Where’s my blessing, God….Oh, there!

Some of you may remember a post some time in early April of a story I shared.  Amy was literally standing at the front door as I was leaving to pick up a team and sobbing saying, “why do I have to be the one to be obedient?  Why do we have to follow God’s call?  When is the Lord going to show me my blessing for this?”  At the time I hugged her, told her I loved her, and told her I had no idea.  I told her I believe that the Lord will reward our obedience but that I haven’t the slightest idea what it will look like.

Fast forward to last week and I felt the same way.  I hadn’t led a team in over 6 weeks.  I hadn’t done “mission ministry.”  I had really spent the time preparing for the 50 Praying Pelican Missions teams that are serving this summer in Belize.  I was meeting with pastors, reviewing itineraries, preparing our base of operations, delivering meal money and ministry money and coming back each night and typing my notes.

On top of all of those logistic items, I was working on fixing our staff cars for the summer, which if you remember the last post….well is something to say the least.  Let’s just say after 20 hours sitting at a mechanic shop and realizing no progress that car mechanics in Belize now occupy the number one spot of things that I don’t like about being here!

Anyway, one day last week I lost it as I watched coolant pour from the radiator of one of our cars after just getting it back from the mechanic the day before!!!!  I literally sat in silence for the entire day and was thinking to myself….when is the Lord going to show me my blessing?  Why am I doing this?  Does this add any value to Praying Pelican Missions?  Does this add any value to the Kingdom?

Fast forward to last night when I read the following from a trip in San Ignacio Belize

“In the evening we had the opportunity to lead the church service! Several people were able to give their testimonies and Ben gave a sermon. One woman visiting the church was convicted during the service and prayed through tears to accept Christ!”

One more to God’s kingdom through this trip!  I cried.  I met this pastor in October.  We talked again 2 days before the team arrived at his church.  The Lord used me to plan some logistics, organize meal money, prepare the team to then allow the team to focus worry free, present the Gospel and have this woman respond.  Would this woman have responded to the Gospel without a mission team?  Who knows, maybe?  I don’t dare say that I was instrumental in seeing this woman come to know the Lord.  I am saying that oh I see that blessing right there Lord and I am going to Celebrate it!  Praise Jesus for using me!


On the home front

  • It’s hot and Amy is VERY pregnant.  About 5 weeks left before due date!  We are excited.
  • Madeline is enjoying imaginary play (see blocks picture below) and reading.
  • Joseph is just Jojo..
  • Did we mention that it’s hot.  It’s also rainy so mosquitoes are really bad (why did God make them?).
  • Madeline is recovering from a mild case of dengue fever!

On the work front

  • Our first trip was a huge success in Corozal and now we have teams serving in San Ignacio and Benque.
  • We partnered with a new ministry partner, Omega, where the team saw 160 kids come out to the FIRST DAY of VBS!  Praise God!
  • I am preparing to lead two trips, one to a Mayan village, Armenia and one to Dangriga!

Praises / Prayer Requests – Belize

  • Praise for the woman in San Ignacio who accepted Christ on Sunday night!
  • Continue lifting up our two trips currently and pray for the Pastors Perez and Werner
  • Pray for my upcoming trip to Armenia and Pastor Jesus Garcia.  Pray for team unity and for radical life change among team members and for the Pastor to feel encouraged.  The church we are serving has never had any help from any missions organization so pray we can communicate to the church that Jesus has not forgotten about them!
  • Continue praying for 100 people to come to know the Lord this summer in Belize!

Praises /Prayer Requests – Personal

  • Madeline continued recovery from dengue fever
  • Pain free labor for Amy
  • Healthy / Happy / Normal Baby Elijah
  • Pray for the family while I am leading trips the next two weeks
  • Fundraising – we are at an OK point right now.  I would ask that if you have committed to give that you please go ahead and do that, as we are counting on those gifts currently.  Also, if you haven’t given yet, it’s never too late.  Go ahead to http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/donate and scroll to find “Josh and Amy Edmonds”

For those of you who don’t get to do the “sexy” or high – profile ministry, do not fret or frown. For every greeter, children’s ministry worker, bulletin stuffer, etc. You play a pivotal role in seeing people come into the kingdom.  You might not be the one presenting the Gospel or leading the team or whatever you think is glamorous but you are using your skills and talents to serve God and bring people into a relationship with Him!  Why does this matter?  Because we need to be keenly aware of EVERY blessing that WE have a part in and CELEBRATE!  All of you who receive this update or read this post take a minute and celebrate the woman coming to know HIM this past week in Belize.  BECAUSE YOU PLAYED A KEY ROLE!

Thank you for loving our family and supporting our ministry in prayers and financially!  We can’t wait to share more life change from this summer!

Madeline teaching her brother about the Bible!

Madeline teaching her brother about the Bible!

Block time with Madeline!

Block time with Madeline!

This guy was in my shirt when I put it on

This guy was in my shirt when I put it on

Planning an August trip with Pastor Tulio

Planning an August trip with Pastor Tulio

Mobile office expense reporting with Denny!

Mobile office expense reporting with Denny!

5 weeks left!

5 weeks left!


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