Momma cooked a breakfast with no hog

Quick:  What’s that reference?

The first line of the answer to the reference is “Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God”  IF you know it and are reading this comment on the social media post and / or shoot me an email with the answer.  I don’t have anything to  give you but we would just love to hear from you all!

Anyway, we feel in our family that it’s been two weeks of just that… Thanking God for all that He is doing and has done.    Here’s a list…these things YOU have prayed for.

  • Preaching at our North Campus was a HUGE success.  Please give the podcast a listen and I pray that the text provides as much of a blessing to you as it did to me studying and preaching through it.
  • I also had the opportunity to preach to our student ministry at one of our campuses.  The ministry has exploded and the Lord has faithfully brought in over 25 students each week!
  • Jojo graduated preschool last Thursday!  We had a great picnic and party afterwards.  Madeline has 4 more school days until summer!
  • THE POOL Opened and our family LOVES it.  ALL OF US!  Even Z and L who had NEVER been to the pool!  Now to get them to learn to swim!
  • Baptism!!!  – Our church celebrated baptism Sunday.  We partied as saw 9 people moved forward in their relationship with God to make that decision!  It was awesome to see 2 members of our community group and 4 fellow children’s ministry volunteers take that step!  And for sure there aint no party I have ever been to like a Revo Baptism Party.
  • Garden – The garden is on point these days.  Several jars of strawberry jam.  We have located a hidden blackberry patch.  And we are crushing some sugar snaps.  Also, since  L wont eat veggies, like hides chewed corn in her mouth for hours, we have dehydrated Kale and Spinach picked from the garden, ground it in a spice mortar and pestle.  Our “secret ingredient” is now included in everything from burgers to pizza to spaghetti sauce.  Haha….parenting win! Note: if you want to know “the how” talk to Amy.  
  • Home Improvement – we have made the decision to reclaim my (Josh’s) office as the boy’s bedroom, getting Madeline her own space.  So Amy took the paneling down, sealed the concrete walls, unhooked a light and tore down 1/2 the ceiling and that was all last week.  Now we are looking for contractors (or volunteers) to help with framing the walls and a closet and hanging some dry wall….interested?
  • Z is showing some real keen interest in the mystery and love of the Gospel.  She and Amy had some AMAZING conversations leading up to Baptism this week at church!  God is stirring, softening, and moving her.  Pray we continue to present the Gospel in a way she understands!
  • Financial Support – The Lord has shown His favor in moving in people’s hearts of people and their generosity.  We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, and I am spending some serious time on that this week so continue praying for favor!

I had a boss who loved Ronald Reagan.  When things were going well and he was solving a ton of problems at work, he would say he was “Reaganing” that day.  I don’t want to give the impression that we are “Reaganing” but we are celebrating the good along with all of you!  Thank you for praying.  Continue to do so!  The Lord is on the move and this season we are expecting great things from Him in the life of our family!

Because Baptisms at our church include 3 bounce houses

This dude LOVES BBQ chicken

Z and M are starting to really bond! Two strong willed girls for sure! So fights then coloring. Ya know the usual.

First and last day of preschool. The best blessing this year for him was finding his first best friend!!

First and last day of preschool. How much has he grown!?