Miracle in the field.

We have now entered “busier” season for work.  Last year as I was just figuring out what this work was all about and we were adjusting to living here, I started out the “busier” season by leading Asbury Church to Orangewalk Belize.  They started my busy season last year and I was privileged once again to lead their trip to start my busy season this year!

I can’t describe the blessing of seeing the team step off the plane and run and hug me as we were reunited like old classmates and friends.  I couldn’t wait to get started seeing Our God move in mighty ways during the week.

We prayed and spoke all week about faith and obedience.  We prayed as a team that when we step out in tune and from prompting of the Holy Spirit that the Lord would reward our faith and obedience with miracles….and He did!

We saw people baptized with the Holy Spirit, praying and petitioning the Lord in tongues, and saw God set up and show up in divine meetings!

A Story…

One day while our team was on a prayer walk, three of them met up with a young man who was struggling with addiction and anger.  Dirty, tattooed and aggressive, I heard how one of our staff was initially stand off-ish but two women of great faith stepped forward and approached the gentlemen.  He was not in his right mind and was mentioning how someone owed him money and he desired to take of that.  Our team listened intently.  He dug deep into his pockets becoming more and more agitated at the debt situation; our team did not falter.  Faith did not waver.  He said he has never felt loved.  The women looked him directly into his eyes and with a calmness and sincerity that is only of the Lord, told this addict “I love you.”  Perplexed he stopped agitating around in his pockets.

“I do drugs” – he said

“I love you” – our team responded

“I deal drugs” – he said

“God loves you.” – our team responded

“I have guns and want to hurt people” – he said

“God love’s you” – they said.

“I need help” – he said

“God loves you and wants to help you” – they said

And just like that, this man full of anger, full of hate, addicted to drugs, starts asking for help.  His whole countenance changed.  He then proceeded to tell our team that he couldn’t say Jesus name.  He refused and had never said it.  Our team’s faith / belief never changed.  They prayed..”Lord open this man’s ears and mouth to hear and proclaim the mighty name of Our God”

No sooner than they said Amen…the man proclaimed “Jehovah is God.  Jehovah God”.  While to many this may seem trivial or unbelievable or set-up, our staff witnessed it and I am here to report it.   Faith and Obedience results in God’s miracles.

Here’s the “most interesting part.”  The night before this encounter, we had prayed as a team that like the people who responded to God’s miracle when he burned the altar on Mt. Carmel that people we came into contact with in Orangewalk would proclaim “The Lord – He is God”

Look at what the drug dealer proclaimed again….Jehovah is God…sounds a lot like The Lord – He is God to me.

Praise God for another miracle in the field!

Machine Gun Family Update!

  • Amy – had a great week when I was gone with Ms. Kimbell coming over and helping around the house.  Amy learned to make panades and creole bread!!  She’s going to be a Belizean cook before long!!  Next up paddies, meat pies, and banana cake.  Pray for our weight and discipline to work out!.  Also seeds are planted in our newly constructed garden (I have the blisters to prove it!).  We are looking forward to tomatoes, peppers, chives, oregano, sage, and okra!
  • Madeline – She loves school!  Great times with her friends and teacher.  She is full of life and love for all people!
  • Jojo – is in the throws of potty training, and he is doing GREAT.
  • Elijah – is all over the place.  He should be moving from army crawling to official crawling (or creeping as it is called in Belize) very soon!
  • Josh – I am off to Guatemala for a week today!  Pray that the Lord would be in our meetings with key pastoral leaders AND that He would open my eyes to the needs of that country!
  • Children’s Ministry – Kicked off this week!  We had 14 kids, 15 volunteers, and everyone had a BLAST!!

Prayer Requests

  • Home – Pray for sickness to be rebuked in the name of Jesus from our house.  We are proclaiming healing over us and are petitioning the Lord to keep us from sickness
  • Marriage – Right now is the middle of a busy three week stretch!  Pray that the Lord would strengthen our marriage and that the time between trips would be fruitful and refreshing and that Amy and I could take great delight in spending the precious time with each other!  Instead of talking about the kids or doing things around the house!
  • Work – Pray for Guatemala.  This is a HUGE opportunity. We are meeting with key leaders!  Pray that the Lord is in it and that the small team of (Rob, Ross, Pastor Ed, and myself) respond to the Lord’s prompting during our trip.
  • Children’s Ministry – Pray for 100 kids to attend this Saturday!
  • Fundraising – The Lord is faithful and He will provide.  Great news!  We are about 50% funded for 2014.  We are praying for the Lord to bring (5) new monthly supporters this month.  If you would like more information on how to contribute financially to our ministry, feel free to email me at joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com.

We love you guys!  We read every response that you all provide.  Please continue to write.  Your words are of great encouragement to our ministry and souls here!

Great conversations about a greater God on the streets

Great conversations about a greater God on the streets

God demonstrating His love for us through His beauty

God demonstrating His love for us through His beauty

Our workers during the week at a house project

Our workers during the week at a house project

Hard work deserves a break

Hard work deserves a break

VBS craft time!

VBS craft time!

Ms. G's house that we improved during the week

Ms. G’s house that we improved during the week


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