A season of change

Life is full of seasons.  Some seasons call for a family to grow.  Some seasons call for a family to move overseas.  Some seasons call for a family to move back. Some seasons call for a family to grow again.  And some seasons call for a change vocationally to more align with God’s call upon one’s life.

Recently our family walked through the last season above.  And on July 12, I resigned from my position at Praying Pelican Missions.  Below is an exert from my resignation letter.

Working at Praying Pelican Missions and before that a Praying Pelican Missions trip to Belize is what the Lord used to grab my heart and my personal pursuit of the American dream and literally changed me.  From 2007 – present, our family  truly had one of the wildest rides.  We have experienced the best of times and the worst of times and Praying Pelican Missions has played a HUGE role in facilitating, encouraging and supporting our family adventures of pursuing the Lord.  

Now is no different.  After months of volunteering, I have been offered the opportunity to serve our church here in Winston Salem as Children’s Pastor.  When I think back on my time serving as a Pelican, and if you served with me when I was a participant you would recall, The Lord has equipped me to serve with kids.  I truly live out the scripture where David is dancing in front of the ark of the covenant and says to his wife (after she gives him a talking to) “I will gladly all the more act like a fool for God.”  

I believe strongly as does Amy and our entire family and counsel that this is an opportunity to act like a fool for God.  We believe in Listening to Jesus and doing what He says.  He has said now is the time to go.  

As with any transition, I am nervous.  I am sad.  Are there relationships that I will miss?  Surely.  But I am confident that Lord will bless you and keep you.  May we all continue to the Listen to Jesus do what he says.

So here we are, really stepping into our calling to encourage build up and serve the local church.  We are so excited about everything going on at Revo Church.  We are so excited to have pursued God here (a story on what led us to Revo Church for a later date….that’s a crazy story that begins with a friendship between Amy and one of our neighbors here back when they were in elementary school together).  And we are excited about the work we have been able to be a part of thus far and ready for what God has before us.

Now for what you really want an update on the kiddos!

  • Glasses – For those that have been following social media, Jojo, and Z got glasses over the last month.  Now after Elijah’s appointment, it looks like glasses may be in his future as well!
  • Remodel – With the transition to working at church, my need for an office away from the kid traffic through the house decreased.  We had the boys sharing a room with Madeline and it was tense in the best of times.  Some paneling taken down, and framing / dry wall and a new window and presto, Madeline has her own room and the boys are now sharing my old office as their bedroom!  Everyone has enjoyed the transition and the boys have promptly returned to being messy boys!
  • Remodel Church – Amy and I had the amazing opportunity to help renovate a children’s ministry area in an existing church that gifted our church their facility!  This was back in February of this year!  We are now working on an update at our 2nd church campus!  We are so thankful for the volunteers whose sacrifice is allowing kids to meet Jesus and literally spark a revolution of life-change through Him in their lives!
    • Note:  When Amy and I bought our house here in Winston and realized that it needed some work (new floors in a couple of places, water damage treatment, walls sealed, paint, etc.) we felt really silly.  Especially after moving back from Belize, our house was great but we knew we felt prompted to fix our house and some areas specifically for the opportunity to open it up to a small group.  Amy and I were talking and realized that God doesn’t waste anything.  During those light updating projects, He was giving us knowledge (really me design ideas and Amy knowledge and skill….I’m not fooling anyone).  He was giving us the knowledge to help with these projects at church (ala: Bezalel and Oholiab from Exodus 31).  And on a way more important note, we are so incredibly blessed to be at a church that has way more Bezalel and Oholiab who are so gracious and generous with their God given talents.
    • Girls Update – Z: So Z entered our house, literally not knowing the difference between an egg or drum.  She needed to have some pretty serious dental work addressed, and required twice weekly speech and once a week Occupational Therapy.  This on top of visitation with family weekly and weekly counseling.  It’s literally been a dead sprint to see if we can meet these needs and have her as close to grade level  as possible.
      • Dental Work Update – All dental appointments have been completed and all dental needs have been met.  Teeth are back to a steady state and all we have to do is maintain great dental hygiene!
      • Speech – We just had speech today and the therapist said she believes Z will not qualify for speech services when she starts Kindergarten at the end of the month!!
      • OT – We have already stepped back OT from weekly to every other week.  Now the Occupational therapists is suggesting Z will not require therapy once school starts either!!
      • Grade – level or bust – When Z first entered our house, she had an extremely limited vocabulary.  We started out with the babies 1st 100 words book and literally pointed to everything and said what it was and had her repeat it.  We honestly weren’t sure what was developmental and what was environmental exposure that was causing any perceived delays.  After a month of summer school and lots of practice and learning at home, her teacher said last week “Z is on grade level with all of her peers. She is VERY ready for Kindergarten”  I literally cried…like almost snot-bubble tears balled. God is so faithful!
    • Girls Update – L: L is the life of the party wherever she goes.  She walks in (usually belly first….cause well it’s big) and owns the room.  She oozes cuteness and kindness and love.
      • Kindness Counts – We’ve been working on using nice words (Please.  Thank you. Yes Ma’am / Sir, etc).  That’s a work in progress.
      • No paci – When she entered our house she had a paci in her mouth 24/7.  We made that mistake with Madeline and against my better judgement I ran out more than once to get a paci because we couldn’t find it or it had a hole in it or mold, etc.  Not this time.  In just about 3 days Amy weaned her off that paci!
      • Potty trained – After a few accidents and an unfortunate period where when L got in trouble she ran to her room and peed on the floor on purpose…that was special….L is potty trained!  She even is dry at night 5 out of 7 nights during the week!

How you can be praying for us?  If I could think of two words to describe the things we would love for you to pray over our family it would be rest and preparation.

  • Preparation because August is busy – new school year (two more kids elementary school this year).  Children’s ministry facilitate update.  Children’s ministry training at each campus and prepping for the “new school year” growth in the children’s ministry!
  • Rest – because we need rest in August.  This summer has been busy!  June was the month of remodeling the basement office to bedroom.  July was food preservation month – Amy canned over 75 jars of canned goods from our garden!.  August is children’s ministry month AND VACATION.  Pray for us as we head out on vacation.  Specifically pray that I can unplug, rest, think, reflect, and study and prepare for this next season ahead!
  • Court – The girls’ case has a court date next week on Wednesday.  At this court date, which I will attend (Josh).  We will learn mom’s progress on the case plan and review any pertinent information.  Prayers for wisdom and discernment for the judge and for all decisions to be made in the best interest of the girls and their siblings.

Friends thank you so much for praying for us.  Thank you so much for celebrating with us!  Thank you for being part of our adventures.  Buckle up, we’re just getting started.  God’s got much more in store as we listen to Him and do what He says!!

Amy serves our family and our church so well. I am so blessed to have this partner in ministry. Especially in her silliness

Office assistants for the day. Loving dress up with costumes!

Madeline had to tag along for a meeting one morning. She was having a hard time getting along with her sisters, so this was supposed to be punishment. At the end of the day, she said “you need a better punishment daddy”

Eli at the dentist.

Best of friends. Worst of enemies. These two strong wills love each other deeply but also are fiercely determined.

A pic into Amy’s work on the boys room.


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