We’re not Christian Robots!

You’re a missionary?!!  Followed by an extreme look of admiration, surprise, pity, and then we are promptly in that person’s mind onto a Christian pedestal.

That conversation / reaction happens a lot!

To us it is simple we felt God move and we responded to it.  We then like to use this blog, our prayer updates, etc to be an encouragement to people.

But as I was speaking with some people at Revo Church during our trip to the States, I really wanted to communicate that Amy and I are just regular people.  We are NOT seminary graduates.  We HAVE not read EVERY christian book on missions.  Actually I haven’t even read “When Helping Hurts….” something that Christian’s may have a heart attack about.  (It is on my reading list though..probably will read after I finish Phil Jackson’s new book).

In short and in the words of Chris Rock “we going to keep it real.”  WE ARE NOT CHRISTIAN ROBOTS!

There are SOOO many things that we LOVE about Belize.  And the annuls of this blog have highlighted or will highlight those as they show themselves.  However, after going back to the states for the week there are some things that we miss separately about the States….and to show that we are NOT CHRISTIAN ROBOTS…I will use this space to expand on them.


Now mine and Amy’s lists are different.  SO I will start with Amy’s list first.  I will start with Amy’s first.

  1. Air Conditioning – Amy REALLY misses air conditioning.  It is SO HILARIOUS to me.  Amy literally sweats ALL DAY.  When Amy and I started dating she was telling me stories about her dad and how he literally sat in front of a fan with a towel around his neck and had to “cool down” after a cold shower.  Well enter Amy now about 10 years later (and to her credit….VERY PREGNANT).  But she literally sits in front of a fan with a towel around her neck and STILL SWEATS!!!  Needless to say…when we were in the States, SHE LOVED THE AC!
  2. BUGS – Amy CANNOT STAND ANY BUG!  She literally hates (now now parents..I know you are saying to yourself, don’t use that word, well I am using it and in fact it is NOT strong enough to clearly convey Amy’s opinion about bugs) them!  Amy enjoyed sitting on her couch and laying in her bed WITHOUT getting bit by sandflies or mosquitoes.  And if you mention chiggers to you, she gets a twitch in her eye and literally you can see blood boil!
  3. Grocery store Variety – Amy walked into Harris Teeter the other day and literally almost cried. She was so happy at the VARIETY.  We LOVE Belize food, especially the fruit.  BUT Amy LOVED being able to see and get almost anything (milk, we drank almost 3 gallons in one week, lunch meat, flavored coffee, etc).  It made shopping fun and overwhelming at the same time!


  1. THE RADIO – I love hip-hop music.  Seriously I love it.  I love listening to the radio when I am in the car.  I thought when I was in the car by myself with no children and no Amy that I was going to lose my mind when Nelly came on the radio!  Seriously!  Anyway, the radio in Belize is TERRIBLE!  Really really really really really bad.  Like bad Spanish talk radio and then bad words in fast Caribbean music, and then Belizean Christian Music.   I spend A LOT of time in the car.  Today I spent about 6 hours in the car!  I really would like to listen to some good hip hop or even country….not here in Belize!  So I miss that!
  2. HOUSE WORK – It takes a long time to do anything in Belize around the house.  Cooking = washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and either mopping the floor or wiping it down to make sure no ants come.  Those are things that we probably should have done in the states but we didn’t HAVE TO.  So now that Amy is pregnant, I do MOST of the dished (no applause because about 75% of the time my attitude is bad about this….pray for me to serve my wife joyfully…..seriously).   Anyway, there are days when I want to put the kids to bed and NOT to ANY housework.  That was nice back in the states!
  3. THE YMCA – I played A LOT of basketball and worked out a TON at the YMCA when I was growing up.  I went there 3 times this past week when we were back in the states…and it was AWESOME!  I missed indoor basketball, weight rooms, additional cardio equipment, etc.  Man I do miss that!


We had a GREAT AMAZING WONDERFUL time with all of our friends and family.  Here are SHORT HIGHLIGHTS: surprise baby shower, seeing family, great sandwiches, Greek yogurt, YMCA, air conditioning, dinner with friends, surprise cook outs, kids playing with friends, great travel, great doctor’s appointments for kids, getting all of the old baby clothes for Elijah, date night, being without kids for a day, fishing with Pepa, sitting down with Matthew / Jeremy, talking missions with Revo Church, and sleeping IN!

Prayer Requests – Personal

  • Amy’s pregnancy – continue to pray for NO MORE EARLY labor!  Start praying for an easy pain-free child birth
  • Community – Pray for us to continue to build community in our bible studies!
  • Family – Pray for us to be INTENTIONAL in our time together.  Amy and I desire to TEACH MORE of the Bible to Madeline and for Amy and myself to be INTENTIONAL in spending QUALITY time together before Elijah comes.
  • Support Raising – We are about 2K away from being 100% funded for 2013-2014.  If you are interested in helping us close this Gap please visit http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/donate and scroll to find Josh and Amy Edmonds, follow one of the links to Paypal and you can set up everything from there!

Prayer Requests – Belize

  • We are getting ready to start our summer season.  Please be in prayer for our teams, smooth logistics, and warm hearts here in Belize
  • Praise Report – Pastor Ed (leader of dynamic children’s ministry) held a children’s ministry workers training a couple of weekends ago.  His team trained or equipped 170 teachers from 60 different churches representing 7000 children hearing Jesus on their level across this country.  Praying Pelican Missions is BLESSED to partner in ministry with such an equipper!
  • Work Load – I have a large workload as we move into summer, please pray for me to be able to be effective in work and GET EVERYTHING DONE!

I am in the book of Ephesians reading right now and I look forward to sharing what the Lord is teaching me through Ephesians but until then….

Jesus intentionally chose the equivalent of high school drop outs to be the leaders of his ministry.  They were simple men.  Amy and I are not some know-it-all Christians….we are simple Christians simply obeying God.  WE ARE NOT CHRISTIAN ROBOTS!

Seriously, we love you all dearly.  Thank you for those who were around for our visit and thank you for those who are LOVING and PRAYING for us!  We LOVE sharing with you how the Lord is moving in Belize!


Miami airport for 6 hours = get Madeline Disney Jr.

Miami airport for 6 hours = get Madeline Disney Jr.

Amy got a dryer for mother's day!  She was VERY happy!

Amy got a dryer for mother’s day! She was VERY happy!

Jojo LOVED driving

Jojo LOVED driving

Caught a fish with Pepa!

Caught a fish with Pepa!

Tea Party with Grandma Jane

Tea Party with Grandma Jane


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