Put your mind to it go for it….

Get down and break a sweat.  Rock and a roll you aint seen nothin’ yet.

Alright friends to what I am referring to?  Quick anyone….

Give up??

If you guessed Saved by the Bell, then you are correct!  I know I am dating myself (it is my 32nd birthday tomorrow).

Anyway, in that episode Zack is managing the girls who are part of singing group that is making it big.  Eventually Jessie freaks out because she is having a hard time managing all the things that she is working on.  She ends up taking prescription meds to try and stay awake….she eventually cries to Zack..

“There’s no time. There’s never any time…”

Let me squash your thoughts right now….I am not doing any meds to stay awake like Jessie.  But I do identify where she was coming from, right now I am feeling like there is no time!!!!

There’s no time

Here we are on the eve of the summer (our busiest time).  I have been working slam hard meeting with pastors, preparing for training, preparing for trips, crossing our logistical t’s and dotting the i’s.  While Amy is being pregnant and we even moved Jojo into Madeline’s room to prepare for Elijah.

Frequently this week I have told Amy or my boss or anyone that there isn’t enough time and they simply say yes there is Josh, breath, you can’t solve everything, trust others, trust the Lord.  Yeah Yeah I thought.  I got this.

The Lord literally told me through my quiet time this week that there is enough time.  As I prayed for the Lord to give me peace, I read Philippians 3.

Philippians 3 where Paul says that he had every reason to be confident is his flesh.  It hit me that I was placing all the weight of everything that we have to do in me and on my flesh.  I realized that I wasn’t giving ANYTHING to God and I hadn’t even prayed.  I laughed about it, prayed through it, and then the next day went right on freaking out.  In fact I just re-read the Scripture and got mad at myself because I am not relying or turning to God.  I am trying to do everything myself!  Thickheaded!!!!


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that I realize that my flesh is NOTHING and that God is everything.  I know it in my heart.  Now I am need to believe it in my head!
  • Kids – both have medium or medium to high fevers.  Join us in praying for healing!
  • Amy – we are 7 weeks away from the due date.  Continue praying for Pain Free Labor!!
  • Work – Pray that ALL of the logistics to come together.  Specifically CARS!!!
  • Work – We are on the eve of a summer of 50 mission trips here in Belize.  Pray for protection, pray for encouragement, Pray for life change. Join us in praying for 100 people to come to know the Lord through these trips this summer!

Short update.  Sorry.  Here are some pics of the past week as rainy season started and we moved rooms.  Also, if you scroll past the pictures then there is a HILARIOUS car story about me this past weekend!

the shared closet now!

the shared closet now!

Dinosaurs for Jojo.

Dinosaurs for Jojo.

Elijah's room

Elijah’s room

Listening to music after rainy play time

Listening to music after rainy play time

Needlepoints for the children that Amy made.  Poor Elijah's is slow going

Needlepoints for the children that Amy made. Poor Elijah’s is slow going

Madeline LOVES the puddles

Madeline LOVES the puddles

Rainy season Play time!

Rainy season Play time!


But wait there’s more – A story about a man and a car….(it’s long but worth it / oh and everything is fine now)
I have an email exchange with a good friend of mine, Jason, who I worked with at Wyeth / Pfizer and Merck.  Anyway, below is an exert / paraphrase from an email I sent him earlier this week.
We have (praying pelican) 4 cars in the country.
Columbus – white Ford explorer 1991 (I think) that is our family’s primary car
Nigel – Nissan truck – mid 1990s
Chuck Norris – Red Ford Ranger – mid 1990s
And Ol’ Bessie – probably the very first Toyota Tacoma ever made.
Anyway these cars have problems….like all cars.  For example, last summer if you recall Park didn’t work in the White explorer so I would park and then run around the car putting cinderblocks underneath before it would roll away.
Now the white explorer rocks like a water bed when driving above 50mph.  Like literally it feels as if you are in a skiff in the middle of a hurricane with how much it rocks back and forth….
Anyway, so we had Bessie at the house because Columbus was getting worked on and she wouldn’t start, I thought to myself that’s strange.  So then I figure probably just need a jump.  Well we don’t have jumper cables in Belize.  So I take the spare battery out from the bed of the truck turn the iginition and flip the battery (spare) to touch the battery (in the car) so the terminals are touching and jump the car that way.  It worked…only downside was the spare battery had a leak and battery acid got on me.  Unreal!
So it runs for a couple of days and then does the same thing when I am stopped at Pastor Mark’s house right up the road.  I am on my way running errands so I am a little frustrated.  Anyway, pastor mark and I clean the terminals, redo some of the wiring to the battery and then we get it started by him crawling underneath the car me turning the ignition and him banging around underneath with a hammer on the starter…just picture banging around like you would on a triangle or cowbell to call someone in for dinner.
Anyway, I had several stops to make but decided the first place to stop on my errands should be my friend Eustace’s house in case anything happens to the car he can at least do the hammer thing and get me going.
Well as you can imagine when leaving the car did the same thing and we tried the wire thing, the battery thing, and the hammer thing….NOTHING.  So Eustace goes to get a mechanic which I am all in favor of and he says it’s a problem with the electrical and the wiring between the ignition and starter.  SO this is where the story gets great.
He splices a wire laying around at Eustaces….has one end touching the starter and the other end is open wire that I literally touch to the battery with the ignition on.  It then takes the signal from the ignition and current from the battery.
So to turn on the car this is what I do, turn the iginition, pop the hood, with the iginition on touch the wire to the battery until the starter turns over the motor and the car starts….
So now I can start the car but it doesn’t shift at all.  Like the column is locked.  And I notice that I have no electrical working in the car at all (no AC, no lights, no gauges, nothing).  Perplexed I summon mechanic guy who is enjoying a refreshing banana….and he looks flummoxed.  So he tinkers under the hood again, careful of the wire he just put in mind you.  And it turns out that he has NO IDEA what’s going on.  So his solution is to have me shift the car manually (note this is an automatic car, so what he means by that is he shows me underneath the car RIGHT BESIDE THE WHEEL, how to move this lever that controls the gear the car is in.  Forward all the way = park, then reverse, then neutral, then drive.  So this is what happens…..
I start the car with the wire trick that he installed, then crawl underneath the car (with the parking brake on that may or may not work on) and place my whole body directly beside the front wheel, like my side and the wheel are literally beside each other touching … spooning even, move this lever into reverse so I can move.  crawl back into the car, reverse it and then put on parking break again so I can put in drive.
So now I am on the phone with Burton who is at a mechanic to have him look at the car.  Anyway, I am driving into the city it is pushing dark time, I have no lights, I am planning out the route in my head (taking into account recalling road construction, etc because I know I am heading into an area of the town I don’t know that well and don’t plan to get out of the car to reverse because of a road closed).  So anyway, we get to the mechanic and they are closed.  I am borderline exploding at this point and then we go back place ol’ bessie at Burt’s church and then I get a ride home…the next day Bessie gets looked at and it takes the mechanic two minutes to fix it!
Turns out it was a couple of loose wires….huh who knew?  Learn something new every day!



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