Your will on earth as it is in heaven?

I noticed that a lot of co-workers were posting many things on their super-duper nice blogs.  All of them are more insightful than me and many of the posts evoked more emotion than mine.  And then I remembered it’s time for me to write another post!  We had an exciting week or so and I so look forward to sharing it with you.

Before I get started our family is fighting a WAR with sand flies (noseums sp?) right now.  We each are nursing no less than 50 bites a piece so before reading any farther, stop for a moment and pray for this plague to stop!  Seriously……




Did you do it?……


Thanks!  Now I am must go scourge myself with steel wool!

Anyway onto the good stuff….

Madeline’s School – March is “child stimulation month” here in Belize and Madeline’s preschool got an early start by going to the Belize zoo!  Madeline had a GREAT time!  They say Macaws, Toucans, Jaguars, and the Tapir (Belize national animal).  At the Tapir cage, there was a warning sign not to get too close….Madeline found out why when the Tapir  turned around and peed all over them!  Madeline was “soaked head to toe” according to her!  Go ahead and laugh!  I sure did when Amy told me!

Also at school there was a birthday party for Madeline’s best friend, Destiny.  Amy said at the party there were a bounce house, lunch, snacks, and candy.  I have heard all about Destiny’s party ever since.  Madeline is currently planning all the activities at her own party.

Speaking – Since writing last, I have had the opportunity to share again at Madeline’s school.  Today we talked about David and Goliath and I taught them Baby Shark and Brown Squirrel.  For everyone reading, I pray that you are able to discern how the Lord has gifted you and you have the opportunity to serve in that arena.  There is NOTHING like serving in the way God has gifted you!  Also, I have been taking over teaching duties for Pastor Mark while he is out with work for the next two weeks.  Please continue to lift me up as I lead Bible study this Wednesday.

Least of These – The Bible says that we should love and care for the least of these.  This past week the team I had the awesome opportunity to served boldly the least of these at Dorothy Menzies Orphanage.  For two days the team poured out God’s love on these children and it showed.   Now I have taken several teams to the very same orphanage and ministered to the very same kids.  Every time I left feeling sad that we haven’t done enough.

Anyway, we are leaving after the second day with these orphans and as we are leaving the team is crying (which is normal).  But I look around and the kids at the orphanage are sobbing.  I am talking about HUGE snot bubble sobs….the kind that I had when my high school girlfriend broke up with me.  I have never seen that before.  This team that partnered with the orphanage through Praying Pelican Missions had such an impact on these children in two days that they were moved to tears!  I left there this time feeling that our team gave all they had and Jesus did the rest.  That’s what serving the least of these is about!  Giving all we have and having Jesus do the rest!  Praise God for that opportunity.

There is way more going on here that could fill up another couple of scrolls down the screen (was going to say pages but that sounds so outdated!) but I will save that for another time!  We are always in flux and always seeking, searching, enjoying, laughing, loving, working, and relaxing.  Right now we are warring with the flies!

How God is Teaching Me? – Your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Our Father who are in Heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven….” Matthew 6:9-10

The start to the Lord’s Prayer…but what does it mean for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth like it is in Heaven?  And what is the Church’s role in this?  What is the Christian’s role in this?  What is my role in this?  Last Tuesday (after watching Bachelor Sean tells all and reading Reality Steve’s spoilers) I wrestled with this question after reading something in Surprised by Hope.

Really the question is “What is God’s will?” Is it that I live in this terrible place called Earth for some finite time and as long as I make Jesus my Lord I live eternally with him somewhere else other than this horrible earth?


Is it that God designed this Earth and when he did it was good?  We (Adam and Eve) messed it up when we sinned and God’s whole story is about redeeming Earth and restoring it to the “and it was very good” state of creation.  The author of Surprised by Hope wrote “God has brought his future, his putting-the-world-to-rights future, into the present in Jesus of Nazareth, and he wants the future to be implicated more and more in the present:”

All that is to say I believe that the time for God’s will of restoring this earth that he made, this body that he made, this life that he made to it’s future form starts now.  I believe that God’s will is not going to be fully finished until Jesus comes back.

