A story of life-change

Baptism is a big deal!  It’s a HUGE deal at our church!  As a leadership team, we want to make sure that no one, and we really mean NO ONE out celebrates us.  Since the very first Baptism service, our leadership team said, “why can’t the church have the most crazy incredible loud, fanatic, celebration?”  Isn’t someone having their life transformed by Jesus bigger or better than a touchdown?

Out answer is simply yes.  Therefore we put A LOT of energy into a Baptism Celebration.  Noise Makers!  Bounce Houses!  Bounce House Obstacle Courses!  FOOD!  MUSIC!  and this past Sunday was no different.  Here’s one story of why

A story… To understand Hez, you have to understand what we prayed for when we launched REVO at South Fork.  When we launched our campus in the South Fork neighborhood, we were so excited to be in a residential area.  As a leadership team, we began to pray for a student ministry at our South Fork location.  We prayed specifically that we could have students from the surrounding neighborhood come into a church, encounter the Gospel and be transformed.  So several months ago, we launched a student ministry!  And Hez was one of the first ones to come.  Hez was graduating in May and we could tell he was searching for something more, maybe what’s next.  He had maturity and was genuinely curious.  Our leaders began to meet with Hez, and build that relationship.  Each week we would faithfully present the Gospel, praying that someone would respond.  We realized we weren’t putting Hez in front of God, so we began to pray specifically for God to transform Hez’s heart and for him specifically to be baptized on Nov 5th, 2017 at our Baptism Celebration!

We were faithful in prayer.  We were faithful in preaching the Gospel.  We had some specific leaders that invested into Hez.  And Hez desired to give his life to Jesus.  Did you catch that?  Hez realized his life was incomplete with Jesus.  He desired to stop living one way and start living for Jesus.  Jesus sparked a revolution of life-change in Hez’s life.

The Lord heard our prayers and ANSWERED YES when Hez was BAPTIZED last Sunday.  Not only that, we prayed specifically that Hez could be a LIGHT to this neighborhood and the students he has influence over were all out to see him take his next step to move forward to Jesus.

And God is doing immeasurably more!  Hez is now a student ministry leader each Wednesday night!  And Hez is attending and serving our church as part of our Guest Services Team!

But God’s not done….Friends our prayer specifically for Hez is that he would take our churches core value of LIVE BOLD to heart and he would shepherd and lead one person in his sphere to Christ.  It is our specific prayer that Hez would baptize one of his friends at our next Baptism in May!

Friends thank you for being part of this story.  Thank you for being part of the story of God using our family to help spark a revolution of life-change through Jesus in our city.  Thank you for being part of sparking a revolution of life-change through Jesus in Hez’s life!


Zach who has invested heavily in Hez celebrating like crazy after Hez came up out of the water!  God we desire for Zach’s face to be repeated in Hez at the next Baptism as he is baptizing one of his friends!!


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