Whose your cabinet?

So it’s Monday…No trips for a little while for me.  So it’s onto the Monday night tradition – drinking some REALLY STRONG instant coffee, watch the Bachelor and write our update! …What?! …Tonight’s the last night of the Bachelor.

….Well at least I won’t be so distracted while writing these updates!

The past two weeks have been adventurous to say the least.

At Home

  • Madeline’s school has started child stimulation month (which is a country-wide programming of events for all preschools).  
    • At the beginning of the month Madeline was in a parade and performed a song with her school.  For those of you who laugh at crying parents during performances, I would have given you a good chuckle, as I was fighting off HUGE TEARS as Madeline sang….she’s growing up too fast for sure.
    • Madeline’s school had a field day for the kids and parents last Friday.  Highlights from this event include Madeline dusting the kids she ran in a sprint against.  YUP you read that right.  Our daughter DUSTED some kids in a SPRINT!  That’s what I am talking about.
    • Funniest moment of the week – Amy ran in the mom’s race where she came in DEAD LAST and managed to twist her ankle 5 times.  Madeline said “good try mommy.”  I don’t know if she was talking smack like I do or being encouraging like I say…
    • This week Madeline goes to the Belize performing arts center and on a city tour.  Should be some great highlights from those!
  • Bugs – So the sand flies seem to have subsided.  However, Amy has 100 bites from mites of some sort all over her belly and bottom.  After consulting several Belizean women, we have found the perfect treatment…VICKS vapor rub.  Now the only problem is that Amy ALWAYS smell like menthol.
  • Sickness – Both kids had to go to the doctor right as I got on my trip.  Turns out Joseph had an ear infection and both kids had a respiratory infection.  1 week of antibiotics later and the kids are doing alright.  Continue to pray for healing.


  • Trips – I just got done leading a trip to La Democracia about 20 minutes West of our house.  We worked with Pastor Cecil to paint three houses and did kids ministry during the afternoons.  Although some members of the team caused my heart to stop more than once, it was a great trip.  And I made some great new friends!  
  • Upcoming Trips – We have three trips going on this week in the country.  Lift up our trips to Guinea Grass, Independence, and Trial Farm.  Pray for life change for sure!
  • Busy – we have entered our busy Spring Break time.  Please pray for Praying Pelican Missions as we have our second most trips for the year going on right now in all of our locations.  We have many staff traveling and many teams serving.  Pray for safety.  But most of all please pray for God to be Glorified.

How to God Teaching / Leading me? – Dead Reckoning

So I am almost through with the book “Love Does” and I came across a concept that I think explains how we discern God’s will for our lives.  In sailing or boating, some sailors will take their compass, mark a few fixed points that they know and where they want to go.  They then draw a straight line from where they want to go and from each fixed point to determine where they are located.  It’s called dead-reckoning…dumbing everything down, getting a few points to point in the right direction and GO!

What is God’s will for my life?  A common question that we all (our family included) always ask ourselves.

I think we may over-complicate the matter.  What if we used dead-reckoning?

First fix your eyes on Jesus – not Jesus all muddy’d up by church or religion…simply open the Bible and read what Jesus had to say about where you are.  Draw a line between you and Jesus.

Next, find a cabinet.  Not something that you place forks, knives, spoons or towels in….a circle of Christian friends that can speak truth in your life.  The concept of a cabinet or accountability partners, or strong friends is not foreign.  Each president has a cabinet, Don Corleone had a consigliarie (spelling?), Jesus had disciples and then three of those for his closest friends, Moses had Joshua, David had his mighty men,…and on and on.

I know that my life-changed when men I trusted started speaking into it.  It was uncomfortable, hard, and eye-opening.  It was also one of the three most transformational things I have ever done.   It’s simple two to three people of your same sex that Love God first and Love you.  Find them and ask them to speak truth in your life.  Meet with them once a week and speak in total and brutal honesty with them.

I implore you…get a cabinet and start dead reckoning your life.  It’s time for Christians everywhere (us included) to stop idling away wondering what’s God’s will for lives. Let’s get the compass and dead reckon ourselves to Jesus and our cabinet.  Transformation is the next step away!

Prayer Requests

  • Amy’s bug bites – Pray that her bites go away and fast!
  • Ultrasound – We have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday.  Pray that the baby is healthy, happy, and that we get to find out what he/she is…..Any guesses?
  • Trips – Continue to lift up our trips in country over the next three weeks.  Pray for Pastors’ Russell, Garcia, and Jerome as we partner with their churches this week. Pray for life change!
  • Belize Prayer Request – Pray for my friend Burton’s parents.  Both of them are sick and need some rest and medical healing.  Pray that they are able to rest and that Burton is able to handle all the stress.
  • Pastor Ed’s teacher training – Pastor just completed the 6th teachers training where 161 people attending from almost 50 churches to learn about children’s ministry.  Praise God for the participation and for Pastor Ed, his teachers, and their vision to change Belize one child at a time!
  • Support Raising – We are raising support for the 2013 – 2014 timeframe.  Now we are praying to exceed our March goal of 75%!  Pray for us to meet and exceed it.
    • If you are interested in contributing financially to our support in Belize.  Please visit http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/donate, scroll to find Josh and Amy Edmonds and follow the directions from there.  No gift is too small or insignificant!

Thank you for loving us, for supporting us, and for praying for us.  For those of you that are in our cabinet….thank you is not enough.  I pray that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams.  Continue your godly counsel and we will continue to strive after our Lord!

Because they haven’t heard.


Big girl flag Madeline reading time with daddy School ministry


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