s blog.

So maybe a couple of weeks ago, all of us were going to go on an adventure (which usually means go to the grocery store or into the city for something).  Amy was packing bags, I was putting the stroller in the car, and then strapping Jojo in.  Madeline was running around inside, getting her shoes on.  Well the car was packed and it was time to go, so I come inside the house to get Madeline.  I say Madeline it’s time to go and I don’t hear anything.  I look in the living room and she’s not there.  I start to panic a little bit.  I call her name again and don’t hear anything.  I go to her room and she’s not there either.  I go into Joseph’s room and then our room…no Madeline.  I call her name again.  Amy comes in and I ask where Madeline is….we aren’t too sure but know (sort of) that she couldn’t have gone far.  I open up the bathroom doors, check closets…looking everywhere.  The total time has reached at least 11 seconds by this point and I am freaking out internally.  I go around the house one way and Amy goes the other.  I hear “she’s right here” and I am relieved.  Turns out she was picking flowers for everyone.  I did scoop her up and hug her tight and tell her that I loved her..told her that she needed to let us know where she was when we were calling for her too….

And then after reading a Pastor’s blog this morning, it hit me.  I am Madeline’s father and because of my intense love for her when I thought that she was lost, I was freaking out.  I wanted nothing more than at that moment to find Madeline and make sure that she was ok….and to me ok for Madeline was to be with me, close to me, loved by me.

God is The Father.  His deepest desire is for His children who are lost to come back to Him. He wants to hold, hug, love, show out for His children because He loves them like a dad…more than any fatherly love that I have for Madeline.

So what?  Here’s what. Lost people matter to God!  They matter a TON!  They are LOST KIDS to a FATHER!  God will leave no stone unturned as He looks to find those lost.  Read Luke 19:10, Read Luke 15.  There is a party in the presence of the angels….hello!  That means that God is celebrating when Lost people are found…when people surrender their life to Him.  Like a HUGE hug and a kiss and I love you that I gave to Madeline…relief, joy, celebration.

If God searches for Lost people like I did for Madeline that means that if I am a disciple of Jesus then I MUST care for lost people, I MUST tell people about Jesus.

For me with my work , I can get involved in the details…meeting with pastors, typing up profiles, organizing information, etc.  I mean I work for a MISSIONS organization. But if I am NOT actively seeking out lost people to evangelize to then I am not seeking Lost people like God commanded me to.

The question I am asking myself today “Am I calling out the lost, going room to room, closet to closet, telling people about Jesus?”  God is searching for the lost and I should be too…like a father calling for his child!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Belize
    • Christmas time – Many children in Belize will NOT receive ANYTHING from their family for Christmas.  That is usually because of the extreme poverty.  The Church in Belize is meeting this need by holding Christmas offering and delivering toys to the kids of their villages.  Pray that these through activities…children with little joy would have a sense of joy this Christmas season.
    • Pastor Ed Children’s Ministry – Pastor Ed, as many of you have prayed for, is a great friend of mine and has a children’s ministry across 3 locations each Saturday.  This Saturday Pastor Ed is holding his children’s ministry Christmas Fair. We are praying for 200 kids and 50 adults.  Please join us in praying for those numbers!
    • Pastor Rosaura – I met with this pastor on Monday.  We were speaking and she mentioned that she and her village were fasting and praying for the Sugar Cane industry in Belize as cane harvest time is here.  Sugar cane is THE industry of the North of Belize.  Literally, every village in the North half of Belize relies on the cane industry to provide what little income they may have. Many of our pastors are cane farmers, cane cutters, cane truck drivers.  The health risks are significant for the cane farmers, as they are walking through 12’ high sugar cane and harvesting it with only a machete.  Pray for protection from poisonous snake bites (a real risk), machete injuries, and safe driving!
    • Personal
      • Amy – still is feeling sick.  Pray for her to begin to feel better!  Please!
      • Christmas – Pray that Amy and I can ensure Madeline and Joseph keep the right perspective during this Christmas season.  Pray that our focus is on Jesus and His sacrifice in addition to the fun joy too!
      • Support Raising –  For those who are new to our updates, let me explain what we mean with “support raising.”  Amy and I are missionaries through Praying Pelican Missions.  We DO NOT receive any salary from Praying Pelican Missions.  Our expenses (flights, food, entertainment, etc.) are paid for through the fundraising that we have done.  Individuals, churches, etc have given to Praying Pelican Missions on behalf of us / our account.  People have given either a one time gift or a monthly gift or something else of any monetary value.  We are starting to fundraise for 2013.  Therefore, pray for us as we start to approach potential supporters and pray for generosity and open hearts for the people that we meet with.  Also, start praying through what you can do for the next year.  Finally, all financial support to us through Praying Pelican Missions is a tax deductible donation; therefore, be sure to get in your donations before the end of the year for your 2012 taxes!

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Please write when you can.  We love hearing from each and every one of you all!  Sleigh bells ring are you listening?…in the lane snow is glistening…..a beautiful sight.


Because They Haven’t Heard,

Amy, Madeline, Joseph, and Josh


This a picture of the harvested sugar cane on the way to the factory

This a picture of the harvested sugar cane on the way to the factory

Just a turkey crossing in Caledonia!  Gobble Gobble!

Just a turkey crossing in Caledonia! Gobble Gobble!

too many toys too cute

A laundry room in Caledonia (table, soap, 2 buckets)

A laundry room in Caledonia (table, soap, 2 buckets)



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