So stinking blessed

I was sitting down at my desk two mornings ago and the Lord literally answered a prayer in the matter of minutes.  I then got to thinking just really how stinking blessed we are.  Instead of writing I wanted to share with you all in pictures with some explanations how we feel the Lord has so stinking blessed us.

Blessing 1 – Preschool Playground dedication



A few months back I was fortunate to deliver a financial donation to for a playground for the smallest children at a primary school in Orangewalk.  Late last week, I was invited as the guest speaker to the playground dedication!  It was a HUGE blessing to share in these kids joy….too bad they didn’t let me play in it!


Blessing 2 – Food Distribution

Praying Pelican Missions received a note a couple of weeks back from an individual who was interested in providing food for families in need.  I was blessed enough to work with our pastoral contacts to purchase food for a week for 10 families.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but I was blessed to hear stories of the mother’s weeping as they received their package of food, saying that they were not going to eat again until the Lord brought them food.  This week I was able to facilitate the Lord bringing this family food.  So stinking blessed.

All the food

All the food

One family set of food

One family set of food

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Blessing 3 – Meet Keron

I met Keron the first year I came to Belize in 2007.  He was a little kid that was in the Sunday School class I was fortunate to teach for the one day that we were in Sandhill.  Keron and I became friends over the years and in 2010, Keron asked me a very moving question.

“Mr. Josh, how can I follow Christ?”

That night in 2010 I was able to lead Keron to Christ and have kept up with him since.  This past Sunday I was at church in Sandhill and witnessed Keron leading the church in a worship song.  I was literally moved to tears.  Here was this boy, grown into a young adult, leading others in worship..and I had the unbelievable opportunity to play a part in this.  So stinking blessed.



Blessing 4 – Kids Kids and more Kids

I love kids!  I love my kids more than words can say but I also LOVE Belizean kids.  Ask anyone in my family or any of my coworkers and they would say that I love kids!  Any kid…it doesn’t matter.  This week part of my job…literally my job was to go and hang out with friends of mine from Hope Community Church as they ministered to the kids of Lake Independence Church here in Belize City.  What a blessing it is to play a small part in setting up opportunities for teams to come in and love on the children of Belize.  SO stinking blessed!

Learning to ride

Learning to ride

Loving snack!

Loving snack!

How low can you limbo!!??

How low can you limbo!!??

Blessing 5 – Jesus

During this season and honestly every day I would be remiss to not acknowledge, dwell in and on, and accept the unbelievable gift of Jesus.  He became my sin so I didn’t have to face the righteous judgement of God.  He came down and will come back again as King of Kings.  He has redeemed His people and this is what the next few days and really all my life is about.  I have nothing to give Jesus that could pay him back.  I have nothing to do that could put the gift in perspective.  Jesus dying and rising changes everything for me.  It should change everything about my everyday but it doesn’t.  My only prayer request this week is that our family really really realizes how stinking blessed we are.  Jesus is all the stinking blessing that we really ever need.

Have a blessed Easter (you already will), and rest in knowing that through Jesus you are so stinking blessed.




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