Heart full

So our last post was written with pictures of a mangled car and literally Amy and I begging God and anticipating that God would do GREAT things.  He spared Amy, protected her, to allow her no to allow us to do ministry.   Well let’s just say the Lord did NOT disappoint.

Over the last 3 weeks the Lord has literally performed miracles.  Stories of countless lives surrendering to him.  Just know that in ONE WEEK on Praying Pelican Missions trips 89 people proclaimed Jesus as their Lord and Savior! 89 people!

Why measure?  Perry Noble (who many of you know I have A HUGE bro-mance on) says “Every number has a name.  Every name has a story and every story matters to God”

I would like to share a few of the stories from the past few weeks (names have been changed).

  • At the Youth Hostel – The youth hostel is a home for teens who have broken the law and need some rehabiliation (think harsher than a boarding school, less harsh, only slightly than a prison).  Student mission trip participants went in and engaged the youth there.  They played dance music, played games, and then looked these youth directly in the eyes and asked “so how is it really going?”  One by one the hard facade of the youth peeled away and tears flowed.  Love flowed over.  In the end many of those same harsh, hard, delinquents were asking, begging to follow Jesus.  Our staff (admittedly jaded) had never seen anything like this before and immediately started asking our Belizean experienced staff and they literally said “we have never seen anything like this.  The only explanation is the Holy Spirit”
  • Mr. E in Armenia – We had a Tropical Depression two weeks ago.  It was WET.  Very wet.  Our team in Armenia was NOT deterred and we went out on home visits.  We stopped at Mr. E’s house who gladly welcomed us in.  Now Mr. E is a HULKING dude, 6 foot 5 and 260 pounds.  He also is black in a predominantly Mayan Village.  He was sharing that he wished he could go to church but didn’t feel welcomed.  The team invited him to service that evening.  We told him our pastor in Armenia would welcome him in.  We told him that we would welcome him in.  Mr E. came and as the Group Leader preached about the Lord picking us up out of the mire clay and placing us on firm foundation, Mr. E responded.  He surrendered his life to the Lord. This huge man, sobbing heaves, and inviting Jesus to take control.  He was around us all week and that’s not all.  After finishing the pastor’s house project, some of the team went out on home visits again and brought Mr. E.  Mr. E was able to translate from English to Mayan for two women.  Mr. E went from unsaved to sharing Jesus across languages in a matter of DAYS!!  AND THE WOMEN RESPONDED…Surrendering to the Gospel!!
  • At the Hospital and the bus driver!– A team was up north visiting patients in the hospital.  As they prayed with the sick and helpless, people brought them in closer and asked to know Jesus.  This especially touched the team’s bus driver for the week who asked how he could surrender his life to Jesus as well!!
  • Life-change in a day – From just this week.  There was a participant who admittedly was only on the mission trip for his “trip the the private island”  After just one day at Vacation Bible school with children crawling all over him, he tells the host pastor “I know it’s all about the smile of a child, I have never been happier than today”.  Life-change in a day!  Praise God!


And these are just SOME of the stories that we KNOW.  Literally life-change, unlike anything that ANYONE has ever seen in Belize!  Are we on the cusp of a revolution?  Is the Lord going to claim Belize as His NOW?  Where is this going?  I for one have no idea!  And I can’t wait to find out!  Thank you for praying!  Continue to pray!  We can’t wait to share with you more stories from this summer and the weeks / months to come!  You are an ENORMOUS part of what the Lord is doing here!

Great expectations and a full heart indeed!

Kitchen in armenia

Kitchen in armenia

Hugo our translator and mango grabber

Hugo our translator and mango grabber

Sweet Ruth

Sweet Ruth

Armenia 11

wet futbol

wet futbol


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