Right tool for the job

Tools are used for a variety of things.  I remember when I was a senior in high school, I was dating this girl and her dad had EVERY tool known to man!  It was AMAZING (and frightening at the same time).  One evening one of our friends was having a problem with her car and my girlfriend’s dad went into her house and returned with a steering column ripper (what is that??).  Our conversation was like this…

Me: Why on earth do you have one of those?

GF Dad: Because I needed it once, so I bought it.

Me: Ummmm…ok.

Later in life when Andy (best friend, college roommate, tinkerer …for you new followers) got some money he would step out into a project and the first stop would be Lowes where he would get the “right tools” that he “needed.”

Tools are a funny thing…we need a variety of tools for a variety of tasks.  I was watching Newspring Church’s most recent sermon from the series Redneck (newspring.cc)…That’s right the series is titled Redneck.  The illustration was the Rednecks tool box….you have all heard this before:

WD-40 – use: if is doesn’t move and it should

Duct tape – use: if it moves and it shouldn’t

And since living here I would add the following:

Machete – use: everything here in Belize

Our Christian tool box is similar to my high school girlfriend’s dad’s tool box.   We have a tool for every job.  The reading the Bible tool, the going to church tool, the accountability tool, the memorizing scripture tool, the worship tool, the prayer tool.  A lot of tools for a lot of different things.  All of our tools are good but maybe there is one tool….that is the right tool for the job.

It seems in the Bible when anyone was faced with uncertainty, challenges, burdens, blessings, encouragement, etc they always reached for the same multi-purpose tool….PRAYER.

Prayer is the right tool for the job….really any job. Don’t believe look at some stories…

  • Sun Stand Still – Joshua 10
  • David and Bathsheba and the death of their son – 2 Samuel 12
  • Elijah calls down rain – 1 Kings 18
  • Jesus prays for this cup to be taken from him – Gospels
  • My goodness….read about the amazing things done through PRAYER in the first church in Acts – Acts

Now I know I have written about prayer OFTEN (sorry).  But here is another example of the power of prayer

The birth….

SO we asked you all to pray last week for

  1. Fast / Pain Free Labor
  2. Healthy Baby
  3. Low Anxiety

Amy and I were nervous about her being induced and she was dreading the pain of contractions and delivery.  We had planned to be induced on Thursday morning last week.  Well, 3:30AM Amy wakes up with contractions and we leave to go to hospital after showers and breakfast by 5:30AM.  ANSWERED PRAYER – NO INDUCTION.

We were admitted and started the process.  Contractions were on and off for some time, even allowing for some hilarious pictures of LABOR (see below).

Around 8:30 the pain picked up and was intense.  Amy was struggling with the frequency and intensity of the contractions with her asking for an epidural at 845.  All the while, you all are PRAYING….FAST / PAIN FREE, I am praying FAST / PAIN FREE.  I am thinking come on God answer….

Doc comes in, checks her 6cm (halfway there). He suggests we progress forward with breaking her water.  It’s now 8:55.  He leaves; Amy’s in pain and she says “my water broke.”  By this point, there is no chance for an epidural.  We are going to go at this without any pain meds.  Fast / pain free…..

10 minutes later we are holding Elijah.  Seriously it was that fast.  The time from water breaking to baby was literally 10 minutes.  Fast for sure….and the delivery…..Amy says was PAIN FREE!


Now we are home with Elijah, brother and sister are doing well with the new one in the family, and Amy is 100% recovered!

This is NOT possible without Prayer….without your prayers.

The Right Tool…..

We have seen God do AMAZING things through prayer this summer, the story of Elijah’s birth included.  Through Prayer…

  • We have seen 250 kids out on one day to a VBS in an area that is known for drugs and gang activity
  • We have seen 323 respond to the Gospel this summer in Belize.  We are on our way to 500 with two weeks to go!
  • We have seen 12 people take their next step and follow Christ in Baptism!
  • We have seen vision cast, vision caught, and vision implemented all over this country spurring one another on to spark a revolution for Jesus in this country (slogan borrowed from Revo Church in W/S, NC)

All of this through prayer! We tell Madeline that you can pray to God ANYTIME, about ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.  Often she prays for Jellyfish, popcorn, and bunk beds…but she gets the picture.

Our Lord WANTS to hear our prayers!  He wants to KNOW what’s going on!  I want to encourage you all to pray BOLDLY, SPECIFICALLY, and EXPECTANTLY, anywhere, anytime, about anything.  And get others to pray with you and for you.

The revolution in Belize this summer is simply not possible without your prayers! Thank you for praying.  Continue to pray.  And we, together, will continue to celebrate what the Lord is doing here!

Lastly, we desire to pray for you all.  Please let us know, specifically how we can be in prayer with and for each and everyone of you all!

Standing in the gap with you all,

Edmonds Family

hanging out in hospital. He slept the whole night (when he slept) in my arms

hanging out in hospital. He slept the whole night (when he slept) in my arms

Amy PRETENDING to be in labor

Amy PRETENDING to be in labor



so sweet!

so sweet!


Sweet Madeline!

Sweet Madeline!

Going home!

Going home!


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