It’s a bird….it’s a plane

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

It’s a bird….

It’s a plane…


Well it’s Amy.  And I can’t say “just Amy” because this past week, she finally proved that she was super woman!

A week ago last Sunday I woke up and had a slight headache and was feeling relatively crummy.  Well Monday I woke up and I felt more than crummy, but (like an idiot) I stayed up and watched the basketball game.  That led to a night of the shakes.  Tuesday was a little worse only we had a small group party that night and Amy needed me to power through.  Wednesday was worse than that and by Thursday (Madeline’s birthday), I was almost certain I was hallucinating.  A quick trip to the doc and sure enough Flu = positive.

Meanwhile Amy during the week…did the following.

  1. Got the girls to one visit with their mom
  2. Planned, prepared and executed a small group cookout / party for around 30 people
  3. Didn’t kill me
  4. Made Madeline a special birthday dinner
  5. Planned and executed Madeline’s birthday party for 19 girls (a spa party at that!)
  6. Learned how and successfully did Z’s hair this week since her mom wasn’t able to.

I am sure I am missing something (like the 1000 loads of laundry that is our house each week).  Oh and planted the summer garden (15 or so tomato plants and pepper plants).  She really is super woman!!!

I’m happy to report that I survived the flu and that as a public service announcement to all…please go get your flu shot in the future!  I will ALWAYS get a flu shot from now on…UGH.

it’s been and eventful time.  Just like our prayer on our last update we don’t have it all together.  Not at all!!!  But we are taking each day as an adventure and celebrating each and every victory!

Praises / Prayer Requests

  • Madeline TURNED 7!  Pray for her as she adjusts to not being the only bossy girl in the house.  She is our fiercest care giver and is doing a great job showing the girls the ropes.
  • Hair Care – The girl’s mom is a hairdresser.  Typically she does hair on visits but she wasn’t able to do hair for Z this past week.  Amy successfully got her hair down, conditioned (washed) and then tried to get it up but a lot of tears have been had by both.  Pray that mom is able to get Z’s hair done this week and/or we are able to get her scheduled at a place!
  • School – We successfully enrolled L in school for next year and both girls for the rest of this year!  That is a HUGE MIRACLE and answer to Prayer!
  • Easter – we are gearing up for a great Easter at our church!  Pray for MANY new families to come with soft hearts ready to hear the Gospel!  Pray for smooth ministry logistics for all of our systems!
  • Self-Care – Amy and I are adjusting to this new normal.  Pray we find margin in our life and specifically enough to do some self-care (working out, gardening, etc)
  • Financial Support – Amy and I are on the support trail again.  We are praying for $1200/month in new financial support.  That breaks down to
    • 12 supporters at $100 / month
    • 24 supporters at $50/month
    • 48 supporters at $25/month
  • If you are interested in supporting us financially, please email us back at, and we will get you all the appropriate information.

We appreciate you guys partnering with us along in this adventure of life!  We love hearing from you so write back often!  Until next week….get out and enjoy the spring weather, where ever you are!

A few pics from Madeline’s party

It’s finally getting to be Eno weather!

Spa party = lots of nail painting



One thought on “It’s a bird….it’s a plane

  1. Wow, quite the adventures… for sure! Thanks for the updates. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And, I praise God for you, and Amy!

    Be blessed,


    On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Edmonds Family Adventures wrote:

    > edmondsadventures posted: “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful > than a locomotive Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s a > bird…. It’s a plane… It’s….SUPER WOMAN! Well it’s Amy. And I can’t > say “just Amy” because this past week, she fin” >

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