A special prayer request – 18-May-2015

It’s 6AM here in an already warm Belize, but I guess it seems that every day is warm.  I’ve been up since about 3:50 unable to sleep.  Amy and I head out on vacation today.  3 days of rest, relaxation in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Western Belize.  We are staying at Black Rock Lodge again and can’t wait.  I am sitting here with the kids watching Jake, waiting for everyone else to get up.  I thought I would send out a prayer request for me and Amy.

Pray for….

  • The kids that they would have a great (3) days with Michelle and Kayla.  That they would listen and obey, love everyone and be happy to share in EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE.
  • Michelle and Kayla that the Lord would give them great energy, that the kids would SLEEP IN.  Pray that the Lord would shower his rich blessings on Michelle and Kayla.  May He pour out 10x as much blessing as they have provided in our lives for them being here.
  • Us (Amy and Josh) that we would REST and RELAX and FORGET.  May this time just be a time of enjoying each other, hanging out, being silly, reading books, drawing close together, and of course drawing close to the Lord
  • Energy upon return.  When we return from vacation it’s as if we are down-shifting and pushing towards the big move and start of summer.  Pray that we are able to work smarter and not lose sight of the Lord in all the details, packed bags, and start of summer trips!  We are NOT thinking about ANY of this while on vacation. so that’s why you should pray for….
  • Clear minds…just pray that we can unplug our minds from everything and just be PRESENT with each other in the PRESENT!

Thanks for praying for us!  Thanks for celebrating with us. It’s hard for us to feel that we “deserve” this time of relaxation, when we know that there is so much to do and that there are people, our friends, that don’t ever get the opportunity to relax.

One of my favorite songs right now (since meetings) is “Desert Song” by Hillsong.  The last verse says:

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I’m filled to be emptied again
The seed I’ve received I will sow.

We are excited to be filled over these next few days and even more excited to sow the seed we have received over the rest of the summer to our friends, family, staff, pastors, and teams!  We know that we know this summer, the Best is Yet to come!



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