We have a 6 year old?!

So it’s been a month and a half since our dearest Madeline turned 6.  Where did time ago?  How was / is our little Madeline moving from a baby through preschooler and now in a couple of weeks finishing Kindergarten.  It’s crazy!!!

The Lord brought Madeline into our life in His perfect timing.  He has saved her and brought her into His family in His perfect timing.  But sometimes I just want time to slow down and for her to always want to snuggle in my chair in the mornings, or have me rub her arm and sing her to sleep.  Sometimes (even as she was crying from a bad dream twice last night), I want her to always need / want her daddy.

I know I am limited.  I am not God.  I know that at some point she’ll leave Amy and myself and be off to get married (around the age of 47 that seems old enough…then again maybe not).  I know she’ll have kids of her own (and we will spoil the snot out of them!).

But right now as she’s our 6 year old.  Our compassionate, tender-hearted, wild and free spirited, honest, artistic and loving 6 year old.  And for just a little bit we wish time could stand still.

Happy Birthday Madeline! Here’s our prayer for Madeline this year (and every year).  We ask that you consider praying this over her as well.

Lord we praise You and thank you and know that you are in control of everything.  You knew just when to give us Madeline and you know exactly the plans you have for her.  We pray for her.  Oh how we pray.  We pray for continued passion, compassion. We pray for a continued hunger and thirst for you and your word.  We pray God that she continues to see everyone has her friends, continues to love everyone equally and passionately.  We pray God that she loves you with everything she has and that you draw her close to you.  May her story be filled with sins and temptations that she was kept from because of her closeness to you instead of those You redeemed her from.  Life with Madeline is not without challenges.  As we parent through those and honor you in how we love her and help refine her into more of your character, God give us the patience and wisdom.  Show us how to parent Madeline how she needs.  And God for her.  We KNOW you have BIG PLANS for her.  We have had many people see that in her and speak that over her.  And God we have NO IDEA what that means.  So we pray this. We pray that Madeline draws close to You, that she has the boldness to step out into your plans and obedience to follow Your calling no matter what.  And God we pray that as her parents, we have the boldness to pray her through those, wisdom to counsel as needed but most of all the obedience to get out of her way.  Madeline is Your Daughter Lord.  You loved her before we did and You love her more than we do.  We completely trust you Lord!  And we expect great things, miracles in her life.  Have your way God!  In the mighty Name of Jesus we pray!


Also in true Josh and Amy fashion and for your enjoyment and probably for her embarrassment later on in life: Madeline’s 6 year old Interview:

  1. Favorite Color – VIOLET RED
  2. Favorite Toy – MY LITTLE PONY
  3. Favorite Fruit – GRAPES
  4. Favorite TV show – PEED and QUACK
  5. Favorite Lunch Food – CHEESY CHEF SALAD
  6. Favorite Outfit – DRESSES
  7. Favorite Game – MARIO
  8. Favorite Snack – PRETZELS
  9. Favorite Animal – TAPIR (Yay Belize!)
  10. Favorite Song – LET IT GO
  11. Favorite Book – THE BIBLE (melt my heart!!)
  12. Best Friend – MARY SCOTT
  13. Favorite Cereal – FROSTED MINI WHEATS
  14. Favorite Family Activity – CAMP FIRES
  15. Favorite Drink – JUICE
  16. Favorite Holiday – EASTER
  17. What do you take to bed each night? STUFFED ANIMALS
  18. Favorite Breakfast Food – CINNAMON TOAST
  19. Birthday Dinner – CHICKEN PARMESAN
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A WEATHER REPORTER
One of my favorite pictures of all time.

One of my favorite pictures of all time.

Beautiful Madeline getting ready to perform a cultural dance at school

Beautiful Madeline getting ready to perform a cultural dance at school

Winner of wacky-tacky day at school

Winner of wacky-tacky day at school

Daddy gets to be the coolest!

Daddy gets to be the coolest!

Madeline LOVES Belize and parades!

Madeline LOVES Belize and parades!

How was she ever this small?!  But she was always wild!

How was she ever this small?! But she was always wild!


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