Praises and Prayer Requests – Update from the field 11-Mar

Friends!  It’s a rare two posts for 1 week.  First a brief update on what’s going on with our family.

Home: Things at home are busy! But with three kids and parents like us, it’s always going to be busy.

  • Amy’s busy putting the final touches on what she wants to pack to bring back from the states, donate to our friends here or sell.  Just the other day she sold Madeline’s dresser which was awesome.  I am not looking forward to the day she sells our bed because once she does it’s sleeping on air mattresses for us.  It’s all good because without selling some stuff here we wouldn’t have start up funds in the states.
  • Michelle  – is out on her first trip of the year and it seems to be going well.  The team is doing a large youth rally and youth ministry leadership training in Belize City so reports from her and Herman are that it’s busting at the seams!  Praise God!
  • Madeline / Jojo / Elijah – These guys are doing just what these guys do…be awesome and frustrating all at the same time.
    • I looked at Madeline yesterday after she was finished dressing herself and just shook my head atthe big girl that she is growing into.  I then watched some old videos of her on the IPAD and cried huge snot bubble tears.  This daddy isn’t necessarily ready for his baby girl to grow up!  Madeline also every night and every morning ask to read her Bible.  She says it is very important that I learn all about God. Seriously melt my heart!!  The Lord has AWESOME plans for that little one!
    • Jojo – has an AWESOME mohawk.  And he enjoys playing shooters (shooting us with anything) and being as rambuncious as he possibly can be.   Still ever the servant though, he is always sharing his food, toys, and cleaning up for his brother and sister!
    • Elijah – is putting on some serious weight!  Praise God! He literally is filling a lot and FAST!  Thanks to some well timed snacks from some great friends from NC he is pounding animal crackers and gold-fish! Also, he has observed Jojo serve by cleaning and has taken up cleaning as his favorite past time.  He sweeps multiple times a day, loses his mind if he doesn’t put his dirty dish in the sink, and ALWAYS cleans up his spills! He isn’t all rainbows and unicorns because he still wakes up around 4:15 for the day! UGH!
  • Josh – I am doing ok….struggling to keep ahead of all of our trip set up but overall doing well.  We have two teams serving right now, one in Belmopan and Michelle’s in Belize City.  Next week we’ll have 4 teams serving, with one of them being a 60+ person team I get the privilege to lead.  After that we are SLAMMED until after the first week in May!  That’s alright because Amy and I just booked another VACATION!  We are STOKED! Same place as August, Black Rock Lodge, 3 days, 2 nights!  And I just found a baller smoothie place in San Ignacio (thanks to Paula).  Guess where Amy and I are going on the way to Black Rock Lodge!?!
  • Work – Aforementioned trips going on.  Also, exciting news we have 4 more spring teams working on bunk beds (a total of almost 30 bunk bed sets for children with no bed!!) , 3 teams are working on chicken coops and/or gardens for feeding programs, resulting in over 300 kids being able to receive a healthy and nutritious meal.  We have a team ministering only to women in the village of Armenia where the pastor has promised to cook all the meals so the women can have the time off!!  And to finish out the spring we have a SURGICAL TEAM coming to provide much needed surgeries to locals who can’t afford it!  The Spring is happening.  The Lord is here!  Praise God for the use of these ministries to get more people into a close and personal relationship with Jesus!

Needless to say things are going well.  They are quite busy but they are going well!  We are so excited about everything the Lord is doing in us, in our kids, and in this country.   Join with us in celebrating what God is doing and praying with and for ministry and family.


  • Church Growth – Praise God this spring so far we have seen 5 people that we KNOW OF give their lives to the Lord!  Praise God!
  • New Ministry Partners – We have some teams serving this week at old ministry partners with new pastors and brand new ministry partners!  These partners are better than we could have possibly imagined!  Praise God for favor and discernment with our ministry partners here in Belize.
  • The Key is turning – You all may recall that I, among others believe that Belize is the key to Central America.  Belize will raise up and be instrumental in the redeeming of the rest of the Central America The Lord.  This week we sent from Belize 13 translators to Guatemala to serve on a medical mission trip that Rob is leading.  This is the note that I got from Rob last night

“Yesterday I went into a church in Guatemala and saw a Belizean I do not know at all, helping a Guatemalan child, gently loving, hugging, being Jesus to that child. I had to walk out of the church to cry.”  I say – the key is turning indeed.

Prayer Requests

  • Basketball – Update! The court is repaired.  While there is a Hattieville village team that I am not a part of (sad panda).  I was able to play with the guys. Down side I played like dirt!  Pray that my jumper starts falling!
  • Family – Pray that we are present here in Belize.  With the transition back to the States, it’s easy to get caught up in everything but pray we are fully here and truly seek opportunities here.
  • Community – Continue praying for community for our family.  Pray specifically for community here in Belize.  It’s funny how the Lord answers prayers though.  It turns out on of our good friends may be relocating to Winston Salem as well!  Praise God for His Provision!
  • Trips – Pray for the trips coming up this week.  Pray specifically for smooth logistics for our team of 60+ and for the Glory of the Lord to shine through us as we serve in Western Belize.
  • Selling Furniture – Pray that we are able to sell (3) pieces of large furniture this month.  This would be a HUGE blessing and some much needed weight off of Amy’s shoulders.
  • Staff – We have staff coming in for trips this weekend.  Pray for Denny and Amy (not my wife Amy, his wife Amy), Andy, Leah, Josiah.  Pray that the Lord would refresh them, renew them each morning.  Pray that the Spirit would pour out fresh on them and that they would seek God’s face and that He would use each of them mightily during their time this Spring in Belize.

Thank you friends, warriors, co-laborers in the Gospel!  God is on the move! It is so exciting to be a part of that!  Praise be to God!  Truly the Best is Yet to Come!

-Edmonds Family

My chaco tan is getting AWESOME!

My chaco tan is getting AWESOME!

No big deal just asleep in the jungle!

No big deal just asleep in the jungle!

Lorelee and I thought it would be a great idea to take "Twilight pictures" So the sun was supposed to sparkle off of us.  Didn't happen to me.  I blame the fur.

Lorelee and I thought it would be a great idea to take “Twilight pictures” So the sun was supposed to sparkle off of us. Didn’t happen to me. I blame the fur.

This boy is so excited to press any button....all the time.

This boy is so excited to press any button….all the time.

Just hanging around with Madeline during some daddy /daughter time.

Just hanging around with Madeline during some daddy /daughter time.


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