Belize South – The Lord has not forgotten about them

It’s time for a new normal.  The kids have started school this week in Belize City and that “officially” marks (for our family at least) the start of Fall.  College football is in full swing (my kids are not so excited about that).  And we are able to spend more time as a family, even during the week.

Wednesday was a holiday (battle of St. George’s Caye) and we spent it with Pastor Ed and his ministry team, teaching songs for the next teacher’s training.   And Friday Amy and Elijah were able to accompany me in the city for a few errands.  Small blessing bring the brightest smiles in the mundane!

Before we get to the Prayers and Praises.  We have a big week next week in Belize, a trip to the South.

I was with Pastor Hans, a Korean Church planter here in Belize late last month.  He has been here planting churches  for approximately 25 years.  When he first got here, he had Malaria 6 times, dengue twice, and he only knew Korean.

He currently resides in Cayo and has planted over 20 churches around Belize.  He looked at me through the course of our conversation and said “even as bad as I had it, I knew the Lord had not forgotten about me.”   Then he told me “Toledo that’s the forgotten district of Belize.”

Friends this week Burton, Paula and I are heading South.  We are going with open eyes and open hearts to see, hear, and feel The Lord’s work there.  We are going like Rob went with Ed some years ago to Caledonia and tell them that Our Lord has not forgotten them.

This I am confident of, The Lord is doing great work in Southern Belize, an area of predonimantly Mayans and Central American immigrants.  In 2013, the largest spiritual revival I have ever heard of in Belize, happened in the Toledo district in a small village of Silver Creek.

I share this to beg you to pray for our trip.  Pray with me for more villages like Silver Creek.  Pray that Burt, Paula, and I are united in how we hear the Lord and encourage the pastors we meet.  Pray that we see logistical challenges to hosting teams in the south (a real set of challenges) and immediately The Lord reveals the solutions.  Pray that teams catch the vision for the work The Lord is doing down south and His faithfulness reigns supreme as we share story after story of great work, of great miracles that happen in the “forgotten areas of Belize”

If The Lord is going to use Belize as the key to Central America, which I believe He is currently doing, He is going to use the entire country, even the forgotten south.  I want to this trip to be the first in a concerted effort to see how the Lord is working down south and how we as an organization can be a part of it.


  • Basketball – Weather has been terrible.  So there hasn’t been a lot of playing going on the court.  However, the whole family went out to the basketball court to ride bikes and I was able to see all the guys from basketball getting ready for a soccer game.  We stayed briefly with them as they warmed up and showed some support.  It was awesome as a family to love on those who Belizean Christian society view as unloveable. KEEP PRAYING.
  • Church – We had our second youth group this past Wednesday night.  We had about 15 youth there and had a great conversation about why they come to church (some were even honest and said it was because of the girls!) and why some of their friends do not.  The relationship and trust are slowly coming! KEEP PRAYING
  • Community – Slow week this week.  Bella and Christopher are coming over from next door each day to do homework (their family can’t help them because Bella’s mom is illiterate in Spanish and doesn’t know any English).  KEEP PRAYING!
  • First week of School – Madeline and Jojo completed their first week of school in the City.  We only got lost one time, picking them up.  They made friends and Jojo has started to learn how to write his own name!  Madeline says school is a little boring, so she comes home and does more school!  She is nerdy by nature!  PRAYER ANSWERED!
  • Trip Down South  – See Above and I will provide an update next week.
  • Financial Support – We are still looking for 3 families to partner with us financially for $25/month.
    • Update:  We had one person step up and another family praying about it.  PRAISE GOD.  Keep praying for two more families!
    • If you are interested in supporting us financially, please connect directly with Josh or Amy via email (
  • Spiritual Warfare – Just pray the kids are good while I am gone.  Simple but a little great behavior goes a long way!

And now some pics from the week….

Obligatory first day of school picture!

Obligatory first day of school picture!

rainy season.  I have no words to explain

rainy season. I have no words to explain

this is their swimming pool

this is their swimming pool

errands with mommy and daddy mean toy store before picking up brother and sister

errands with mommy and daddy mean toy store before picking up brother and sister

Some time at the park between paying bills

Some time at the park between paying bills

Hanging with Pastor Ed's team on national holiday

Hanging with Pastor Ed’s team on national holiday

Jojo being Jojo

Jojo being Jojo


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