Every day a collection of moments

It seems that at the end of every day Amy and I look at each other and recount what’s happening or happened.  It’s almost as if every day is a collection of moments.  The moments may be an hour-long, it may be 2 seconds, or it could be 20 minutes.

The moments may be hard and frustrating.  Perhaps they are tiring and exasperating.  And then there are the moments that are life-giving, encouraging, funny, fun, etc.

Each day….a collection of moments.

Our collection from this past week

  • Sad – There have been some sad moments this week.
  • Victory – L POOPED ON THE POTTY.  MORE THAN ONCE!!!.  She immediately followed that up by running to her room and pooping in her pull-up.  But ya know you take the good and take the bad!
  • Encouraged – Friends and family have stopped in (THANK YOU!!).  Whether it’s dad showing up on Saturday, a good friend coming over to see Amy on Monday when doing Z’s hair, or bible study on Tuesday, THANK YOU!  Everyone is ALWAYS welcome at our house.  Please stop in, consider this your invitation. Our door is always open!
  • Unexpected – Over two days, Winston – Salem received ~5″ of rain.  Well that led to trees falling on some power-lines somewhere around our grid and as a result the power going out at our house (for 4 hours).   In a moment of preparedness, we got everyone glow sticks.
  • Victorious AGAIN – On Monday’s everyone is in school but Z.  So every 2 weeks Monday’s are hair days for Z.  Amy successfully did Z’s hair (with no power at the house I might add)
  • Adventurous –  I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life but I had never, ever been to Pilot Mountain.  I also had never visited Mt. Airy.   There was one failed attempt to get to Pilot Mountain with Amy and the kids that resulted in getting lost (don’t ask) but this past Friday all of that changed.  Some staff from church went out to hike around the top of Pilot Mountain and at a Snappy’s … apparently a staple from the Andy Griffith show.  It was great time with great dudes!
  • Blessed – A blessed moment when a friend has Madeline go home with her daughter, feeds Madeline dinner and transports her to girl scouts.  Giving Madeline some great attention and special time was just what she needed!
  • Culture – We LOVE our Elementary School.  I know we have shared before.  To recap: Almost all of the teachers are from a different country.  Friday night, the school hosted an international night where they had booths for over 85 countries INCLUDING FOOD!  It was a great family adventure!  and L ate her weight in international food, including a Jamaican pattie that was a little too spicy!
  • Normalcy – We are starting to get a rhythm to our family and our house.  Appointments are always thrown in here and thrown in there but we feel we are getting the hang out it.  In a moment of normalcy from this past weekend, Amy and I binge-watched Netflix (13 Reasons Why) and played board games!  We are two wild and crazy kids!!

Life to us right now is a collection of moments.  And each moment, whether frustrating or funny, whether life-sucking or life-giving, each of these moments is our life that God has given us.  We turn to Him and celebrate and praise every moment! We love our life full of little moments!  We pray that you all see and cherish all the moments as well!

Praises / Prayer Requests:

  • PrayerWisdom / Discernment – We are dealing with disappointment and conflicted feelings.  Will mom be at visitation?  The answer is we don’t know.  Why wasn’t she there?  The answer is we don’t know.  “I don’t want to go and live with mom.  I want her to come and live here.”  When will I talk to mom again”  Pray for Amy and I as we navigate all of these crazy emotions, hard questions, and difficult conversations.  We KNOW we don’t have the answers and the ability.  Pray the Lord fills us!
  • Prayer – Self-Care: Amy and I are still struggling to find margin in our lives and specifically time for just us, individually and together.  Pray for wisdom, some great baby-sitters, and the discipline to get out.  Pray that the update next week, we are celebrating a date night AWAY from the house without the kids!  UPDATE: Still no date night away from the kids but we did have the Friday Night fun night.  Continue to pray for a date night away from the house.
  • Prayer – Financial SupportUpdate – We have had some supporters jump in, A few at $100/month, some at $25, and a couple at $15/month!  Right now we are still looking to meet our goal of $1200/month in new financial partners.  IF you are interested in partnering with us financially, please email Amy (edmonds.amy@gmail.com) or myself (joshua.m.edmonds@gmail.com) and we can get you what you need to know!  If you need more information on our living expenses, budget, where the financial support would go, please let us know we are happy to share our current budget!
  • Praise – Preaching – I had the opportunity to speak last night at our student ministries as I shared my life verse.  Thank you for praying!  We had a great time and I believe the Holy Spirit moved through me as I shared God’s Word!
  • Prayer – Preaching – I have the opportunity to preach in big church 🙂 in May.  We just started a series “I just want to be happy.”  It’s based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  I am so excited to share with our church in May.  Pray for me as I work to finish preparing the message and polish practice and preach one weekend next month!

And now a look into our moments from the past week!

The famous fried pork chop sandwich from Snappys! It was worth every calorie!

Elijah at International Night

Lunch dates with Madeline are special moments for me!


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