Praise and Prayer Request Update: 01-Sep-2014

When Amy and I have our anniversary we have this little song…it goes.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary


Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary

Don’t laugh…it’s like a B-side track of Amy’s greatest hits.  For those who don’t know Amy is an AMAZING song writer (some sarcasm)  But we love them.  So on our anniversary every time we see each other even if it is from room to room, we sing the anniversary song to each other.

Today marks two years since we have moved to Belize.  And you have been with us every step of the way!  Praise God for your faithfulness, your love, and your dedication to standing with our family for partnering with us in the Gospel of Jesus!

I realized that THE BIGGEST thing you all do is pray for us.  And thanks to a follow-up email from a friend (Thanks Charity), I realize that I don’t do a great job of keeping you updated on the request.

Therefore – my desire is a weekly update on just the prayer requests we send out.

Without any further ado, Here is a look back from the summer (June – August):

  • Prayer Request 1 – Elijah needed to gain weight.  The doctor was concerned that he was so stinkin’ thin
    • Update: Elijah got some teeth (like 5 came in at one time).  So now he is able to eat and he does that A LOT.  He has gained 3 pounds since June!  Praise God! PRAYER ANSWERED!
  • Prayer Request 2 – Madeline had EXTREME CONSTIPATION.  We were so worried that it was something serious like an appendicitis or something else that we didn’t know what to do.
    • Update: The situation has resolved itself.  We aren’t really sure what caused the constipation but we know it is gone.  We are continuing to make sure she drinks a lot of water to try and cut off that problem before it may start again. PRAYER ANSWERED!
  • Prayer Request 3 – I, Josh, had EXTREME back pain.  I was laid up in bed for at least 2 days.
    • Update: Turns out I am just old.  Back pain went away after a lot of rest.  I must have tweaked something playing basketball with the guys on the basketball court. PRAYER ANSWERED!
  • Prayer Request 4 – Speaking of Basketball.  I have been playing with the guys on the Hattieville village team.  It has been raining at night, quite a lot, so we haven’t been playing much over the last few weeks.  I do know the team travelled up to Orangewalk one weekend and got CRUSHED in a tournament.  That was discouraging but I believe we can come back from that and get better. KEEP PRAYING!
  • Prayer Request 5 – Vacation Bible School at Hattieville Baptist Church.  We were praying for kids to respond to the Gospel and we were praying for 100 kids daily.
    • Update: It was a HUGE success as 48 kids responded to the Gospel and we averaged right at 100 kids per day! PRAYER ANSWERED!
  • Prayer Request 6 – Community in Church
    • Update – Community still challenging to come by.  We often times don’t feel like we are connected in any real way.  Amy and Kimbell’s relationship is still growing so that is awesome.  KEEP PRAYING!
  • Prayer Request 7 Marriage Rest
    • Update – Amy and I had a great few days away as you all saw in the last update.  That was FANTASTIC!  We also feel like we have a good handle on  a routine with the kids and my work schedule so things are moving in the right direction for margin and rest! KEEP PRAYING!
  • Prayer Request 8Financial Support.  We were praying for 3 families, churches, etc to come on board and support us financially with a monthly contribution
    • Update – We had two groups step up with a monthly financial commitment.  Praise God!  We are still in need of one more family or small group or church for monthly financial support.  KEEP PRAYING!
      • If you are interested in supporting us financially, please connect directly with Josh or Amy via email (
  • Prayer Request 9 – Pastoral Conference – Some of our staff and I are throwing around the idea of a ministry leader conference to allow Belizean ministry leaders to share about an aspect of their ministry that is really powerful and successful.
    • Update – Burton, Paula, Pastor Ed and others are still brainstorming this idea.  I wouldn’t anticipate it kicking off until early next year BUT it is something that everyone has identified as a need.  KEEP PRAYING!
  • Prayer Request 10 – Local Church – Our local church just held a revival of sorts, prayer nights every night, two weeks ago, seeking revival in the people and the Lord to reveal direction.  Our local church is spinning our wheels right now, really struggling with how to reach the village.
    • Update – We had A LOT of people at church two weeks ago but this week it was back to the the same attendance.  We are starting small groups on Wednesday nights, a much needed change, and separately teaching / instructing youth and adults.  I, Josh, have volunteered to teach the youth so pray for me and for that.  KEEP PRAYING!
  • Prayer Request 11 – Pastor Ed and his ministry as they traveled to do a Children’s Ministry Training in El Salvador and Guatemala.  We were praying for 100 churches to be there.
    • Update – The events exceeded all expectations.  Between the two events there were well over 300 children’s ministry volunteers and 100 churches represented.  The training reached across denominations and across demographic lines. It was an overwhelming success.  Pastor Ed and his team also received invitations to Honduras and Nicaragua to hold children’s ministry training events there!  PRAYER ANSWERED!

New Prayer Requests for 01-Sep

  • School Starting for the kids – School starts on Monday (08-Sep-2014). Pray that Jojo transitions well to going to school.  Pray that we are able to enjoy this time at home with the kids for one more week before school starts.  And Pray the kids make new friends quickly and are not targeted for being the only white kids in the school.
  • Bob Vila I am not – For anyone who knows me, you know that I, Josh, am no Bob Vila.  In fact, it was a joke in our house that I had the ideas and Amy operated the power tools. Not a big deal.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on ministry ideas for 2015, specifically trying to secure a design and estimates for bunk beds, a simple playground, and a rain water collection system (guttering included).  This takes A LOT of thought for me and is out of my comfort zone.  Pray that the Lord grants me Solomon wisdom and puts people like Eustace in my path to assist along the way.

Thank you! Thank you for supporting us for more than two years.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for praying for us.  We commit to praying for you all.  Let us go to the Lord together and let Him hear our petitions.  Take a look above at the power of a group of people all praying for the same things.  The Lord hears.  The Lord answers.  Praise be to the Lord.


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