I’m in a glass case of emotion

In honor of the possibility of Anchor Man 2 and a new Vince Vaughn / Owen Wilson movie (don’t judge), I titled this blog “I’m in a glass case of emotion.”  For context on the title, visit the scene from Anchor Man here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwXD0hCvtX4

These past two weeks have been filled with HIGHs and LOWs.

HIGH –  visiting Minneapolis for Praying Pelican Missions spring conference and seeing A LOT of friends (old and new).

LOW – Being away from Amy and the kids for week 3 in a row

LOW – NOT being able to get Milk in the Miami Airport during travel (first world problem I know)

HIGH – playing ping pong at staff training in Minneapolis.

LOW – Struggling to carry the burden of community in Belize for Amy

HIGH – Planning for the amazing summer that God is preparing across all 9 countries Praying Pelican Missions is serving in!

LOW – hearing Amy was in labor on Tuesday and I was in Minnesota.

Some explaining on that one!

That’s where the glass case of emotion comes in.  I literally had been moping in all honesty, missing my family, feeling ill, and wondering about community for Amy in Belize.  I couldn’t get a hold of her all day (turns out internet was down at our house) and my mind started to spin out of control.  Then we are going to dinner I call Amy on Tony’s phone using Rob’s calling card (thank you guys), and I hear Amy tell me on the other end that she was in LABOR ALL DAY!!!  No No, not Braxton Hicks contractions but serious contractions that make you stop and cry a little and they were coming fast.  She was home by herself, with the two kids, and on bed rest!!.

I was in a glass case of emotion.  I literally stood outside of Buffalo Wild Wings, suffering from a bit of culture shock (1st time back in the States in 6 months), cold (there was 10″ of snow on the ground), and motionless.  I didn’t even have the energy to cry.

SO a glass case of emotion for sure.  Thoughts immediately started “how soon can I get home?, does this mean that we have to move back?, is amy ok? how can i get her help.

For some reason I thought of Hebrews 12:1-2 “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…” (more on that in a separate post).  I got back from dinner and sent out an email.  I got back and started Facebook stalking / emailing / calling Belizeans to care for the house.

I went to bed in a LOW…freaking out….glass case of emotion.  Tired.

Woke up to over 35 responses in my inbox of people petitioning God for us.  Woke up and the entire Praying Pelican staff prayed over me and for Amy and the baby. I woke up and was surrounded by the cloud.

I left the morning on a HIGH…eyes fixed on Jesus….continuing the race that Christ has set out for us…

Well things improved, Contractions stopped, Amy got some help until I came back and now I am back at home for a little bit.

What else happened this past week…..

  • Answered Prayer for Community – On Thursday we attended a missionary fellowship meeting in Belmopan where missionaries from different organizations meet to encourage one another, share resources, and worship Jesus for the work that HE is doing in Belize.  We left that meeting and Amy and I were invited to a men’s and women’s (separate) bible study!  Amy left that meeting crying she was soooo happy!  Can’t wait to update more on that after this week!
  • Fun times with the kids – We had a GREAT TIME with the kids since I got back.  We went to Bacab (large water park), played in the sand, AND went to the Belize Agriculture and Trade Show (think Texas Fair only without all the Deep Fried Butter, Oreo’s etc….although there is probably a market for that stuff in Belize!).  IT was SOOO refreshing to spend time with the kids and Amy and just do some fun things!!!
  • Doctor’s appointment – Amy did have a check up for Baby E and he is doing great.  Doc said that all looks good and there isn’t much to worry about from contractions.  He did tell Amy to DRINK MORE WATER.  So readers….be sure to hold her accountable!
  • Spanish Lessons – So I know a fair bit of Spanish…but I desire to be fluent by the end of 2013 (lofty for sure).  In addition to spending time with Spanish-speakers in Belize, I also started taking Spanish lessons online!  I am 5 lessons in so far!!!

Doesn’t seem like much now that I listed it out but MAN….it was awesome!

Prayer Requests:

  • Sickness – The sickness that I had is making the rounds and is now in Jojo.  Pray for him to heal.  He has a terrible rattling in the chest right now!
  • Community – Amy and I will each go to our gender specific bible studies with our new missionary friends this week.  Pray that these opportunities continue to the welcome answer to our prayers!
  • Support Raising – We are pressing toward the finish line with support raising.  We need about $6K USD to be fully-funded from June 2013 – June 2014.  We know the Lord WILL provide!  Pray for me to carve out some time to make headway.  Also, pray for generosity among those we contact.

Glass case of emotion…..definitely defined my last week.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for praying for us and with us.  Thank you for sending us notes, facebook posts, tweets, etc.  We love any and all contact we get from our cloud!

We love you and look forward to sharing with you all how God moved this week in Belize!!

Our mango tree has about 25 mango like these on it!

Our mango tree has about 25 mango like these on it!

Pastor Mark and Shari are feeding Jojo cotton candy at the FAIR.  I was NOT happy!

Pastor Mark and Shari are feeding Jojo cotton candy at the FAIR. I was NOT happy!

Madeline driving her racecar at the fair!

Madeline driving her racecar at the fair!


Playing during the missionary meeting!

Playing during the missionary meeting!

At Bacab, playing in the pool!

At Bacab, playing in the pool!


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