Praises and Prayer Requests – Update from the Field 30-Mar-2015

We are 3 months gone, finished of 2015.  I seem to remember when I was in school months dragged on FOREVER.  Now I blink and  a month is gone.  Before I know it with everything that is happening in April, April will be finished and we will only have 2 more months as a family in Belize.  Pardon me while I freak out and then go in a corner and cry!

Check out our schedule this April

  • April 3 – Have Madeline’s 5th birthday party (Her b-day is April 6th)
  • April 4 – 10 – Lead 40 of the most amazing students and adults from Mt Bethel on a trip to Western Belize
  • April 11 – 18 – Amy helps lead a Hope For Belize – Women’s trip to Armenia and I am HOME ALONE – AHHHH
  • April 19 – 27 – Fly to Miami for our Spring Staff Meetings
  • April 28 – May 1st – Prepare for a 40 person SURGICAL TEAM serving in Northern Belize the first full-week in May!

Wowzers! (my new favorite word).  That’s a lot of stuff.  We are so excited about all the Lord is doing here in Belize and humbled that we get to be a part of it!

Some Updates

  • Work – In addition to the 60 person team I was fortunate to lead 2 weeks ago, we have had some amazing experiences from ALL of our teams.  I am so fortunate to serve with some of the most amazing staff in this world!  All of them care so genuinely and deeply for the people of Belize and for my family specifically.  Bunk bed ministry is going strong with over 31 bunk bed sets constructed this year!  That’s beds for over 60 kids who were sleeping on FLOORS!  In fact, we just delivered (5) sets in OUR VILLAGE!  Madeline HAD to be a part of that!
  • Home – Since it’s Easter this weekend, the kids were off school this past week and next week.  Things have been good, we did some VBS hopping to a couple of teams this week and our family helped deliver bunk beds yesterday.  Amy and I are heading out on a date night tonight.  Kids are loving the time out of school but are missing their friends.
  • On the move – The BIG move is progressing smoothly.  Furniture is being sold (which is awesome!) because without selling the furniture here we don’t have start up costs when we are back in the States.  Kids are doing well and we are starting to explain to them what it means to move back to NC.  Madeline says: “That’s right mommy.  God told us to move to NC.  We will stay there until He tells us to go somewhere else.”  That little girl has BOLD FAITH!

Prayer Requests

  • Spiritual Warfare – It seems like it happens every year right before I lead Mt. Bethel – a team that I have deep, deep, deep love for.  The enemy comes at me guns blazing.  One year it was Amy standing in the doorway asking when the Lord is going to show her, her blessing for obedience.  Only the emotion and language cannot be conveyed in writing.  This year it seems like it’s the worst.  Elijah is waking up at 4AM every day.  I dealt with car problems that mechanics cannot fix or it is too expensive to fix on 3 of our 4 cars.  And I was dealing with staff conflicts.  That’s in addition to frustration in our home just from the difficulties of being here.  Last night I had a team that does not know me in Guatemala pray for me.  I know that there are staff all over the US that are praying for me, for us.  I am seeking more prayer.  I am in darkness.  There is light because my God has overcome this.  Pray that I rest in Christ Alone and give EVERYTHING over to Him.
  • Youth Hostel – Some of you are aware of the Youth Hostel, a home for at-risk, troubled, or non-violent criminals.  Anyway, in 2011 the girls burned down their dorm.  Fortunately no one was injured.  It took (5) years but a new dorm was constructed.  The girls were getting ready to move into that one – the boys were currently staying in it.  Anyway, I get a call that the girls burned down their dorm AGAIN.  Fortunately, no injuries.  I was able to give a cook from the Hostel a ride home yesterday and she was expressing the leadership just does not know what to do.  My initial response was anger.  How can they be so stupid!!?!.  Now my response is pain, deep sadness.  They are lost, like sheep without a shepherd. Pray for leadership to balance grace and mercy.  Pray for those involved to repent and for those not involved to forgive.
  • Basketball – We were asking that more opportunities to play basketball with the guys and that my jumper would start falling.  Update: Herman, one of our staff, and I were KILLING it on the court.  Draining 3s like the Splash Brothers.  Continue praying for opportunities to play
  • Family – Continue praying for us to be present here in Belize.  It is getting EXTREMELY hard, especially for Amy.  Community with Kimbell is falling apart, which was Amy’s only friend here. We are praying that the people we meet want to have genuine conversations with us and care about how we are and not always ask “what’s life like here?”  We are literally CRYING out to God for this.  We often are Josh and Amy the missionaries and don’t feel freedom or honestly don’t think people want to know Josh and Amy the people.
  • Selling Furniture – We were praying for (3) large items to be sold this past week.  PRAYER ANSWERED.  God sold the washing machine, one of the gas tanks, a desk, bookshelf, and the bunk beds.  On top of that….the buyers allowed us to keep them until we move in June! God is too faithful!!!  We are praying for a suitor for our bedroom set and the playground outside!
  • Trips – The trip of 60+ had only a few hiccups that were all smoothed out.  Logistics ran awesome and the team and the locals truly encountered the Lord.  It was a HUGE blessing to be a part of that!  PRAYER ANSWERED!  I am petitioning God for this week with Mt. Bethel that I would be able to shepherd the students into greater revelation of the Lord, of His Glory, and of who HE is.  I am praying that the students would step out in faith and take the RISK to allow the Lord to meet them.
When you're out meeting ministry partners.  Lunch sometimes looks like Yoohoo and plantain chips

When you’re out meeting ministry partners. Lunch sometimes looks like Yoohoo and plantain chips

Edmonds men favorite food: Spaghetti and Popcorn.  Elijah shows us the appropriate sized bowl.  And yes HE ate it ALL!

Edmonds men favorite food: Spaghetti and Popcorn. Elijah shows us the appropriate sized bowl. And yes HE ate it ALL!

Madeline delivering bunk beds with the team.

Madeline delivering bunk beds with the team.



One thought on “Praises and Prayer Requests – Update from the Field 30-Mar-2015

  1. Excited for Amy and her women’s trip. What a great opportunity! Will continue to pray for you all and the specific requests that you mentioned. The faithfulness of your family does not go unnoticed and you all are planting seeds that might take years to flourish – but they will – in God’s timing.

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