Greater Things?

It’s a great day in Belize.  This past week has been full of so many blessings both personally and through work.  Amy and I wanted to share these with y’all!


  • Amy had a doctor’s appointment Monday and was able to hear the heartbeat again (first time since the ultrasound in middle December).  The doctor also said she was more like 19 weeks instead of 17 weeks.  So it seems like the due date is between 09-Jul and 21-Jul.   Also, we have an ultrasound in 3 weeks to find out what we are having!
  • Madeline is really enjoying school.  She comes home every day and tells us all about what songs they sang and what letters they learned about.  Today she is off to the Belize zoo with her class and tomorrow she is going to her first birthday party in Belize!
  • Devotion at School – Monday I had the opportunity to share the devotion at the Mennonite primary school. We sang songs and I shared about “honor your mother and father” / Ephesians 6:1.  It was a lot of fun and something I plan to do regularly, when not leading trips.
  • Basketball – I have enjoyed playing ball at both Bird’s Isle at 4AM (yes you read that correctly) and on the court here in Hattieville.  The dudes in Hattieville call me Dirk (after Dirk Novitski) and I was crushing them last Thursday! All I do is win win win no matter what…..
  • Teaching at the Hostel is going really well for Amy.  She is enjoying hanging out with the kids and teaching.  She is also starting to form close relationships with the kids and staff at the Hostel too!
  • Preaching – I had the opportunity to share a word with the Methodist church here in Hattieville.  It was an honor to be part of a vibrant church pouring their hearts out in worship.  I tried to encourage them that the Lord desires greater for their life but they may need to in times “dig a ditch” as Pastor Furtick would say.
  • Blessings in the village – I received a note from a former colleague at Wyeth and this individual desires to build a playground in Hattieville.  As you may recall the current playground for the children of the village is nothing more than old tires half-way buried in the ground and bleachers to climb on.  With this donation, we are looking to build a swing set with 4 – 6 swings for kids of various ages / sizes.  I can’t wait to share pictures with you all through the construction process.
  • Food for single mothers – I also received a note from a past participant on a Praying Pelican Mission trip who desires to donate money to meet the growing hunger need for single mothers and their children .  Many single mothers live on minimum wage (1.30USD/hour) nearly impossible to feed their family on.  The gift of this participant may provide food for 30+ single mothers for 2 – 3 weeks.  What a blessing it is to work with the local pastors to identify these mothers and bless them!

How God is Teaching Me? – Greater!

When I run, I listen to podcasts. Most of y’all know that I have a huge man crush on Perry Noble and New Spring Church. Well I was talking to my good friend Tony and he mentioned that I give the “Greater” sermon series by Pastor Furtick from Elevation church a whirl.  Since then I have listened to each of the four sermons in the series two or three times and am getting ready to purchase Pastor Furtick’s book of the same title, Greater.

The concept is drawn from John 14:12

“Truly, Truly I say to you whoever believes in me, will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

That struck me when I hear it…do the works that I do.  The same Jesus that walked on water; the same Jesus that cast out demons, healed, resurrected the dead, ministered to thousands.  I wont get into the argument of what was He really saying / meaning. Here’s a thought and the thought I have wrestled with for the last few weeks….what if Jesus really meant that I can do greater things because He is going to the Father on my behalf.  What is greater for my life?  What does it look like?

I wont continue to give you a recap of the sermons or the book.  Instead take 4 hours out of your week.  From now until next Wednesday, you have a total of 168 hours. Take 4 of those and listen to the sermons.  Pray through this week, “what if God really wants a GREATER life for me?”  What does GREATER mean in my life?”

This concept is continuing to change my life and has been the most challenging sermon series I have listened to in years.  I pray that it has the same impact on you all.  For more information on the book or links to the sermons go here.

Prayer Requests – Belize

  • Trips – We have two trips going on right!  Pray for Burton who is leading a family out in the West of Belize.  They are doing some dental screenings and exhortation of youth and pastors!  Pray for me as we welcome a team to ministry to Ladyville Evangelical Primary School and Hattieville Baptist Church. Pray for both teams to be in tune with the will of God and respond to His prompting instead of our own agenda.
  • Sister Dyer’s services were great last week.  It was awesome to see the support and love she had from the ENTIRE village.  It even spawned a conversation about church for me with some of the guys on the court here in Hattieville this past Thursday!.
  • Young People – Many young people struggle with alcohol and drugs.  Please pray for the teens (specifically males) to be released from this bondage.  Pray that they are able to kick the addiction and seek the help they need.  Pray instead of alcohol / drugs, youth pursue Christ.  Please continue to lift this up.  I noticed Thursday at the bball court that 100% of the youth there were either drinking, smoking up, or both.

Personal Prayer Requests

  • Amy – Check-up went great!  Baby is healthy and active!  Pray for rest and energy and comfort in sleeping as restless nights have started!
  • Sickness in our family has passed!  Everyone is healthy and happy!  Praise God!
  • Hostel – Pray that relationships continue to grow for Amy at the Hostel.  Pray that she is able to help them learn to read but also show these children her love for them and God’s love!
  • Support Raising – We are raising support for the 2013 – 2014 timeframe.  Pray for us as we develop our plan and contact our potential financial partners.  Praise God we are at 47% of our financial support pledged or raised.  We are praying to have 50% of our support pledged by the end of Feb!  Please pray for open hearts and generosity.  Also, pray what the Lord would have you do to contribute financially to our ministry in Belize.  We are 3% away from our Feb. goal. Pray for us to meet and exceed it!
    • If you are interested in contributing financially to our support in Belize.  Please visit, scroll to find Josh and Amy Edmonds and follow the directions from there.  No gift is too small or insignificant!

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for loving.  Thank you for taking the time this week to prayerfully consider what Greater means for your life!  I pray God’s blessing of all of you, and I pray that the Lord reveals to you Greater things for your life!

Because they haven’t heard,

Madeline in her Tangled/Police outfit!

Madeline in her Tangled/Police outfit!

I love my silly wife!

I love my silly wife!

Our kids LOVE playing in puddles!

Our kids LOVE playing in puddles!

Fell face-first into his food

Fell face-first into his food

learning to ride a bike from big sister

learning to ride a bike from big sister

Jojo outside

Foot washing

Foot washing

trying to ride M's bike.

trying to ride M’s bike.


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