A belated Happy Birthday and Prayer Request

So the birth of our children and struggles to get there have been documented quite well on this blog and through every day conversations with us.  Well 3 years and 11 days ago, LSU was playing ‘Bama in the game of century.  I “watched” the game, which means that I really just slept on the couch while Amy tried to rest.  About 12 hours later (3 years and 10 days ag0), Joseph “Jojo” Alexander was born.  We went from our life as parents of 1 to parents of 2 and eventually parents of 3.

We celebrated Jojo’s 3rd birthday this past Monday at school.  We had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and a lot of “goodies”.

Jojo is just Jojo to us.  But this I know about Jojo.  He’s loved by God, designed by God for special purpose.  He’s designed to worship the Lord with everything that he is and has.  Jojo’s the celebrity of our family.  When I go to the shop in the village, Jojo hops out of the car to go and chat with Papi while I purchase what we need.  He works a room like someone running for a political office, waving Hi and Bye to everyone.  More than that, he serves.  Boy does he serve.

Often he goes and gets his sister or brother something to drink even when they don’t ask.  Or he cleans up everything instead of having his sister do it.  Jojo, more than any of our other kids right now, has a servant’s heart.

Here’s the special prayer request:

Join us prayer team in praying for Jojo.  Pray that he grows into a mighty man after God’s own heart.  Pray that he would be saved at an early age and The Lord would capture his attention, imagination, him and that he would hold close to the Lord. Pray that his testimony is filled with sins that his relationship with The Lord kept him from instead of stories that the Lord redeemed him from.  Pray that he preaches the Gospel with great boldness and most of all love for all people.  Pray finally that Jojo would have the discipline to follow God’s plan for his life and that Amy and I would put aside our preconceived notions of how the Lord should direct him and get out of his way.  Pray that Jojo could be described in his life as a man after God’s own heart!  Stop Reading.  Take a minute and pray. Pray right now….



Thank you for praying then.  Thank you for praying now.  Thank you for continuing to lift up Jojo and all of our kids in this journey of life that is his adventure!  We can’t wait to continue to share with you how The Lord directs his life!

Some more updates…..


  • Date night – We had an AWESOME DATE NIGHT when Linda was here.  Not just “Belize awesome” it was AWESOME.  Like we would eat at the place if it was in the States.  If you are in Belize City on a date night then go to De Barcelona.  Awesome Tapas place!  Most elegant place I have been to in Belize!  Thanks for praying!
  • Visitors – Having Linda visit was great for Amy.  She was able to help Amy around the house, take some burden off her for the house and in general just give Amy another person who loves her for being her.  It was refreshing to lead a trip and know that Amy was ok at the house!
  • Work Activity – I finished with the team from Jersey last Saturday.  To say that it was an awesome week would be underselling it.  IT was a life-changing week.  We built 12 bunk bed sets (a blog post on that coming later) and 2 people were baptized at the end of the week.  God was evident as GRACE and MERCY were proclaimed from Galilee Baptist Church all throughout the week!  Thanks for praying!
  • Homework Central – As you all have followed, kids have been coming over for some time to do homework. It used to be on an “as-needed” basis and then it grew to an every day basis.  We were praying for opportunities to share about The Lord.  Today Bella (from across the street) came to church with us because Madeline invited her.  And she said she had a GREAT TIME.  KEEP PRAYING for opportunities to share The Gospel with Bella, Christopher, Evelyn and Jose.

Prayer Requests:

  • Visit HOME – We are heading back to the States for a visit and MANY TASTES of home (sushi, BBQ, SALAD, deli sandwiches…..hmmmm, wiping drool).  Anyway, pray that it is a time of REST.  Pray that it is a time of FELLOWSHIP with family and friends.  Pray for SMOOTH travel.  Pray for us as we have 3 opportunities to share what the Lord is doing with us in Belize!  Pray that He would give us the words to share!
  • Work – It’s like I am in the car with my friend Andy and he has down-shifted and slammed on the gas.  I am booked up with A LOT of appointments from now until we head home.  Pray that schedules would open that I can see who I need to see.  Pray that The Lord would guide the meetings and Pray for energy for me as the meetings are only 1/2 of the work as I need to type up everything too!
  • Health – We are all battling small colds.  Pray these flee our house in the Name of Jesus.  This is important so our family can get flu shots before heading back to the States.
  • Homesickness – we are still homesick.  But we know it’s only a short time before we are home again.  We are currently relieving some of the homesickness by drinking some pumpkin spiced coffee that our last team left!  Thanks!
  • Michelle – Continue to pray for Michelle as she prepares to be here with us at the first of the year!  We are so excited to share our family and Belize with her for a long while!
  • Basketball – nothing to update here.  It’s slow going in our village.  Pray that I can find another avenue to minister to the guys in Hattieville.  Update – I am having a meeting with a missionary from Belize City who the Lord has called to Hattieville.  Pray that we are able to meet and go through his vision for this village and find opportunities to partner!
  • Community – We are slowly developing some community with Bella and her family.  Our kids are making more friends and inviting them to church.  Community is very very slow for Amy and me.  Please pray that the Lord opens up people to share life with so we don’t feel that we are doing life alone.

It is almost thanksgiving.  In the thankful spirit, I thank you for loving our family.  Thank you for praying for us.  Thank you for supporting us!  We are so thankful to have some powerful prayer partners to aid us and really partner with us in the advancement of this Gospel!

Because they haven’t heard,

the Birthday boy!  He's the best

the Birthday boy! He’s the best

Never a dull moment with this little girl in your house

Never a dull moment with this little girl in your house

just hanging around Pastor Ed's

just hanging around Pastor Ed’s

Jojo..always in the driver's seat!

Jojo..always in the driver’s seat!

Birthday party!

Birthday party!


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