But with that belief it means we have responsibility now….

The author presents two camps that I am sure we all fall into one or other….

Camp 1 – “If Jesus is the true main revolutionary then the single main task of Christians is to build the kingdom here on earth through social, political, and cultural revolution”  The question that I would pose to this is who is in control.  Do we think that with more programs, improvements, better conditions, longer lives that the Earth is better?  What about places (even in the developed world) where Hunger, homelessness, or worse yet human trafficking still exist? Jesus is the only one who can truly finish the good work!

Camp 2 – “The real business of the gospel is saving souls for the future world”  Well that’s great and true…but what about the hungry man I just met?  Or the kid from a broken home?  This camp abandons this Earth for the future world of which God has not made yet.

The question is which camp do you lean more towards?  The reality is we need to be in the middle.  Social gospel / justice cannot do it all…that’s why we have a Lord, his name is Jesus and He desires (as we discussed last time Greater for our lives). Also, we can’t abandon developing programs / structures / improvements for those who are hurting….the Bible speaks clearly on that subject in 1 John 3:17-18.

Praise God for a God that is Lord over this Earth.  Praise God for a Lord that will establish His Will and His Kingdom on Earth and He did once before in Creation.  And Praise God for the preparation that we get to be a part of for this short while!  I am so blessed to work with an organization dedicated to doing both parts to bring God’s Will from Heaven to Earth!  I pray that this week you all wrestle with what side of the argument you fall on and begin to ask yourself what is God’s will for Earth?

Prayer Requests – Belize

  • Trips – I have a trip coming up on Friday to La Democracia.  When I asked the Group Leader what he/she desired for the trip, he/she said for some of the participants to meet Jesus.  He/she explained that some of them are coming because it is a requirement.  Pray for salvation next week on the team!  Pray for me as I try and lead these participants into a relationship with the Lord!
  • Expanding the kingdom – There is some moving and shaking in several parts of the country as things begin to line up for churches to get new buildings or larger buildings because they are too small.  I am talking about strategic things.  BIG things!  Please pray for doors to open!  Pray for generosity and pray for the boldness for our Belizean pastors to step through those doors when they open!
  • Young People –Same prayer request…continue to pray!  I am learning names of the guys on the court now so hopefully that will open a door for some conversations! Many young people struggle with alcohol and drugs.  Please pray for the teens (specifically males) to be released from this bondage.  Pray that they are able to kick the addiction and seek the help they need.  Pray instead of alcohol / drugs, youth pursue Christ.  Please continue to lift this up.  I noticed Thursday at the bball court that 100% of the youth there were either drinking, smoking up, or both.

Personal Prayer Requests

  • Amy – Continue to pray for rest and energy and comfort in sleeping as restless nights have started!  Ultrasound to find out what we are having is March 18th.  Any guesses?
  • Hostel – Pray that relationships continue to grow for Amy at the Hostel.  Pray that she is able to help them learn to read but also show these children her love for them and God’s love!
  • Sand Flies – seriously pray for this plague to leave our house!  It is terrible!!!
  • Support Raising – We are raising support for the 2013 – 2014 timeframe.  Praise God we have surpassed our Feb. goal!  We are at 58% pledged! God is too good!  Seriously, we are blown away about how generous our God is!  Now we are praying to exceed our March goal of 75%!  Pray for us to meet and exceed it!
    • If you are interested in contributing financially to our support in Belize.  Please visit, scroll to find Josh and Amy Edmonds and follow the directions from there.  No gift is too small or insignificant!

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for loving.  I pray God’s blessing of all of you, and I pray that the Lord continues to reveal Greater things for your life.  I pray that this week you discern what it means for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and then you find out what part you are going to play!

Because they haven’t heard,

taking in the action

love this kid!

love this kid!

Madeline and her friends at the zoo

Madeline and her friends at the zoo

painting faces at the block party

painting faces at the block party

one of the kids at the block party in Hattieville

one of the kids at the block party in Hattieville


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