About US

The Edmonds Troop consists of Josh (dad), Amy (mom), Madeline, Jojo , and Elijah.  At the center of our family is Jesus Christ, our Lord.  We live by faith and obedience to God and His call on our lives wherever / whenever that may be.

We were lifted out of the mire clay for God’s purpose and He graciously is working through our family to minister where ever he leads.  We are humbled to do his service.  We created this blog to share with our readers the Edmonds’ adventures.

How We Got Here?

When Josh and I first started our relationship with PPM in 2007, little did we know the mission trip we thought would be a one time thing became so much more.  Our first trip God placed on both of our hearts the love for the people of Belize.  Our heart truly aches for these people to know Christ.  We felt the Lord “call” us to Belize in 2009.  We said “Yes” in 2011 and moved to Belize in 2012, so that we can truly be the hands and feet of Christ in country. Then in the fall of 2015 God started working on hearts telling us our next steps. God opened doors with various opportunities for our family to come back to the States. God made it clear to come to Winston Salem, NC. So in June 2015 we moved back to the United States and Josh got a promotion to be in charge of all the work being done in Central America through PPM.

Follow along our adventures, watch and read as God shows off!

Happy Couple, pre-kids circa 2008

Happy Couple, pre-kids circa 2008




The men of the family, Josh, Jojo and Elijah


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