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A Spin of the Globe is a series compiled by Praying Pelican Missions Mission Coordinators and Advocates. Within our individual blogging, most readers only get a narrow glimpse of PPM and our world-wide ministry. Between us bloggers, we realized we never speak much to countries we don’t have experience in – so we are Spinning the Globe. We hope through this series, you can experience another country within (and even outside) the world of PPM and get a taste for ministry that is unique and powerful, in every location. We pray you are blessed.  For more details about all of our domestic and international locations, go here:

Friends and family – today we have a guest post from good friend Annie, who focuses her ministry primarily in Haiti.  Please take time today to read about her heart, the heart of Haitians and when true ministry happens….in the margins. For more information about Annie and her ministry check out her blog here.

Hi Edmonds friends and family! My name is Annie and I’m a Missions Coordinator with Praying Pelican Missions working primarily with short-term trips in Haiti. This past summer, I had the opportunity to serve alongside a group from Falls Church, Virginia.  We served for a week in Hinche, a smaller city in Haiti located in the central plateau.  It was an amazing week, filled with wonderful ministry – pouring a concrete floor for a guesthouse that will house future mission teams, conducting a VBS for 150+ kids, worshiping alongside a congregation of 800 faithful believers… but the true beauty of this week had little to do with the ministry itself. It was the margins of this week that made it so special.

You see, we had a unique situation for our lodging that week. Instead of staying at the church or at a nearby facility, we stayed in the pastor’s house. He had extra rooms and his house was on the grounds of the church, so it worked out perfectly. We spent the week as family.  We ate with the pastor and his family on their porch, awkwardly bumped into one another in our pre-coffee grogginess in the mornings, and were completely folded in as unlikely brothers and sisters.

Pastor became our dad, quietly imparting his godly wisdom, loving us so well, and orchestrating little blessings.  One evening, I was in the back of the house and suddenly heard what sounded like a party going on in the front yard. I ran out to see that the worship team had moved their practice from inside the church right onto the lawn in the front of the house so we could hear them! We ended up spending the next hour or so worshiping and dancing with them. See the video here.

Madame Jacqueline was our mom, cooking us some of the best Haitian feasts I have ever tasted and laughing at me when I asked where we could buy a birthday cake for one of the girls on the team.  Instead, she insisted on making a cake from scratch and created one of the most beautiful desserts I have ever seen.  Our family continued to grow with Kensley our brother, who patiently taught us how to live life in Hinche, and Sarah, our sassy little sister, who giggled with us way past her bedtime and showed off her awesome dance moves.

When people ask me what PPM does in Haiti, I can default to the things that are tangible, easier to explain: projects we are working on, logistics we tend to, communities we work with, ministries we’re involved in.  All of those things are important and glorify God. But so much of the true beauty of ministry happens in the margins. It’s the “down time” between the scheduled ministries when we realize what it really means to be a family in the body of Christ.  The margins are where relationships are built, where we learn to see Jesus in one another, and where we often see glimpses of the Kingdom crashing into earth.  We were fortunate this week to have those moments of ministry in the margins with Pastor and his family, and our lives are forever changed.

My prayer for all of us is that we would begin to see and appreciate the moments of margin in our everyday lives and cherish the in-between.

Sarah peeking out at us in a rare moment of shyness."

Sarah peeking out at us in a rare moment of shyness.”

Madame "Mama" Jacqueline with one of the week's participants

Madame “Mama” Jacqueline with one of the week’s participants


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