Family of 7 – Foster Care Update

Last week to yesterday….it’s been a wild ride!

Let me bring you up to speed.

  1. Monday (last week) At the beginning of last week, we were waiting to hear from the previous Friday about a family group of 3 kids (7, 5, 6 months).  Yes 3 kids.  Yes we are insane.  Amy measured and the car seats fit so we said yes.  Decision: it was decided that for that family group our house would not be best.  We trusted the decision and we waited.
  2. Monday (last week) We received a call for 1 and 2 year old boys.  Decision: we deferred.
  3. Monday (last week) We received a call for 2 girls.  A decision was to be made on Wednesday of that week.  Decision: Ultimately it was decided for them to stay in their same county.
  4. Monday (this week) – we got a call about two boys (2 years old and 4 years old).  We said yes.  Decision: The county was deciding on Friday (a couple of days from now).
  5.  Tuesday (this week) – We get a call about two girls (2 years old and 5 years old).  We said yes.  Decision: We are now a family of 7.  They are here!  AHHHH.

Every time we got a call.  Amy would run into the bedroom, change out those clothes to the appropriate size, update the bed spreads and we would wait.  This time, yesterday, we got a call in the morning and we just paused.  I came home after getting Madeline from school and did a little more work and went on a 45 minute run.  We still hadn’t heard anything.  I was swinging by the house on my run, getting ready to do another lap when Amy was standing in the driveway waving me down.  THE GIRLS ARE COMING!

Enter some frantic cleaning, prepping and then waiting!  A Chick-fil-a run for our family (which is so complicated that I have to write it down on my phone!), and we waited for them to come!

And now we are a family of SEVEN!  You read that right a family of 7!  Life seemed to be a blur and go in slow motion all at the same time last night.  And now it’s moment by moment, patience persistence, and love.

Our prayer is simple: Lord, We don’t have it all figured out.  We don’t know much.  We are going to mess up a lot. But God we trust you!  Walk with us.  Give us more of you.  More of your love.  Have us be gentle and kindhearted.  Lord extra.  Let’s go God.  You called us back to Winston for something.  You put that sign in front of the Children’s Home on our way to church EACH SUNDAY.  You guided us to this and here we are.  In everything else, we trust you Lord so we are trusting you now.  Step by step, moment by moment.  Amen.

Will you join us in praying this prayer?  Thanks for journeying with us!  It’s been, is, and will be a wild ride.  But that’s what adventures are for!

Bella and Christopher with a team yesterday in Belize. We thought it was appropriate to share a pic of them our first “Foster children”

Jojo and Elijah had their Festival of Praise last week. Elijah was less than thrilled.

Jojo on the other hand. Brought the house down!

Every day napping with Jojo

Madeline is having a spa party for her birthday. We were family practicing nails the other night.


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