Our plans vs. His plans and a Happy Birthday to a lil dude!

So today is Elijah’s 4th birthday.  And it was a blast.  We can’t believe how much he has grown up and grown into an … well interesting little boy. I almost cried (well maybe it was just dusty) when I was thinking about this time next year we will be getting ready for him to go to Elementary School!!!

Hey..what’s that?  Why are my eyes getting all misty?

Every year on his birthday, Amy and I can’t help but reflect on his life, his story.

We think about the fact if it was our plans we might have not gotten pregnant.  But God had different plans.  For those new to our adventures check out this post when I found out about Amy being pregnant, 3 months into living in Belize.

We think about the fact that Elijah almost lost his life in a tragic car accident before he was born.  Again for those that are new to our adventures check out “the call” in this post from June 2013

We think about the favor of God as we used the right tool for the job (prayer) in welcoming Elijah to this world.   Check out the link for a brief story of his birth in Belize Central America!

And then we can’t help but look at this now 4 yr old and we cannot imagine our life without him.  He bring so much fun, laughter silliness, and joy into our lives.

We start to think about our plans for his life, who he could marry, how many grandkids he would have for us and what he might be when he grows up (right now his plan is animal doctor).  But then we realize God has brought him into the world through His plans.  He literally spared his life from the accident in Belize.  And He was so faithful in bringing Elijah into this world.  Amy and I stop ourselves and our plans and we pray.

Lord He is yours.  We are blessed to be his parents.  We pray Elijah meets you at a young age and draws close to you.  We pray that his feet do not stray to the right or the left and that he does not wander from you.  We pray that his testimony is filled not with sin that you had to redeem him from because of poor choices but rather opportunities that he was kept from because of his relationship with you, Jesus.  We pray most of all that he learns a deep yearning and love for you.  That he draws close to you and Lord listens to you and does what you say, even when it doesn’t line up with our own plans.  Finally God as his parents, will you give us the wisdom, courage, and patience to parent Elijah in the ways You are directing us?  And God may He have the passion and drive to serve you with everything He has and may we have the Faith as his parents to get out of his way!  Amen.

Will you join me in praying this over Elijah as his birthday present today?

Literal Birthday

2 year old elijah

3 year old elijah

Elijah at 4 years old

Elijah at 1 year old


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